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How Jane Eyre Challenges the Patriarchal Depiction of Women?
...Pell, Nancy, “Resistance, Rebellion, and Marriage: The Economics of Jane Eyre” Vol. 31, No. 4 (Mar., 1977), pp. 397-420 [website] <
What do we learn about the character of Jane Eyre in the first ten chapters of the novel?
...In this novel Charlotte Bronte put across the point that women can be educated and do more for them than be housewives and rear children. That anyone can be something if they know they can and put their mind to it. Jane is a very strong character, as...
How Does Charlotte Bronte Present the First Encounter Between Jane and Mr Rochester in Chapter 12?
...Bronte’s introduction of Mr Rochester in chapter 12 is presented in a manner befitting his character: the mysterious entrance into Jane’s life is gothic; how Jane experiences this initial encounter is intensified by her vivid imagination, and the...