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FAQ about Bildungsroman

How Courage Shown in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
...Courage was a main theme that bound this novel together. The author conveyed a message that people with courage would succeed in real life. Atticus was depicted as a courageous man who succeeded in living up to his phi...
  Why Horse Racing Should Be Banned
...The horses are drugged to make them run faster. Almost every horse in the racing industry is given a drug called Furosemide sold under the name “Lasix”. Did you know they are drugged every two to three weeks? Lasix makes they horse urinate a lot ...
Hard Life When Growing Up
...In The Monkey Garden, she says “I looked at my feet… they didn’t seem to be my feet anymore.” (page 98) This is an example of Cisneros's use of metaphors and indirect characterization to advance her development of Esperanza’s character. Esp...
Jasper Jones – to what extent is the novel quintessentially Australian
...Through Charlie’s coming of age, Silvey’s Jasper Jones presents a compelling insight into the duality of morality and the human values of loyalty and justice. Though these are undeniably universal in nature, Silvey explores these issues through t...