Tennessee Essay Topics

Football teams for the prison inmates

Starting in the early 1930’s, state penitentiary facilities began forming football teams for the inmates. Because many people of that time thought this was inappropriate, prison football teams did not become common until the 1970’s. They play a 16-game season in the fall and have a prison Super Bowl in December. Each facility has 3… View Article

How did World War II Affect Women on Tennessee

World War II saw the coming of commercialization and technology advancement in Tennessee. Aviation companies, dams and power plants were built to suffice the needs of the war. Because of such, it undeniably and consequently helped to increase the economy of the state making it one of the most promising Southern states during that time…. View Article

Greatest Place on Earth

I believe the Greatest Place on Earth is Greenville Tennessee. The time that me and my family spend there are magical. I call Greenville Tennessee the Greatest Place on Earth because of the times and the memories that has been spent and made there. The country roads are so peaceful and clean, the air is… View Article

Matilda: Want and Book

The story is about parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wormwoods who do not think there is anything special about their children, Michael and Matilda. Matilda’s brother is just like another normal boy, but Matilda is different. Even she is just four years and three months, she had a mind like a grown-ups. Poor her, her parents… View Article

Summary of “The Princess Paradox”

In “The Princess Paradox” James Poniewozik suggests that being a princess is much different now than it used to be. But many daughters will always want to be princesses, no matter how much the idea of “princess” has changed over the years. Poniewozik starts his article off by stating that people often try to keep… View Article