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The Giver
Original title The Giver
Author Lois Lowry
Genre Young Adult Fiction , Science Fiction
Language English
Characters Jonas, his father, his mother, his sister, Lily, Fiona, Asher, Gabriel, Chief Elder, The Giver ...
Published 1993
ISBN 9780385732554
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About The Giver

Lois Lowry, an American author, wrote a dystopian novel called The Giver. As soon as it was released in the United States in 1993, it became a huge success because of the unique storyline it presented.

It is about a little child, Jonas, who becomes dissatisfied with his community’s lifestyle due to the community’s own decision-making process of sameness and ordinariness. A few years after its release, in 1994, The Giver won the Newbery Medal. In 2014, it was made into a film.

Book Summary

Author Lois Lowry’s book, The Giver, tells of a utopian society where all residents are given the same opportunities and responsibilities to maintain justice, equality, and consistency. Jonas and his younger sister Lily live with their parents, a Nurturer and a Justice Department employee, respectively.

Every December, they organize a ceremony when each kid passes up a grade in school and gets a host of perks. A future job will be allocated to eleven-year-old Jonas as the story starts. Jonas has pale eyes, which are uncommon in his culture, but he notes that Gabriel, a youngster whom his father looks for and sometimes comes home for additional assistance, does as well.

Every morning, the household members are expected to relate their dreams. Jonas’s “stirring” dream about Fiona, one of his classmates, triggered his mother’s advice that he begin taking an antidote tablet every morning.

Dinnertime is when everyone in the family shares their day’s experiences and supports one another as they work through them. This ceremony’s day comes and goes, and the pupils line up according to how many children each year were delivered through birthmothers, which is a profession in their culture.

Jonas is number 19, but the elders don’t give him a chance when it’s his turn. Chief Elder apologizes to the community in the end for making them uncomfortable, and they accept her apologies.

Rather than a traditional position, Jonas has been chosen as the next Receiver of Memory. When Jonas returns home, he finds a list of restrictions for this new role that he had no idea about. He is permitted to lie, to name just a few of the most startling restrictions, but he is forbidden from discussing his training or asking for treatment.

The elderly guy who will train Jonas comes up in the annex behind House of the Old. Next to the speaker for announcements, there’s a locked door with an off switch that Jonas finds surprising. An explanation from the present Receiver reveals his role in Jonas’s life.

For example, he lays his hands on Jonas’ back to share recollections of sledding as an infant. For the sake of Jonas, he shall be referred to as the “Giver.” When Jonas receives color transmissions from the Giver, he begins to gain the capacity to perceive beyond what is seen.

Painful memories such as starvation and conflict have to be passed on to those who get them from the Giver. It is tough to cope with it when Jonas has never felt suffering before, particularly since he can’t openly express his feelings.

His question is directed at the Giver, who tells him about the Receiver they attempted to teach ten years ago. Rosemary, according to the Giver, was his daughter. An unpleasant memory was too much for her to bear, so she wanted to be freed.

Jonas witnesses his father injecting an infant in the forehead with a syringe to understand the release concept. The syringe was the last straw for Rosemary, who used it to kill herself. The Giver and Jonas are both aware that their civilization has to reform.

Due to the lack of actual options, individuals cannot feel real emotions like love. In order to aid the community and release Jonas, they devise a plan. In the end, Jonas will break free, and his memories will be released onto the world.

With the Giver’s assistance, they’ll help people deal with their emotions and learn the importance of things they’ve taken away, including marriage and extended families. Jonathan makes the last-minute decision to take baby Gabriel with him after learning that he will be freed.

As a result of this alteration in the plan, Jonas now has to depart town on his bicycle rather than concealing out in a vehicle. In order to avoid being detected by search aircraft, Jonas must be alert the whole time they are in the air.

So that they won’t be found out, he gives himself and Gabe chilly recollections. As they approach starvation, Jonas reaches the top of the snow-covered hill after a long journey. He discovers a sled, much like the one he rode in his first recollection, and he seems to be on his way to Elsewhere, a location where he and Gabe may be cared for by other people.

The Giver Quotes

The book quotes from ‘The Giver’ are truly inspirational. Some of the quotations assist us in grasping the setting and community of the book.

  •     “If everything’s the same, then there aren’t any choices! I want to wake up in the morning and decide things!”
  •     “They have never known pain, he thought. The realization made him feel desperately lonely.”
  •     “The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.”
  •     “Of course they needed to care. It was the meaning of everything.”
  •     “He knew that there was no quick comfort for emotions like those. They were deeper and they did not need to be told. They were felt.”

Essay Structure On The Giver

Your essay should be organized to effectively convey your thoughts and demonstrate your understanding of the issue. The following structure should be used in all writings. Here’s a quick and easy way to write the giver essays with a strong thesis statement, a strong introduction, a strong conclusion, and well-structured paragraphs.


The importance of every phrase and paragraph cannot be overstated while composing an essay. However, introductions have an additional significance. Like the first date, you want everything about the introduction to be flawless.

Essay on the Giver by Lois lowry, when Jonas, the protagonist of The Giver, learns his “Capacity to See Beyond,” he undergoes a similar transformation. Jonas acquires insight as he starts his duties as the Receiver of Memories and discovers that the community’s lives have lacked emotion and understanding because they have protected the memories.

In the introduction of the giver conclusion essay, Jonas realizes how much he appreciates his new perspective and decides to put his life on the line to return the community to a state of awareness and knowledge.


The essay’s body is the second section. This section of the essay is the most lengthy. An article that isn’t too lengthy will include at least three paragraphs; one that is far longer will have more paragraphs. In each paragraph, you’re trying to convey a relevant point to the subject.

Like the essay, paragraphs are supposed to follow a set pattern. Each time you introduce a key new point in your essay, you should begin a new paragraph to demonstrate to the reader how your argument is organized. There should be a signpost sentence in the first line of each paragraph that outlines the giver theme essay of the section.


The conclusion is the last element of your paper. However, it will be a single sentence in most cases, but it might carry on for two or three paragraphs in lengthier writings.

In conclusion for the giver essay, you may restate your primary ideas and perhaps reach a conclusion or judgment regarding the giver essay topics you’ve addressed throughout the paper. If the essay touches on many topics, the conclusion may make a case for future investigation.

Tips To Consider While Writing An Essay About The Giver

In fact, these essay writing guidelines will help you enhance your writing in general. These basic tips can help you write meaningful essays and research papers for your courses.

Read The Book Thoroughly

The reader must completely grasp the relevance of the story. Consequently, it’s important to read the phrase many times to acquire a feel for the way it’s constructed.

See how the author’s the giver book and movie comparison essay. It is possible to write an essay with the information you get.

Find A Compelling Topic

Once you’ve figured out the objective, you’ll need to perform some study on areas you’re interested in. Observe your own life. What do you find fascinating? These topics should be noted.

Then, take a look at all of your possibilities. Choose a topic you’ve previously researched if your purpose is to educate. If you want to convince, focus on something you care about. Your subject should be something you’re interested in, no matter what.

 Create The Outline

To create a good essay, you must arrange your ideas. Putting what’s already in your thoughts on paper helps you recognize connections and relationships between concepts. This framework supports the giver essay examples. Make an outline or a diagram to arrange your thoughts.

Write The Thesis Statement

After deciding on a subject and categorizing your thoughts, you must formulate a thesis. Your thesis has two components. The first section is the subject, and the second is the essay’s point.

Include A Lesson Or Moral

The moral message of The Giver is that humans should not be subjugated to the rule of an authoritarian government entity. Even though this future civilization has abolished hate, suffering, prejudice, and a variety of otherworldly afflictions, it has done so at a high price.

Conclusion: Proofread Your Work

You could assume your essay is finished after drafting your conclusion. Wrong. Pay attention to all the minor details before calling this a completed job. Finally, read over your work. Reread your work and make sure it makes sense.

Make sentences flow smoothly and include words to assist link concepts. Check for grammatical and spelling errors. If you’re still having trouble, we’re here to help. We’ll get everything done on schedule and to your specifications.


      i.        Why Was The Giver Banned?

Some parents want The Giver banned from schools because they feel it includes too much violence and harsh language for young readers, as well as being too pessimistic and sexualized.

    ii.        What Is The Theme Of The Giver?

The importance of memory to human existence is one of the book’s most important themes. Lowry was inspired to create The Giver after visiting her elderly father, who had lost much of his long-term memory.

   iii.        Who Is Fiona In The Giver?

She was chosen to be a Caretaker of the Elderly due to her compassionate and careful nature. She is the greatest friend of both Jonas and Asher, and she is always upbeat and willing to aid the elderly residents of the Home whenever possible. The major focus of Jonas’s Stirrings is her.

   iv.        What Is Sameness In The Giver?

It’s precisely what it sounds like to say “the sameness.” All things must be equal, and no one should be different from anybody else in The Giver, a novel. Problems arise when things aren’t exactly the same as they used to be.

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