The Spreading of Uniformity in Everyday Aspects

The fear of the unknown has caused many fast food franchises and chain stores the ability to grow throughout the world. Not matter what Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King, or Dairy Queen you enter, you will find everything the same even if you are in a different state or country. They use a method called uniformity, which means the people in charge of these chains and franchises want everything to be consistent. These fast food restaurants have paved the way for society to become included in the concept of uniformity.

Since each fast food restaurant provides uniformity, they give customers a safe environment. The likelihood of someone going to a fancy restaurant where they have not been compared to a place they already know and are comfortable with is quite small. People are more comfortable surrounded by things they already know. Due to this, many people everywhere in society argue that since uniformity works for the fast food industry it can work throughout other parts of the environment.

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There are already signs of uniformity involved in sports, school uniforms, the lifestyles of teens in different parts of the country and many more. Young teenagers across the globe are involved in many of the same activities and technologies (Muna Al Gurg, “Cultural Uniformity Isn’t a Good Thing). This shows how uniformity is expanding through society because no matter where you are located, five out of ten times, you will find a student or young adult on their cellular device. Sports also prove that uniformity is spreading because sports across the world are broadcasted, include seats overflowing with “die hard” fans and involve teamwork and uniforms.

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Whether you are watching a golfing tournament or a football game, uniformity is peeking its head around the corner.

At every football game you will find the stands full, cheering erupting throughout the stadium, and will find roughly the same type of food offered. Another example of uniformity in society are school uniforms. Many public and private school have decided on having their students wear a uniform. Certain individuals believe that by requiring students to wear a uniform then they are creating an identity for the school. There are teachers that believe by having the uniform, it prepares young adults for when they graduate from school and have to go to work every day and wear a certain wardrobe(Chloe Spencer, “What’s the point of a school uniform?”. This further proves that uniformity is making its way through the world because each profession has a certain “uniform” that they are required to wear.

The fast-food industry has played a major role in our society. By infusing the idea of uniformity in everything that they do, they are pushing uniformity into other areas of everyday life. It has spread into the special forces where every officer has to act as one along with the everyday commoner. By giving off the illusion of safety and normalcy we are really suppressing a person’s creativity and individuality. The fast-food industry has paved the way for uniformity to become the lifestyle of society.

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