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Morality Essay Examples

Essay on Morality

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To torture or not to torture prisoners

 I disagree with a member who advocates that Kantian duty-based ethics should be used in defining the morality of torture for the prisoners. According to this theory, the right reason defines the morality of any action. Accordingly, right reason may vary among individuals. While some may find it rightful to subject a prisoner on torture, others may feel otherwise. In addition, s...

Deontological Ethical Theory Research

From the paper, it is evident that gender ethical issues are one of the major ethical problems in the society. It is experienced in economic, education, and marital situations. Deontological theory tries to explain how people can act based on their moral obligations. In gender ethics, moral obligations will involve gender equality in economic, marital, and education fields. Deontologists uphold ge...

Altruism: Research perspectives from Current psychology

Many new nurses have very hard time while making decisions concerning life and death. In most cases it takes a lot of maturity to get wisdom, knowledge and certitude. Ethics in the healthcare and nursing profession is what it always drives the process of making decisions whether good or bad. Altruism as one of the most critical code of ethics should always be involved in any other decision that is...

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A Defense Of Ethical Relativism

In conclusion, I agree with Benedict argument of ethical relativism where she holds that people change their opinions and principles depending on the majority rule. I agree that morals vary with time, culture and environment. However, I do not agree that any practice is morally right or wrong depending on the majority. Benedict adds that the conception of the normal is accurately a variant of the ...

Air Forces Northern incident awareness and assessment playbook

In publicizing the use and purpose of IAA, I think there is a big ethical consideration in it because the citizens will get to know the function of IAA and how they function. They will not think that their freedoms are being infringed on but know that this is a military operation and that is how they are and should be carried hence in so doing, there will be no blame game be...

Ethics, Euthanasia and Canadian Law. Utilitarianism Theory, Morality

According to Perez and Moore (2012), people are often distinguished on their level of morality, when faced with a moral dilemma; a moral person usually calculates the amount of happiness that his or her actions will cause. For instance, had the jury been moral, it would have stopped to consider the consequences of the rulings before accusing Latimer of second degree murder a...

Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases

From my person point of view it was unethical for the company to pay out $100 to Ralph. This is because of the company’s serious side effects to the environment. If the company had evaded paying Ralph $100, EPA would have takes the initiative to shutdown and imposes fine to the pulp industry. The fine would have compensated the long time the industry has been polluting the environmen...

Ethics. Cultural relativism and Divine command theory

Even though deontology and utilitarianism are categorised as “ethics of conduct,” they differ in their ethical theory. Deontology indorses an action based on a moral law or code, while for utilitarianism an action that gives the best consequences or happiness to the action is right. Virtue ethics is categorised as “ethics of character” and it is focused on how people should be i...

Priciple in health and social care

When the policies, regulation and the codes of practice change and the organisation needs to adapt it will always be employees that will not be satisfy with the new changes. The policies, code of practice are usually the guide of a company and it communicates to the employees what its wrong and what is right. This has a positive role on the organisation if all the employees will follow and keep th...

The ID, Ego and Superego in Lord of the Flies

Connors, R. (2013, January/February). Freudian theory. Psychology of personality. Lecture conducted from Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA. Golding, W. (1954). Lord of the flies. London, England: Penguin Books Ltd. Rosenfield, C. (1990). 'Men of a smaller growth': A psychological analysis of William Golding's ‘lord of the flies,'. In R. Matuz & C. Falk (Eds.), Contemporary Literary Criticism (V...

Lord of the Flies (Men are inherently evil)

Despite being first published fifty years ago, Lord of the Flies is still studied and read to this day as it shows that it is brutality of the second world war. Golding subtly passes through his message that what happened in Germany could occur anywhere and that sometimes, it is necessary to be evil. Throughout the novel, we see the lengths some of them, in particular Jack, go to for survival. We ...

Nepotism Issues Within a Company

When it comes to something as touchy as favoritism or nepotism in the workplace, there are definitely many opinions on the topic. Each side can give a relatively solid argument but when it comes to most people, especially employees of businesses, they are wanting fair treatment between everyone. In my own opinion, I feel nepotism has no place in the workplace, every employee should have the same ...

BACP Ethical Framework Focus

There are times I will say things in class, or to colleagues in the agency that represent me as an individual, rather than as a professional. I think the gap between these two ‘sides’ is getting smaller as a result of my personal therapy, and just getting older, but there are still times when I feel the need to censor my views. Unfortunately, this is often retrospectively! I believe I can comp...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible that a machine can develop areas of knowledge very specific and complicated; making the machine can simulate processes which man performs. But we can highlight that it is not achieved yet a machine that can thing like a human. Indeed, this limitation is the fact that human beings are irreplaceable because human beings have an own feature: common s...

Ethics in Business: Annotated Bibliography

In an article “Insider Trading, Investor Harm, and Executive Compensation.” by Robert Thompson published in 1999 discusses the harm insider trading does to investors of a company. Thompson states that insider trading is morally corrupt because it is unfair and greedy to use information that is not available to the public in order to benefit and protect themselves. This agrees with the article ...

Literary Analysis of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde was known to be a man that challenged the conventions of Victorian society. He never goes into detail about the unscrupulous things that Dorian does throughout the text, and this literary decision spares the readers of sensibilities but also illustrates Dorian’s lack of cognizance. If anything, the protagonist simply records life, rather than earnestly feeling anything at all. Given ...

Case Study: Alcoa’s Core Values in Practice

As in life, it is perfectly fine to want to strive to become better to have overall quality and satisfaction out of life and in your business. Alcoa has a made a commitment to improving the quality of life among its employees and community as well. Overall, Alcoa’s ethical work climate is diverse and encourages open communication between workers, has ethical high principles and a very good work ...

Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing

American Nurses Association, Code of Ethics for Nurses. (2014). Retrieved from http://nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/EthicsStandards/CodeofEthicsforNurses/Code-of-Ethics.pdf American Nurses Association, End of life issues. (2014). Retrieved from http://www.nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/EthicsStandards/End-of-Life Blais, K.K., Hayes, J.S. (2011). Professional Nursing Practice: Concepts &...

A report on the serious failures of winterbourne view

The case of Winterbourne View and the coverage that Panorama aired on television shocked the nation. Undoubtedly making a lot of people question the capability of the CQC as well as their local homes / services, where family members or friends may visit or live. The CQC held an internal inquiry and as a result there were many changes to various organisations. Winterbourne view inevitably closed an...

Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma

Tamayo-Velazquez, M., Simon-Lorda, P., & Cruz-Piqueras, M. (2012). Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide: Knowledge, attitudes and experiences of nurses in Andalusia {Spain}. Nursing Ethics, 19{5}, 677-691. http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/0969733011436203 Young, R. (2010). Voluntary Euthanasia. Retrieved from http://plato.standford.edu/entries/euthanasia-voluntary...

On the Waterfront

The notion that corruption and wrongdoing is rampant when there is inaction from bystanders is reinforced in Elia Kazan’s film, On the Waterfront. However, there are those who have the moral strength to assert their beliefs in the face of injustice, which is evident through the character of Terry. Terry makes the dramatic transformation from being a morally troubled man who lives by a code of se...

Ray Bradbury’s “There Will Come Soft Rains” Analysis

Bradbury, Ray. “There Will Come Soft Rains.” http://www.elizabethskadden.com/files/therewillcomesoftrainsbradbury.pdf. n.p. n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2014. Haisty, Donna B. “There Will Come Soft Rains.” Masterplots II: Short Story Series, Revised Edition (2004): 1-3. Literary Reference Center. Web. 6. Apr. 2014. Hicks, Jennifer. “There Will Come Soft Rains.” Short Stories for Students. Ed. Kat...

My Biggest Pet Peeves

My last biggest pet peeve is people who smoke in public place because I do not like the smell, and it is dangerous to our health. Fortunately, I am not allergic to smoke, but for people who are allergic to it, they will have a hard time breathing. Besides that, smoke is more dangerous for second-hand smoke than the first hand smoke, and in fact, cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventabl...

The Six Components of Successful Ethics Training

This is a good way to build a two-way communication between the employee and the team leader. After the survey and review, human resource department will analyze the data to re-evaluate current ethical program. Human resource department will determine which parts of the program are successful, and what’re needed to improve or adjust. If an incident has occurred, then the department will archive ...

Truth or Lie

Clearly, lying is an issue worth examining, as many people believe it is a bigger problem in today’s world than it has ever been. In comparison with Voirst’s essay, “The Truth About Lying,” I found that through a bunch of my research, that most people agree with Voirst’s view on lying. I too, agreed with most, if not all, of what she had presented in her essay. Like Voirst mentioned, if ...


Ed Murrow also shared those qualities. The film Good Night, and Good Luck tells the story of McCarthyism, Joseph McCarthy used the fear of communism to wrongly jail citizens. Ed Murrow is the host of Good Night, and Good Luck on CBS. He sees the wrong in McCarthy’s actions and decides to take a stand and tell the public his view. His entire career is in jeopardy, even himself exposing the lies ...

The principles of right and wrong

The religious sect of Jains in India believes that the only matter which can be consumed by human beings is leaves and fruit which have fallen off trees. No grain, no dairy products, no eggs, nor any meat. Why they are supposed to cover their mouths and noses with a piece of cloth, so that they may not inadvertently kill microscopic organisms by the very act of breathing. Now those are tough moral...

Morality As Anti-Nature

Nietzsche believed that the church is at war with the passionate and the intelligent in favor of the poor and spirited. He believed that the ones who began the mental and spiritual decapitations of others are truly the ones who were unable to control their passions and were very ill willed. The people of the church who imposed morality as anti-nature were the ones who were unable to impose moderat...

The Abolition of Man Cs Lewis Review

Chapter two ends with Lewis concluding that the Tao is the sole source of all valued judgment and that nothing is intrinsically evil. All evil is the result of twisting something good and that moral progress is “timeless, constant, and unchanging.” Lewis referred to chapter one “Men without Chests” as the present, chapter two “The Way” as the past, and chapter three “The Abolition of...

Spiritual self-discipline

Abstract- Now a days the moral values from human nature is abolishing. If anybody should be mentioned as pure humanist in the India as well as in the world he is one and only Rabindranath Tagore .He earned a lot of experience in his whole life. He noticed the cruelty and destruction during the Second World War. He realized that the moral values are decreasing day by day.Then he determined to resto...

Im Not Scared Niccolo Amaniti

Associations with the career criminals such as Sergio Materia have left Michele’s parents morally bankrupt. They have lost their humanity. They are allowing fear to override moral convictions is most clearly evident when the carabinieri circle in helicopters. The fear compels them to respond in most desperate and extreme of fashions. It was determined that self-survival can only come through mur...

Role of Ethics in Advertising

Some advertisers do not tell the harmful effects of cigarette, alcohol or tobacco. This is the responsibility of the advertiser or the advertising agency to tell the whole truth. But some advertisers do not take it seriously and try to attract the audience by making ads which attract the people. These ads should be banned because it is the social responsibility of the advertising agency to tell th...

Business Gone Green Ethical Reasoning Assignment

To recapitulate, through globalization and communications revolution, it is inevitable for companies to face ethical and cultural conflicts. Ikea reflects the realistic marketing choices confronting many globalized companies around the world, with the companies not hesitating to localize their marketing communications though it is against the company’s code of conduct. While Ikea’s motive rema...

Personal Ethics Statement

I value friendship and keep close connection with people I trust. I appreciate those who work along by my side and help to encourage me. My weakness include entitlement, hardness of heart and confusion. Believing that I am entitled to special prividges and persuade others. Hardness of heart come from expriece of people. I must practice mindfulness not to be confused. Identifying my weakness is imp...

Men and Animals

For example, human will educate the next generation not only about survival skills but also the way of life. Human brain also operate in two main parts, one is the logical part and the other one is the emotional part. Animals may also have emotional part but their logical part is not as developed as us, so human may raise moral and ethical questions. In this article, Mr. Herzog noticed that he onc...

Boundaries in a dual relationship

The ACA code of Ethics is a document by which professionals in the world of Counseling used for determining standards and laws. For example if a counselor finds out that her daughter was dating the son of a marriage couple she is counseling in her group sessions. With this kind of case the complexity of issues around dual relationships is not exactly clear. The first step in this case should be to...

Goals Of Human Service

ABOVE ALL, A GREAT HUMAN PROVIDER COMMITS THEIR LIFE TO ASSISTING OTHERS! Major generic understanding, abilities and attitudes that seem required in all human service work. The training and preparation of the private employee within this structure will change as a function of the work setting, the particular client population served, and the level of company work.. Understanding the nature of huma...

The Media and its Responsibilities

In conclusion, one learns that the media and its responsibilities to society is greatly decreasing year after year and the substance contained with that media is becoming more and more exploited. In order to maintain ethical and moral understanding one must fully educate oneself to obtain higher understanding in what is right and wrong . One must also find common ground through the classical ethic...

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