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How to Tell a True War Story: Analysis on the Beauty of Writing?
...O’Brien often marks out that the story is “true”, but the way he illustrates the surroundings to the readers makes it seem unrealistic. Thus, the true war story seems irrelevant. O’Brien’s improbable statements regarding the war experiences...
How to Save Our Mother Earth?
...Or will the BC Ministry of Health encourage us to buy our own medicines from online pharmacies without a prescription, in order to save a few dollars and bypass the need to see a physician? Ms. McNeil, I would appreciate anything you can do to limit ...
Notes for Each Chapter in Tomorrow When the War Began
...Ellie and Fi meet Homer and Lee up in a gully behind Fleets place and told there versions of the bridge blowing up. Went to sleep  Ellie, Homer, Fi and Lee woke up at night, left to Ellie's house on the bikes at 10pm Walked into Ellie's garage to se...
Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried: An Examination of What They Carried and Why.
...The aesthetic value of O'Brien unorthodox approach is unmistakable but in focusing on the style he ignores the fundamental reasons why the war occurred in the first place. As well as America's role in the destruction of nation and it's people. The Vi...