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Ursula Le Guin’s “The One Who Walked Away From Omelas”
...And the case of a woman had encountered a traffic accident in Henan. But all of the passersby ignore it and continue to walk. Because they are worried that someone will say that they kill the woman and they worry facing legal liability after helping ...
Mill’s Utilitarianism in “Those Who Walk Away from Omelas”
...John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarian theory, John Rawl’s Justice as Fairness theory, and Robert Nozick’s Libertarianism theory are all found in different parts of text we have read this semester. Whether it be in Those Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ur...
“The Lottery”: Unfair Fate to the One Who Draws 
...Shirley Jackson tells the story of “The Lottery” by the above symbolism. Every single detail playing a major role. A story of The Lottery, Shirley Jackson reveals: “an annual ritual of sacrifice in a small town and the dangers of blindly follow...