Describe with Examples How Different Aspects of Development Affect One Another

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Describe with examples how different aspects of development affect one another. Answer:

When growing up children learn many things and at times these can overlap and become intertwined with each other. I have wrote a brief description of these different aspects of development and what they mean in general terms: Behaviours – The way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others. Communication – The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using body language. Emotional – The feelings and/or reactions of an individual’s circumstances, mood, or relationship with others.

Intellectual – The faculty of reasoning and understanding.

Language – The method of communication, i.e. written or spoken, which has been structured to be understood. Physical – Relates to the body and not the mind.

Social – Relates to how one works in partnership with others and the need for companionship and communication. Example:

When my daughter was a baby, she learned that the things she did prompted different reactions from her dad and I, such as smiling when she smiled, and coming to her when she cried.

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In this way she was beginning to learn that physical acts, are a method of communicating and a way of expressing emotion’s such as happiness and sadness. Through this she gained the intellect to understand that crying means she is sad and as she got older she came to understand that other people are sad when they cry too. The more contact she has had with people, the more her own social confidence has expanded and as such she will now go to family members and try to communicate and get positive reactions through her good behaviour such as clapping her hands when happy.

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She is now a year old and attempting to learn what words are and what they mean, as she has observed that this is how adults communicate through spoken language. I have used my daughter as an example to show how different aspects of development affect each other and can occur at almost the same time. If we hadn’t smiled back at her when she smiled, she may not have attached this physical movement as an expression of her emotion’s, which would have impacted her ability to socialise with others and empathise with their emotion’s as well as communicate her own.In little ways such as that, each aspect of development can affect each other and as these main stages of development continue to affect children as they learn and grow, it ultimately affects the person the child will become. Children are influenced by those around them such as parents, friends and teachers who the children will emulate and learn from through observation and then put into practice in their own social encounters.

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Describe with Examples How Different Aspects of Development Affect One Another

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