How Should Today’s Youth Combat Negative Moral Influences?

If you look around you can see the negative moral influences in the way youth dress, you hear it in the sounds of music, and you encounter it when youth speak in a brand of English that you barely understand. The idea of pornography, sex, use of illegal drugs, homosexuality and graft beam into your home through the electronic gadgets that you have, through the radio, television, and the Internet, through the DVD and the stereo, through newspapers and magazines. These are inescapable and very powerful; they come in their subtle, beautiful appearance.

They creep in the youth’s heart unnoticed and unconsciously shape ones life. The most subtle and dangerous thing about them is they become acceptable in our society.

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How then should the youth of today’s generation combat these negative moral influences? One of the most important skills for youth to develop is awareness of what is going on around them. The youth must understand and not be naive of the many moral perversion that is in our society. They have to be made aware that the world they live is not neutral and that there is a battle to be fought.

There exists good and evil, right and wrong, true and false, belief and unbelief, self desires and God’s will, and they have to make a choice, which way they should live. Having known or become aware of this, the youth has to resist the way it panders in their thoughts and hearts without thinking that they win the battle simply by avoiding certain things.

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Rather they should resist every form of negative moral influences from mastering over them, to have a grip on them.

The youth having known the possible negative moral influences must have the fear of God in order to gain the strength and wisdom he needs to stand against all forms of insidious influences of his surrounding. This fear is foundational and basic. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, it makes the youth discerning of the unseen pollutants in his environment. They might not be obviously participating in the “biggies”, but in a subtle way they are in the system. A discerning mind will spare them from any wiles. Who then are the agents to spare the youth from all these forms of temptations and wickedness?

A godly and harmonious home that can call obedience from the children to their parents provides protection and spare the youth’s life from the danger of bad influences. Parents should be the primary agents, they should labor not only to rebuke their kids when things went wrong, but first and foremost befriend them, win their confidence, make sure to instruct them what is right and wrong, and they should not to be easily entangled with the pleasurable wicked affairs around them. Instructions such as choosing the right kind of friends, sex should be done within the marriage bed only, not to be enticed with wine, drugs and women or vice versa.

Furthermore, spending time talking with their teenagers not only when they give advices and when there is confrontation to be done but allowing them to disclose what they are thinking, feeling and doing, will teach them to find the home a better place to stay rather than outside. Teaching your kids in an affirming way to see where they had breathed in the pollutants of their society, and living a principled life will guide them in their right decisions and dealings with others when left on their own.

The program of our education is another agent that would help the youth need to understand that they do not live in a vacuum, but in a society that exercises its influence on every area of their lives. It is important to educate them how to influence their friends with the truth of God’s standard, and not just to protect themselves from the society’s pollutants. While these are going on, our government officials, who represent the highest in the hierarchy of the people when setting certain rules, must live by these rules, setting as an example.

Their examples are very crucial to combat negative influences. For how can we stop graft and corruption, when the officials themselves are corrupt? How can we fight against abortion when they themselves legalized it? How do we resist premarital sex when they themselves indulge in fornications? No amount of words will convince the youth. Our leaders must set themselves as a living monument, resisting all forms of wickedness. Above all, in doing all these only the mind, set on the grace of God to deliver a fallen human, will combat a negative moral influence.

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