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Animal Farm
Original title Animal Farm
Author George Orwell
Genre Political Satire
Language English
Characters Old Major, Napoleon, Snowball, Squealer, Boxer, Benjamin, Pilkington, Mr. Jones
Published 17 August 1945 ( Secker and Warburg , London, England)
Book Summary
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Animal Farm

About Animal Farm Book

Animal Farm was written and published back in 1945 during World War 2. The intent of this short novel was an allegory, which means George Orwell (the author) wanted to depict or portray true events. The book was about a small group of farm animals who revolt or rebel against their owner.

The reason behind the revolt is to create an environment where every animal is treated equally, and all of them have the freedom to exercise their happiness. Still, these farm animals were betrayed by one of their own, and the form returns to its previous state.

It was among the most read and famous political allegories. It portrays the betrayal of the Russian revolution by Joseph Stalin. The book was listed in Time magazine as one of the 100 best English novels; it got bags retrospective Hugo award in 1996 and was also selected in Great Books of the Western Word.

Book Summary:

The book Animal Farm is a political allegory that illustrates a group of farm animals that are tired and annoyed by their master. They want to take control of the farm to live a free and happy life—they rebel and rebel against their tyrant owner in the hope of a prosperous life, better education, and freedom.

But their hope and revolt was damaged and corned by two of their farm pigs, named Napoleon and Snowball, that played their mind games, and one of the pigs, Napoleon, seized power with force turning the farm into the same state as it was before during the previous master.

The novel and animal farm essay depict how farm animals’ emotions were betrayed and exploited. The author manifests that pigs dress and behaves like humans; their greed for power and exploiting those below them act the same as the ones of their human masters.

Animal Farm Characters:

Animal Farm has the following list of characters and their brief introduction.

● Major: An old boar whose speeches incite rebellion among the farm animal against humans. His philosophy of evil and tyranny by man is characterized and named Animalism by his followers.

● Snowball: A boar whose plans for constructing a windmill make him the rebellion’s most valuable leader, but chased off by the Napoleon’s dogs. Later, he was used as a scapegoat for all animals’ suffering.

● Napoleon: A boar that teamed up with Snowball and led the rebellion against the master Jones but he begins to gear up, squeezing power over the farm gradually using his tricks and hypocrisy until he becomes the undisputed tyrant.

● Squealer: A poker pig and Napoleon’s mouthpiece who manipulated the farm animal’s thoughts by using his hollow yet convincing and useful rhetoric.

● Boxer: A dimwitted horse that takes part in the building of the windmill but is later on sold to a glue boiler after he faints and collapses from exhaustion.

● Clover: A caring horse that questions Napoleans’s intentions and makes efforts to help Boxer after he collapses.

● Bluebell, Jessie, and Pincher: The essay on animal farm is incomplete without mentioning these dogs and their children raised and used by napoleon as his guards.

● Mr. Jones: A drunken farm owner expelled from his farms after the animals’ rebellion.

● Moses: A tame raven who spreads stories of sugar candy mountain and paradise where animals supposedly go after they die

Popular Quotes:

Here are a few Farm Animal quotes that can help make animal farm essay topics.

⮚ “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

⮚ “Four legs good, two legs bad.”

⮚ “The only good human being is a dead one.”

⮚ “Several of them would have protested if they could have found the right argument.”

⮚ “Man serves the interests of no creature except himself.”

⮚ “Can you not understand that liberty is worth more than ribbons?”

Essay Structure on Animal Farm:

You have a clear picture of the book and what the writer wants to deliver to the readers. So, now it is pretty easy to write an essay about the book. You can explain your point of view and can analyze the book perfectly. Here are a few guidelines on drafting an effective animal farm essay conclusion.

Before going to the next step, make sure to outline, outline is the most important process for any academic paper. The benefits of outlining are that your final draft is more refined and well structured. Ensure that the essays on animal farms highlight all those aspects discussed in the novel! Here are some outline components and what includes in them.


The introduction is the most technical and crucial part of any writing process. It includes ingredients that grab readers’ attention, keep them hooked, and develop their interest in the essay. After reading many animal farm essay examples, you can get a better idea about writing the essay. Besides that, you should consider the following points while writing the essay!

● The introduction’s first line gets the reader’s attention, and the opening needs to engage and develop an interest in the essay. The readers are attracted to quotes, relevant facts, or even questions that can relate to the topic or title.

● A hook statement is an efficient way to get the reader’s attention; if you use a hook, add relevant context that strengthens your thought process about why you decided to investigate that particular aspect.

● In the last of your introduction, the thesis statement makes an appearance; the thesis statement must include all the key elements you want to explain in your writing.


It is the main section of your essay, where you can state facts and provides detail after doing proper research and keeping a grip on your topic. Your thoughts need to remain relevant, and if making any claims, they must be backed by facts and figures in light of your animal farm essay titles. Make sure to keep a smooth transition between paragraphs and are connected.


In concluding your essay, keep in mind to start by rephrasing the thesis statement and showing how your arguments and explanation help solve the equation. From your animal farm essay introduction to the conclusion, explain why and show how your explanation is relevant.

Tips to Consider while writing an Essay about Farm Animals:

Before exploring different tips that make an essay relevant and correct, one thing to consider before starting an essay is to understand that academic or literary work requires great attention to detail. If you want to stand out essay, the below tips can be really helpful.

Read The Book Thoroughly:

The most important and most valuable tip is to read the book thoroughly. Read the novel deeply if you are writing about a book or novel. It will help you cover all details, big or small, and helps you explain your point of view more concisely and relevant, which otherwise can be missed by looking at the overview.

Find A Compelling Topic:

There are a few ways for creating a compelling topic for your essay:

● One way to look for a compelling topic is by finishing your essay; once your finish, read it again and try to figure out which statement or topic suits you best and does justice to the overall essay. You will find a compelling topic for an essay by doing this process.

● Your thesis statement and your main idea, around which you build and address the whole argument, can also be the title of your essay.

● The title can be short or lengthy, but that depends on the relevancy; if it explains and goes well with the essay, you can choose it after proper assessment.

Examples of Good Essay Topics on Animal Farm

Create the Outline:

Creating an outline before starting writing proves to be an effective way to draft a well-explained, relevant, well-structured essay. Brainstorm, pen down different angles and ways, and you can search on the internet for possible details and information related to your topic.

Make an outline and organize your information, take out all relevant information, and think of angles and ways by which it can fit perfectly in your essay. The easier way to do that is to write it down, putting all the information according to its relevance in different sections of your essay.

Write the Thesis Statement:

A thesis statement may differ, as each person has their perspective and way to look at things, but the main thing to understand here is that whatever your thesis statement reflects and explains your essay summary. There can be many thesis statements that are suited well to Animal Form.

Animal Farm is a political depiction of the Russian revolution that explains social and political influences, positive and negative of society, and how power can transform and affect society’s social structure.

Include a Lesson or Moral:

At first, the novel taught us a lesson that a dream can change your destiny if you work for it; as Major, an old boar, describe his dream that he had to farm animals, he explains how they live free lives from the tyranny of human. Major dies, but his dream incites a spark among farm animals.

The novel emphasizes the importance of right leadership and attention in the next section. Napoleon and Snowball gathered all the farm animals, showed them the vision of free and happy life, and persuaded them to rebel against their human enslaver; their movement was successful as a result, they control the farm now.

With his manipulation and negative intentions, Napoleon took control of the farm and started exercising his powers the same as their previous owner. This part depicts the power game and how greed and power affect your social fabric’s well-being.

Through his subordinates and guard dogs, Napoleon infests the farm with chaos and makes the animals live under fear, tyranny, and misery. Although the farm’s boundary extends, the animals see the pigs as human as they follow their traits.

Conclusion and Proofread:

Before finalizing your essay and submitting it or publishing it on the internet, proofread it. Look for grammatical errors, structures, overflow, and transitions between the paragraphs. Also, check that the essay remains relevant and well structured.

Animal farm shows the social and political influences and how they can change or worsen society. As the novel was written and published during World War 2, George Orwell pointed out Joseph Stalin and referred him to as one of the farm animals. He illustrates that he changes society from the outer side, but infecting it remains the same and even worse in some stances. And, if you need help in essay writing we can be your right hand!


Who Does Napoleon Represent In Animal Farm?

Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin, who took part in the Russian Revolution and later came to rule the Soviet Union. Stalin was part of the Russian Revolution (1917). He ruled Soviet Russia just after the death of Vladimir back in 1924.

Who Does Squealer Represent In Animal Farm?

Squealer, the poker pig, represents Vyacheslav Molotov, Stalin’s acquaintance and head of the communist agenda. He is the leader of the farm who tries to manipulate the animals. He is representing the Soviet newspaper, Pravda, here in the story.

Who Does Boxer Represent In Animal Farm?

Boxer is a horse, and he represents the peasant workers of Russia. All these workers of Russia were very committed and hardworking. Unfortunately, Tsar Nicholas II misused the workers. The man ruled from 1894 to 1917.

Who Is Moses In Animal Farm?

Moses, a tame raven, spread the stories of sugar Candy Mountains and paradise where animals supposedly go after they die. George Orwell refers to how communism exploits religion and uses it.

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