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Trurl’s Machine

As a boy Stanislaw Lem showed an early interest in science as well as in the imaginary worlds of fantasy and science fiction. The young Lem’s interest in tinkering mechanical devices of all sorts was put to use by secretly damaging the German vehicles during the Nazi occupation. Later on, he became a full time… View Article

Beverly Cleary Author Study

Hi, my name is Beverly Cleary. I am an author of over thirty books for children and adults. I have written many award winning books. I worked as a librarian when I was younger. That’s where I got the idea to write about ordinary kids. I was born in McMinnville Oregon on April 12, 1916…. View Article

Out from Xanadu

Since the beginning of the human race, both those who believe in the concept of some sort of a supreme force, be it God, Buddah, Muhammad or any other of a myriad of ancient and present day deities, and those who are non-believers have pondered the moral absolutes of right and wrong. More precisely, many… View Article

From the Explorer’s Daughter

How does Kari Herbert convince the readers for the necessity of hunting whales in the arctic region? You should comment on: 1=the geographical and living conditions of the native people. 2=the use of argumentative language. 3=the language If people in the arctic region won’t eat what they have, i. e. whales, then what will they… View Article

Ceremony Analysis

In a song called Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes, the lyrics present a crisis in self-identity. “I was raised up believing I was somehow unique; like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes unique in each way you can see. But now after some thinking, I’d say I’d rather be, a functioning cog in some great machinery… View Article

Nick Joaquin

He was the greatest Filipino writer of his generation. Over six decades and a half, he produced a body of work unmatched in richness and range by any of his contemporaries. Living a life wholly devoted to the craft of conjuring a world through words, he was the writer’s writer. In the passion with which… View Article

Munshi Premchand

Munshi Premchand (July 31, 1880 – October 8, 1936) was an Indian writer famous for his modern Hindustani literature. He is one of the most celebrated writers of the Indian subcontinent,[1] and is regarded as one of the foremost Hindustani writers of the early twentieth century. [2] Born Dhanpat Rai Srivastav, he began writing under… View Article

History of Auguste Escoffier and Marie Careme

Auguste Escoffier was born in Villeneuve-Loubet,the Provence region of France in October 28, 1846. When he turned 13, his father took him to Nice where he apprenticed at a restaurant owned by his uncle, thus beginning the illustrious career that he enjoyed for the next 62 years. His culinary career took him many places, from… View Article

Tennessee Williams

Thomas Lanier, also known as Tennessee Williams, was an American writer who worked principally as a playwright in the American Theatre. Also he wrote essays, short stories, poetry, screenplays, and novels with also a volume of memoirs. Tennessee’s professional career lasted about 45 years until his death in 1983. Williams saw the birth of hundreds… View Article

Depends on Writer

Many countries, including the United States, are currently struggling with two apparently conflicting objectives, that is how to make newcomers and native minorities feel they have equal opportunity to pursue the American Dream, while at the same time convincing the native majority that policies crafted to help others are not discriminating against their own rights… View Article

Alice Walker: Peeling an Essence

As an African-American novelist, short–story writer, essayist, poet, critic, and editor, Alice Walker’s plethora of literary works examines many aspects of African American life as well as historical issues that are further developed by Walker’s unique point of view. Writers like Alice Walker make it possible to bring words and emotions to voices and events… View Article

Amrita Pritam

Amrita Pritam born as Amrita Kaur (31 August 1919 – 31 October 2005) was a Punjabi writer and poet, considered the first prominent woman Punjabi poet, novelist, and essayist, and the leading 20th-century poet of the Punjabi language, who is equally loved on both the sides of the India-Pakistan border, with a career spanning over… View Article

Taslima Nasreen

Taslima Nasrin is a Bengali writer from Mymensingh, Bangladesh, who’s faced many struggles as a human rights activist. She is also a feminist, secular humanist and a physician who has worked in different hospitals for about eight years. She’s very passionate about literature and she also has a strong desire of learning science, which is… View Article

Gain credibility as a writer

Any writer who is looking to build a successful career must gain an authority within the writing/publishing industry. Credibility assures customers that a writer is an established and respected professional. If you are searching for ways to gain credibility as a writer, consider the following steps. The best way to become a credible writer is… View Article

Pat Mora

Pat Mora is an award-winning writer that bases most her poems on tough cultural challenges and life as a Mexican American. She was born in a Spanish speaking home in El Paso, Texas. Mora is proud to be a Hispanic writer and demonstrates how being culturally different in America is not easy. She explains this… View Article