Historical events

1. Social Gospel, 19th & 20th Century – Social gospel started in Protestant Christianity and it was to push Christians to be more apart of society and help those who weren’t as well of as themselves. All social gospelers wanted people to confess their sins and some talked about Christian socialism. Social gospelers ignored women’s suffrage and the issues with different minority groups.

2. World War 1, 1888-1900s – Wilhelm the second rose to power in Germany, he wanted to make a Navy that rivaled the British Empire’s and wanted to make their own colonies at other places.

The British didn’t like this, them and other nations kept an eye on Germany. Britain, Russia, and France formed an alliance against Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy when Germany’s naval fleet seemed to threaten the British. The Ottoman Empire was also seen as a threat. The war was started when a Serbian assassin killed the heirs of Austria-Hungary. After this event many thought that they should kill the Serbians.

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3. American Empire, 1900s – Victoriano Huerta elected Francisco Madero as the president in Mexico, president Woodrow Wilson wanted Huerta to allow free elections but he had refused. When American sailors were accidently arrested Wilson retaliated by taking over Veracruz. The Huerta government eventually fell and America took over until Venustiano Carranza was elected. Wilson supported Carranza and not his rival Pancho Villa. Villa retaliated by killing people in Columbus of New Mexico. Wilson ordered John J. “Blackjack” to capture Villa, John J. didn’t capture Villa for almost a year.

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4. Women, 1900s – Women were able to have more options of jobs during this time period and were seen as the good to American civilization and values (The American Yawp). Many women thought to share Christianity to other who may have not been in a while off place compared to them. Women’s work was seen as a sign of Imperialism thought many women didn’t agree with it, Most black women were highly against Imperialism because they saw it as another way for racism.

5. Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, 1911 – A fire broke out in the Triangle Shirtwaist factory, the doors were locked up and the people with the keys left the building without letting the women out of the factory. The women had no way out other than jumping or staying the building as it burned. 71 were injured and 146 people died once the fire had stopped and just a year before this fire there was a strike by the worker wanting better safety conditions and other things. These kind of things happened fairly often, people dying because of unsafe working conditions and typically the owners of these business get little to no punishments for these events. This event and others like this one showed the Americans that something needs to be changed.

6. Women, 19th & 20th Century – Women started to make female clubs for women’s suffrage. Many of the groups or clubs were separated by race but that didn’t stop any of the groups on looking for equal rights or for black women equal rights and civil rights. Some women worked with churches to help with American life or they were “moral vigilantes” (the American Yawp) such as Carrie A. Nation. President Woodrow Wilson let women finally be able to vote after years of fighting for their rights.

7. African Americans, – African Americans are being discriminated against has risen more so than before. There were rumors of black men violating women, white southerners would restrict black voting, and have social separation too. Poll taxes and literacy tests were implemented before people could vote, there was also the grandfather clause but it was eventually removed by the Supreme Court in 1915. Segregation of buildings, bathrooms, schools, etc. were on the rise in this time period. There were rises in lynching and court cases that the blacks were loosing such as Plessy v Ferguson which confirmed the separate but equal.

8. World War 1, 1916 – President Wilson thought that if Germany won then it would change the power in Europe. The United States joined the war April 4, 1917. The States were highly unprepared for the war and it would take sometime before they could send troops to help Europe; this was when drafting men for war started and most Americans had no problem with the draft. After testing the soldiers it was found that the men had a mental age of around thirteen years old and immigrants were even lower; the experience of all of this expanded the horizons of the soldiers. There were also black soldiers that were segregated but they joined to show that they can take the same responsibilities as any white man.

9. Women, 1900s – Women started to take over the jobs that were abandon because of the war and the drafts. Women took over some military jobs such as being telephone operators, or other things; some women even joined the Marine Corps eventually. Women were also nurses and physicians for the army. A large amount of women also volunteered for many organizations. Women would try to push other women and children to join taking over jobs for the war.

10. Influenza, 1918 – A new flu virus spread in Camp Funston and it went around like crazy from the men and women traveling around. The flu spread so much that fourteen other American military camps had gotten the said flu. Flu went as far as France, and to all the camps in the United States. Finally the virus came around again but it has mutated and far worse than it was before; people around the age of eighteen and thirty-five are getting affected by this mutated flu. Around 227,000 soldiers were sent to the hospital and when the flu was at its peak the soldiers were dying more from the flu itself then the war that was going on.

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