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The Effect of the Internet on the Newspaper Industry

Newspapers are now an example of traditional media outlets. Every document from the print out, to the fonts, to the arrangements and layouts evokes an old-fashionable visual image with the reader. However, this does not translate well to the web. While transitioning it is not enough to just cut and paste the whole content to a web platform page, the web developers, editors, and designer...

Essay on the Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the press should be a valued privilege and has to be safeguarded. It is a sacred right, which should be zealously promoted. Governments owe it to themselves to guarantee it from all arbitrary interference. Editors owe it to the public to maintain an honest and fearless attitude in favour of the people, against party or class interests. And the people owe it to their country to demand an...

Hamptonshire Express: Problems

In a differentiated firm when there is an added level, in this case a level to retail, the manufacturing and retailing parties do not share the same goals, therefore stocking and effort levels are not optimized. Supplier only wants to produce as much as retail will buy at the minimum effort level and retail only wants to buy as much as will make them an optimal profit, I because stocking excess wi...

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Organisation Study at Mathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Ltd

Print media in India and around the world has gone through dynamic changes through globalization. In this modern world he other type of medias like electronic media, internet, radios etc. are very popular and they catch the major part in this industry. But today print media has its own importance. Mathrubhumi is ranked second top ten newspapers in Kerala. They are also giving much importance to th...

Role of Media

An informed citizenry and an enlightened society cannot be brought about in the absence of a professional and public-interest media. As a multinational, multi-ethnic, multi-sectarian, multi-religious, multi-linguist state, Pakistan will remain confused if Pakistani media remains confused about its missionary objective of being a public-interest, ethical profession...

The Social Responsibility of Journalism

6. http://www.omnilogos.com/2011/06/28/theories-of-journalism/ 7. http://www.zimbio.com/Internet+Marketing+Product+Reviews/articles/SxisXtMK54F/Social+Media+Profits+UK 8. Journalistic Ethics: “Moral Responsibility in the Media” Dorian Smith, 2006, 125-134 pp. 9. Media Ethics at Work: “True Stories from Young Professionals”, Lee Anne Peck, 2010 69-74 pp. 10. Story behind a Nonfiction Novel,...

The mass media influence

So the mass media are important for the younger that they want to be the same the star or some thing when they think is good for them. If they were persuaded by vice maybe they will be scoundrel. Some of people are think it is unsuitable dressed. Although the younger want to be one that who are the modern of them. Some of people think it is suitable but the younger can not consider. The stars are ...

Secondary data

Sources of secondary data can be classified mainly into two categories- (i) Published sources and (ii) Unpublished sources. Published sources: The following sources are covered in the category of published sources. 1. Government Publication: There are numerous publications of Central and state governments in India which are published regularly or from time to time. Data relating to various aspects...

The History of Philippine Media

"The Philippines," 2002. Available from http://www.asiatravelinfo.com . "Philippines." Central Intelligence Agency. In The World Fact Book 2001. Available from http://www.cia.gov . "The Philippines." In The World Press Freedom Review, 2001. Available from http://www.freemedia.at . "Philippines annual report 2002." Reporters Without Borders. Available from http://www.rsf.org/article.php3?id_articl...

Bangladesh newspaper

Another advantage of newspaper is that it can be read any time of the day. Special interest to particular section like sports, political, fashion and style, international news, business or editorial may vary from man to man but most of peoples like political and leading news section. Leading news, columnist articles and editorial are most favorite section in Bangla newspaper. Online Bangla newspap...

Role of media in present society

Media is a source of information or communication. Media includes sources like print media and electronic media. Newspapers, magazines and any other form, which is written or printed, is included in print media and in electronic, media radio, television and Internet etc. are included. When there are so many channels and newspapers we cannot ignore its importance in the society. Media has lot of re...

Newspaper article

Most of the men who fought in Vietnam were in their late teens and early twenties—they were children, students, and boyfriends who had no perspective on how to rationalize killing or come to terms with their friends’ untimely deaths. From the beginning, O’Brien the author uses explicit details to illustrate what the experience was like for the scared men. Among the things the men carry are g...

Influential Person Anna Quindlen

These things, among others, are what set her apart from others, and she has something to show for her achievements. And so Anna Quindlen accomplished more emotionally than any other woman on Earth. She was the third woman to write a certain column for the New York Times, and a best-selling author at the same time. As a role model for women everywhere, Anna Quindlen went from being little Anna Mari...

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

In conclusion, I do not feel that any form of imagery is too bold to be printed in a newspaper, least of all a political cartoon of Jesus with TNT as a crown. As long as the readers do not take the picture for face value and can read deeper into the topic being presented, then there is no problem. As for offending people, they can just buy another newspaper if they don’t like...

A History of Journalism in the Philippines

The history of the Collegian is likewise replete with struggles against those who desired to shackle the freedom of writers: the fight against vague provisions on the selection of judges for the editorial exam; the battle to abolish the position of a faculty adviser who had to sign every page proof of the paper; and the endeavor to take care of its own coffers without the Administration holding it...

Does your environment shape you?

We're interested to see what's hot and what's not. Since everything in the media involves sex to attract our attention, a lot of us are very easily. I remember watching my favorite show (The Simpsons) when the commercial came on. A gorgeous young lady planting seeds that tears off the lab coat revealing her bikini suit. Next thing I see, a built, muscular man grows from the ground from the seeds ...

NY Times Paywall

For the exclusive use of K. LAO The New York Times Paywall 512-077 The Newspaper Industry The New York Times was not alone in feeling this pressure—the entire newspaper industry was facing significant challenges. Overall circulation in the industry for both weekday and weekend newspapers was declining (Exhibit 5). Traditional sources of newspaper revenues—subscription, retail, and classified a...

Essay: The Osage Orange Tree

The Osage Orange Tree by William Stafford is a well-organized story with parts of the story accumulating into an interesting ending. Since the point of view is from the boy's side, we can understand how he feels and feel the way he would really feel. The author put details and symbolisms in the scenery and people to give the readers a better picture in their heads. The theme of this story tells th...

Print Media Versus Electronic Media Relations

Because television and radio have become such a big part of everyday life in the United States, public relations people need to be aware of it and use it to the fullest potential. News on electronic media is a here and now type of media. News needs to be short and pointed to make sure that the viewer does not lose interest. Electronic media is the future so public relations people should be explor...

Newspapers and Books outdated?

In conclusion, books and newspapers have many deep hidden qualities that people cannot see from the surface, they provide us with essential information, they have a deep abiding history, they blur the lines between old and new media. Although it may seem as though technology is replacing newspaper and books, it is not necessarily true as newspapers and books are needed in society and they cannot b...

Letter In Your Local Newspaper

Things are different; some better and some worse - but not easier - the country offers less employment opportunity, taxation (both direct and indirect) is higher; all the costs grow incrementally year-on-year (without necessarily reflecting wages and income); and our politicians continue to spend what they do not have. The concept of 'Rule Britannia' is now hollow and national pride and heritage a...

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Just how did RAGRC succeed? Josiah Go, marketing guru and chairman of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc., points to market-driving strategies applied by the company. “Market-driving strategies define how a firm will embrace innovative changes in the industry logic and business system to grow its profit and industry’s demand from marginal and non-customers,” says Go. To do this, innovations may be i...

Reading Newspaper As A Habit

The only thing that can stop you from joining talks and discussion is if you are ignorant of what is happening around you. Reading newspapers will improve your knowledge in general and it will be easy for you to relate to other people who often talks about current events and politics. Of course, there are televisions and radios that also bring current news but it do not provide detailed informati...

Related Local and Foreign Literature

The decrease in adverting revenue for the industry increases the dependency of online news services on online advertising revenue which perpetuates the symbiotic relationship between the newspaper and advertising industries for audiences’ eyeballs in the era of the Internet. It is related to the study because online advertising is one way of attracting new customers and to spread advertisements ...

Write an Anniversary Event Proposal

* The exhibition will be established through the corridors, in order to create a festive atmosphere. * There will be a jury (formed by the two oldest teachers and two members of administration) to choose the winner. * The award will consist of the publication of the picture in the local newspaper to commemorate the 20th anniversary. On the closing day, there will be a traditional ceremony with a s...

Casey Heynes - Victim Story Newspaper Article

A Year 10 student at Chifley College, St Marys, Casey said he was being targeted by a new gang of Year Seven students last Monday when he was attacked by Ritchard Gale. Standing up against the wall with nowhere to move, Casey was punched repeatedly by Ritchard until he snapped - lifting the Year Seven bully over his shoulders and throwing him to the ground. The footage was captured by another stud...

USA Today Swot Analysis

The newspaper and printed media industry must take note of this and move towards the way of the future or will be doomed. These newer generations have not grown up with printed media the way that previous generations have and due to this the printed media industry is declining more every year. There is no longer a way to compete with digital media, which can offer news in real time, video, and aud...

The Importance of Reading Newspaper

Newspaper also provides us news of games and sports. Where, which play is going on, what’s the result of any game, which are the players all the questions’ answers we can know only by reading newspaper. Newspaper gives us information about climate. By this, we can be aware about coming danger. Newspaper highlights of various interests and views of important personalities and their deeds. It he...


Conclusion: Newspaper is an important object of modern civilization. It is most commonly accepted as a record of the current events.. The circulation of news paper has increased. It has become a mark of civilization. Newspapers are powerful means of communication. They are important medium of mass communication. They are good source of knowledge and information. They are found all over the world. ...

Newspaper and Print Media

· This medium may not always give you a wide reach. Internet, on the other hand, can target a global audience. · There is a limitation in terms of the kind of people who may actually read your message. The particular newspaper may not actually be accessible every time to your target group, which means, your message may be missed! The Internet on the other hand, can be accessed from anywhere. Thu...

Price Elasticity of Demand of Newspapers

As we can see from the above calculations that the demand for newspapers is price inelastic, we can conclude that decreasing the price of newspapers is not a good idea as it would lead to lower revenues. I recommend that the price of the newspaper should be increased to increase revenues. Although it might slightly decrease the number of quantity demanded, most customers won’t mind the increase ...

The Role and Influence of Mass Media

According to agenda setting theory, the media highlight a certain issue or certain part of the controversy to make the people put too much attention on the salient issues rather than to those issues that media considers as less important. Apparently, issues help to develop the perceptions of people toward reality. They provide typical categories which organized the knowledge of the mainstream and ...

Newspaper and Credibility

Internet sites that parallel their print counterparts, such as major newspapers and periodicals, invoke the same editorial processes as their print forms, but they constitute only a small portion of the information available over the Internet. More people are turning to the internet because it is more of a convenience factor in my opinion. I stumbled across a study conducted on the credibility of ...

Jack The Ripper: Serial Killer

Pages and pages were given over to reporting on the inquests into the deaths of the victims; local residents were interviewed at length; police officers were followed, and sometimes even bribed, as reporters endeavoured to secure that all too elusive exclusive that might help sell more newspapers. The press or media highly criticized the police and these criticisms were published in the newspaper....

Television and Mass Media

Such as business programs will teach the business skills to the audience to improve their own skills and get many different ideas from the TV program. Besides, television is a good mass media to help in the relationship with family. After dinner, all family members will sit in front of television, watching and chatting together. In conclusion, after looking the mass media have great influence in s...

Advertorials Case Study

Daytime programs featuring light talk designed to draw in mainly a female audience, often use advertorial segments which feature presentations of products, services, and packages by businesses. A representative of a business will have a discussion with a regular host, along with perhaps making a special offer for viewers. These segments are designed to give a business a detailed presentation of th...

Reaction Time

The observer then set the machine to real test, choice reaction test and selected all the frequencies. This time there was no hand signal given to the participant by the observer but they were told to be ready as soon as they heard the sound the experiment had begun. At the end of the experiment a hand signal was given by the observer to the participant to let them know the task was over. The stim...

Manipulative Media

Allison, Annie and Gary Cross. Millennial Monsters. California: University of California Press, 2006 Anderson, C. Leigh and Janet Looney. Making Progress. Lexington Books: Maryland, 2002 Davies, Maire. ‘Dear BBC’ Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001 Gabbard, David and Wayne Ross. Defending Public Schools: Education Under The Security State Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Inc. , 2004 ...

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