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Original title Beowulf
Author Unknown

Epic Heroic Writing

Language West Saxon dialect of Old English
Characters Beowulf, Hrothgar, Wealhtheow, Hygelac, Hildeburh, Halga, Hrothulf, Grendel
Published 2007
ISBN 978-0-14-044434-5
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About Beowulf Book

Old English literature’s greatest accomplishment and the first European vernacular epic, Beowulf, is an epic poem of heroics. Some academics assume that the poem was composed in the 8th century, even though the year of its production is unknown.

Beowulf’s deeds and character serve as its central focus in the poem, even though it was initially unnamed in the original manuscript. No historical Beowulf has been found, although a number of persons, locations, and events mentioned in the poem have been located.

It wasn’t until 1815 that the poem appeared in print. The Beowulf manuscript, which is considered composed around the year 1000, includes the full poem.

Book Summary

Kings Shield Sheafson’s great-grandson, King Hrothgar, reigns in peace and prosperity in Denmark. He constructs Heorot, a large mead hall where his men might congregate to drink, get presents from their king, and listen to the tales performed by the bards.

Grendel, a horrible monster that resides in Hrothgar’s kingdom’s swamplands, is enraged by Heorot’s joyous sounds. Every night, he murders them and defeats their attempts to fight back.

Grendel terrorizes for many years, causing dread, death, and danger. However, Hrothgar’s situation is eventually discovered by Beowulf, a young Geatish warrior. After being inspired by the task, he goes to Denmark with a small party of warriors, intending to defeat Grendel.

Hrothgar, who had done a huge favor for Ecgtheow (father of Beowulf) in the past, accepts Beowulf’s invitation to battle Grendel and arranges a feast in his honor. Unferth, an envious Dane, criticizes Beowulf and accuses him of being undeserving of his renown at the feast. Beowulf reacts by bragging about some of his previous achievements.

The Danish soldiers are encouraged by his confidence, and the feast continues far into the evening. Grendel, on the other hand, shows up at long last. Beowulf battles him unarmed, demonstrating that he is more powerful than the scared monster.

He rips the monster’s arm off as Grendel tries to flee. Grendel returns to the marsh to die, mortally wounded. The severed arm is displayed high in the mead hall as a victory trophy. At a feast in Beowulf’s honor, Hrothgar lavishes him with presents and treasure.

Songs in honor of him are sung, and the party lasts until late at night. However, there is a new danger on the way. Grendel’s mother, who dwells in a barren lake, travels to Heorot to seek revenge.

Before slinking away, she kills Aeschere, the most loyal advisor of Hrothgar. To revenge the death of Aeschere, the company sets out towards the murky swamp, where Beowulf dives to fight Grendel’s mother in an underwater cave.

He murders her with a giant’s sword, then decapitates Grendel’s body and presents the head to Hrothgar as a gift. The dangerous beasts of the Danish countryside have been destroyed. Beowulf’s renown spreads across the realm, and the Danes rejoice once again.

After a tearful farewell to Hrothgar, who has treated him as if he were a son, Beowulf leaves. He travels to Geatland, where he and his soldiers are reunited with Hygelac and Hygd, their king and queen, to whom Beowulf relates his experiences in Denmark. He then gives most of his wealth to Hygelac, who rewards him.

Beowulf becomes king of the Geats following the death of Hygelac’s son in a fight against the Shyflings. Geatland prospers under his fifty-year-long prudent reign. Only in his later years, when Beowulf’s body begins to decline, someone steals the riches that the mighty dragon has been protecting.

When the dragon is enraged, he bursts out of the barrow and unleashes scorching destruction on the Geats. After realizing that his own life is threatened, Beowulf decides to take on the dragon. However, with Wiglaf’s help, he can bring down the beast.

Once they meet, the dragon bites on his neck, and its burning poison kills him instantly. Beowulf’s death left the Geats afraid that their foes would attack them. Following Beowulf’s instructions, the king’s corpse is burned and buried with an enormous fortune in a mound overlooking the sea according to his will.

Beowulf Quotes

Here are some notable quotations from the poem Beowulf. You’ll learn a lot more about the epic poem after reading them.

  •     “They said that he was, among all the world’s kings, the mildest of men, and the most kind in giving, the most gentle of men, and the most eager for fame.”
  •     “They sang of his valor, and his deeds of great strength, With all their power praising the hero—as it is fitting For a man with his words to praise his friendly lord.”
  •     “Then battle-brave Beowulf ordered that Hrunting Be brought to Unferth, for him to take back that sword, The beloved blade, and thanked him for that gift.”
  •     “That was a true trophy which the battle-brave Beowulf set down before them, under the hall-roof—the hand, arm, and shoulder, with Grendel’s claw, all connected together.”
  •     “And so he survived, the son of Ecgtheow, every one of the dangers of brutal battles, his tests of courage, till at last the day came when he would be forced to fight with the dragon.”

Essay Structure On Beowulf

Beowulf essays have been produced and presented by students for many years. When it comes to crafting a stellar piece of writing, finding the ideal subject is essential. Beowulf’s essay writing may be easier if you follow the outlined structure.


This paragraph should restate your main point. The epic poem and the author should be mentioned in the first paragraph of your paper.

comment on the works and then provide the thesis. Using the author’s unique framework and the epic’s typical tale narrative, your thesis statement should demonstrate the impact that was achieved.


Your introduction’s primary concepts should guide the development of these paragraphs. It’s important to include both factual facts and comments in the body paragraphs. Literature essays require both of these elements.

If you’re going to include quotations in your work, you should use the original words instead of paraphrasing them. Include them in your work. Use line numbers when quoting the epic poem. Provide page numbers in your citations of passages from the text whenever possible.

Ensure that paragraphs flow together smoothly. When writing a literary analysis paper, avoid writing in the first or second person.


This should consist of three to five phrases that “echo” the thesis but does not repeat it. Organize your thoughts into a single, brief statement at the end of the paragraph. The words “to sum up” or any other indicator should be avoided. A paper’s conclusion should leave readers with the impression that it has been well-written and thoughtfully analyzed throughout the whole piece.

Tips To Consider While Writing An Essay About Beowulf

Beowulf is a literary masterwork from the 6th century that literature scholars study. As a result, many students find it tough to choose appropriate Beowulf essay topics.

That’s why we’ve compiled the greatest Beowulf theme essay for you in this article, and we have some tips for you.

Read The Book Thoroughly

It would help if you fully comprehended the story’s significance. As a result, be sure to spend some time reading the line repeatedly to get a sense of how it’s laid up. The first step to selecting a strong and perfect subject for your Beowulf assignment is to have a solid grasp of the book itself.

Find A Compelling Topic

It’s significant to realize that there are many possible topics for a Beowulf essay so that you may produce the greatest work possible. The aim is to develop a topic that will grab your interest and keep you reading.

When you grasp your audience and the objective of the Beowulf hero essay, you will find the perfect Beowulf essay examples and title.

Create The Outline

Most students mistakenly believe that establishing a subject for a Beowulf essay before creating an outline is unnecessary. Your essay’s subject and outline must work together harmoniously to achieve your academic goals.

An outline consists of a Beowulf essay introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The body of your essay should provide supporting evidence for your thesis statement. Because of this, the subject you choose should be manageable and capable of providing you with good content or topics to write about.

As a final note, your Beowulf essay conclusion serves to reaffirm the thesis statement and prompt the audience with supporting evidence. When picking a subject, think about building an outline.

Write The Thesis Statement

When choosing a subject, you should think about how you will build a thesis statement. Your thesis statement occurs in the introduction and aids in communicating the major point of the paper.

Include A Lesson Or Moral

Beowulf’s message is that it’s better to die young with honor and integrity than grow old with cowardice and avoid your duties. Beowulf’s most essential lesson for us is that our greatest power comes from our minds rather than our weapons.

Not only does Beowulf have a sword, but his humility and regard for others and his ability to utilize his intellect make him a hero.

Conclusion: Proofread Your Work

Reread the paper many times to check that it is proper grammar and that the paragraphs flow logically. Make any necessary grammatical, spelling, and punctuation changes to your written content.

This poem might be used as a topic for a custom essay about literature. No matter what field you’re in or how short of a period you have, people with extensive knowledge are always happy to help. Every essay they write is unique and full of interesting ideas.


      i.        Who Is Wiglaf In Beowulf?

Young Geatish warrior Wiglaf follows Beowulf to the cave where the dragon is hiding, and he can defeat the monster with ease. Wiglaf is Beowulf’s only faithful thane or ruler after all of Beowulf’s other thanes had left him.

    ii.        Who Is Hrothgar In Beowulf?

They say that Hrothgar is a wonderful ruler, and it’s true. This kind, wise man not only creates the majestic hall of Heorot but also fosters love among the people who inhabit there. Even though he was once a renowned warrior, he can no longer protect his people against Grendel, and his sons are too young to assume control of the Danes.

   iii.        Where Does Beowulf Come From?

A hero from Geatland (modern-day Sweden) journeys to Denmark and fights man-eating monsters, then returns home to Sweden and faces and kills a fire-breathing dragon but dies.

   iv.        Where Does Beowulf Take Place?

The story of Beowulf is set in early sixth-century Scandinavia, largely in what is now Denmark and Sweden.

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