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Uniform Should Be a Requirement Within Schools

Is it right for young individuals to be waking up every morning and stressing about to wear for school? For many years both adults and students have been debating the requirement of school uniforms and the benefits that come along with it. There are many reasons as to why uniforms are so so so important in school. They include, uniforms create a safer school environment, provide equality, and resis the peer pressure to buy expensive and trendy clothing for school. These reasons are just a few of the many reasons that support why uniforms should be required in schools.

Many arguments made in relation to school uniforms have something to with the safety of the school community and the fact that it helps distinct students from other people. And also helpful if a student was to ever get injured and the only way to identify them is through the uniform or school. Moreover, if schools had uniforms and there was an emergency lockdown etc it wouldn’t be difficult to spot the trespasser within the school.

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Therefore, school uniform is useful for the school community because it contributes in distinguishing students from others.

Additionally, the other benefit of school uniform is that it provides equality. It is important that within schools information about the wealth of an individual stays confidential because the worst thing that could happen at school is that if you identify who are the rich students and who are not, they would be treated differently and unequally. That could potentially result in students having no motivation to study because they would create a mindset of not being able to study if they are not wealthy.

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But if students are required to wear school uniforms, you won’t recognize who is rich or who is poor. Besides, uniforms help poor students feel more comfortable when they study with other students at school, be given the same opportunities and prevents of some cases of bullying.

Furthermore, school uniform is definitely a requirement is that it promotes a sense of pride, both in themselves and in their school. For example, when students participate in excursions and competitions with numerous schools, they would want to make their school proud and achieve their absolute best. If there was to be no school uniform, you would not be able to recognise which school students belong to. More over, school uniforms give students a sense of identity and belonging within the school.

This sense of identity and belonging brings a bond that allows students to feel closer and more connected. This can also significantly improve their learning and attendance as they would want to attend school more often. Wearing similar clothing lets students feel united as well as brings a sense of pride in their appearance and their school.and also, uniform differentiates between the students and teachers, which helps to easily identify everyone. It also helps to give children the structure they need, whilst not removing any creativity from them. This is why school uniforms are highly important.

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