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Original title 1984
Author George Orwell

Dystopian, Social Science Fiction

Language English
Characters Winston Smith, Julia, O'Brien, Big Brother, Emmanuel Goldstein
Published June 8, 1949
ISBN 978-0-451-52829-0
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About 1984 Book

Nineteen Eighty-Four, or as written as 1984, is a novel written by George Orwell and published in 1949; the novel genre is dystopian social science fiction. The novel talked about totalitarianism and its consequences on the people and society. The novel referred to Stalinism and Nazism.

The 1984 essay uncovers the different aspects of totalitarianism and examines how the truth and facts are manipulated for political gains. The ideas presented in the novel by George Orwell entered mainstream culture in a way achieved by very few books.

It has gained many nominations and is highlighted in almost all the big lists. Time magazine included it in among its 100 best English novels list from 1923 to 2005, it was also placed in the modern library’s 100 best novel lists, and it was also listed on the Big Read survey by the BBC and placed at number eight in 2003.

Book Summary:

The book depicts 1984 Oceania, one of the three warring totalitarian states, while the other two are Eurasia and Eastasia. Oceania, in particular, was ruled or governed by an all-controlling party. The party brainwashed its people and twisted their thought process in total obedience to their leader, “Big Brother.”

Through their different propaganda, the party created a language called newspeak which limits the thought process of the masses by using tools of thought police and continual surveillance.

The novel’s main character is Winston Smith; he is a minor party official who lived in London that was almost ruined by a nuclear war not long after World War 2. His job in the outer party is to rewrite history in the Ministry of truth and bring it in line with the current political thinking.

But Winston’s urge and curiosity to find the truth made him rebel against the government and join the group of dissenters’ brotherhood, where he met Julia, a like-minded prole (proletariat) woman. Winston was approached by O’Brien, who appears to be an inner-party official but is a spy of the outer party, and is looking for thought criminals.


Eventually, Winston and Julia were taken into custody and taken to a torture cell. Winston was physically and mentally tortured, exposed to his worst nightmares, and forced to submit to the big brother; eventually, he did that and was released later. Upon encountering Julia after he was released, he reveals to her he is not interested in her anymore and instead Loves Big Brother. How strange things are explained in 1984 compared to today essay.


The 1984 quotes can also be asked as essay questions 1984. Here are a few of the popular quotes from 1984.

  •     “Power is tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your choosing.”
  •     “Power is tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your choosing.”
  •     “Reality exists in the human mind and nowhere else.”
  •     “The choice for humanity lies between freedom and happiness, and happiness is better for the great bulk of humankind.
  •     “Confession is not betrayal. What you say or do doesn’t matter; only feelings matter. If they could make me stop loving you, that would be the real betrayal.”
  •     Not merely the validity of experience, but their philosophy tacitly denied the very existence of external reality. The heresy of heresies was common sense.”
  •     “You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard and, except in darkness, every moment scrutinized.”

Essay Structure on 1984:

For writing an effective 1984 book essay, there are certain details that you must follow; first of all, outline your essay, the above explanation of the book summary, characters and storyline is enough to formulate a balanced outline.

Once you outline, the next step is to start writing by following the essay structure that contains an introduction, body, and conclusion in the end. Meet all requirements, stay close to the topic, and input all the relevant information and aspects from the book. The step by step explanation of essay structure is given below:


The introduction is your 1984 symbolism essay’s first impression to the readers or audience; write it so that it compels and attracts the audience’s attention. Use hook statements or phrases relevant to the book and make them attention-grabbing; here is a further breakdown of the introduction:

  •     The introduction of 1984 must start with an attention-grabbing hook phrase or statement from the book; it must be impact and thought-provoking. It will get the reader’s attention, and they will be compelled to read it further.
  •     Once you succeed in getting readers’ attention, explain briefly your essay topic, which can be any aspect of the book, and explain your point of view and thoughts about a particular thing.
  •   Sharing your thoughts with the audience leads you to the end of the introduction, where you explain the main theme of your essay in the thesis statement.


It contains all the details of George Orwell 1984 essay; all the details and explanation is done in this section of your essay. You can use facts, statements, and research references to support your arguments and thought process. A standard body section contains at least three paragraphs; keep the paragraphs connected by using transitioning phrases at the end of each paragraph.


The conclusion comes at the last of your essay, and it has the findings or results of your arguments. Start it with a hook for 1984 essay that you use at the start of your introduction, or state the thesis statement. Then explain your argument and results in light of your thesis statement; in the end, give your final verdict, end with an open statement, and give the audience a new direction of thinking. Keep the conclusion concise; avoid using irrelevant or new information.

6 tips to consider while writing an essay about 1984:

An essay on books like 1984 requires a lot of attention to detail. You can choose any topic from the book, but if your arguments are not strong and are not supported by the book, you may lose the audience’s attention and your essay’s authenticity. Follow the below tips for creating a good academic paper on 1984.

Read the book thoroughly:

Reading the book helps you in many ways; it helps you cover all the minor details, even the mentioning of propaganda in 1984 essay. Reading the book in-depth opens your brain, makes you confident and broadens your thought process.

Find a Compelling Topic:

If you have read the book thoroughly, it will be easier to extract a compelling topic for your essay. There are various ways which you can use to find a compelling topic:

  •     One way to find it is by starting writing your essay and then finishing it. Now, figure out which topic suits you best and go with the idea you explain in your essay. It will ease the process of finding a compelling topic.
  •     Another way to find it is by looking at your essay’s thesis statement or main theme.
  •     You can make any topic of your choice; it can be short or long doesn’t matter; what matter is its relevance and justice to the article.

 Create the Outline:               

Creating an outline before starting writing makes it easier for you to include all the relevant points and helps you in covering all aspects of your topic. It may take your time and brainstorming sessions, but the next process is smooth once you successfully draft a good outline.


I help you focus your attention on the topic, save your time, and play its part in drafting a well-structured and balanced essay, with all the information relevant to the book and proper placement of thoughts and paragraphs.

Write the Thesis Statement:

A thesis statement can be written in many ways; it can be different. Everyone has their thinking process and perspective to look into things; therefore, it may differ from one writer to another, but its purpose remains the same and comprises relevant sentences.

1984 has so much to offer. Therefore there can be many thesis statements made from it. It covers many aspects of society, including political supremacy to control the masses, the use of politics to play with people’s minds, and control or limit their thought processes.

Include a Lesson or Moral:

1984 has many deep-rooted lessons in modern society in one form or another. The protagonist in the novel is a fine man with a curious nature, whose independent thinking urges him to make decisions that are not acceptable in the controlled society.

Although he knew that his actions had consequences, he refused to live in a controlled environment; he questioned the fundamental right of the human, which is freedom. But the system and society do not accept the free thinkers or change-makers; the same case with Winston. The controlling powers torture him mentally and physically, and he accepts the cruel reality of this world.

Conclusion: Proofread your Work:

Proofread your essay once you finish it; it will help you correct any grammatical mistakes or other errors. It also gives you an idea about your essay’s effectiveness from the reader’s perspective. Also, take into account the transitioning between paragraphs.

1984 challenges the systems or processes built to control society and the masses’ thinking and freedom. It opens new doors to thought processes and helps you understand how different societal factors play their role in controlling the public prospect and curbing their freedom.


What happened in 1984?

1984 depicts the oppression in Oceania, a steady-state, where a free thinker Winston challenges the system. Still, unfortunately, due to scrutinizing human actions and under the constant monitoring of Big brother, he fails and ends up like everyone else.

Where To Watch Wonder Woman 1984?

You can watch on multiple platforms, sign up for HBO Max, go into the movie section, search and play the movie; the subscription fee is nominal; other than that, you can watch it on Amazon prime, VUDU, and Apple Tv, etc.

Who Played Wonder Woman 1984?

Gal Gadot played the role of a Wonder Woman in 1984. It’s her second movie in the wonder woman series, critics praised her acting, and this role goes with her personality.

Who Are The Proles In 1984?

Proles is a short-form proletariat with no political interest; they prefer to watch operas, dramas, and sports. They are not threats to the system. Rather they provide the opportunity to keep an eye on the rebels.

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