Many users nowadays are uncovered to digital media

Many users nowadays are uncovered to digital media to the least as print. The growing popularity of tablets, smartphones, and wireless networks connect them, causing more to use digital devices to view the media. Of course, more users will perceive commercials on digital devices. According to J. Clement (2019), "over 4.33 billion people were active internet users as of July 2019, encompassing 56 percent of the global population." Digital media can be associated in various different ways. Promotions on social media from agents allows them to communicate with consumers faster and more efficient through live chats, instant messaging, comments, "tweeting", and even toll-free calls.

Digital advertisements give retailers/ marketers relatively more control over who sees them than printed ads which would be easier to target users through demographics.

Most digital ads could generate customer information, offering insights on who is viewing them. Like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, they offer analysis on what's trending and gives great referrals created by advertisements. "Print is dead!" "The printed book will disappear.

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" "People do not read." Surveys continue to show a decline in print newspaper readership, and many newspapers in North America and Europe have ceased publication entirely or shifted to online-only editions because of a decline in advertising revenues (Franklin, 2008). This does not mean that print media is dying out.

Offering a more physical and concrete medium to consumers, it is what people take for. Making it more professional and convenient for people to interact with others rather than texting or emailing. It also has a confined presence that's much harder to achieve with digital media.

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Banners and signs generate attention and assist customers to physically contact the company. Not to mention that flyers, posters, and other print media can be allocated within the community to help publicize and set consumers to the company. There are a number of consumers still lurking into the print media such as newspapers and magazines.

The materials in print newspapers and print newsmagazines might also explain the flexibility of these media, as Carolyn Kitch (2009) described in her article "The Afterlife of Print": "Left behind in the information race by rapid, electronic news-delivery vehicles, newspapers and magazines today increasingly capitalize on their very weakness: their material substance and the permanence of their content" (p. 340). According to Kitch (2009), the copies of the special issues of newspapers and magazines covering major events like wars, major terrorist attack, earthquakes or presidential elections become material artifacts that people buy and keep as a memory-enhancing identity and integrative moments of their community.

Which one is best - print or digital? It is indeed a perplexed and uncertain question to answer, but there is definitely a right answer to that - both. After all, Marshall McLuhan (1967) mentioned that "the medium is the message." Respectively, every medium has unique advantages. Both mediums result in value and organization change. Nowadays, there are traditional media companies that merge with Internet/ telecommunications company. Take Comcast with NBC Universal as an example.

A good campaign should consolidate both print and digital media. Best campaigns make use of the right conjunction of media, depending on market size and its capacity, demographic targets, services and products provided, consideration of budget, and others. We could create the best and most innovative advertisements and deliver it in the most effective media channel, whether print, digital media, or combination of both. The major goal is not to decide which one is best. The best is that it results in success and satisfying to both producers and consumers.


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Updated: May 19, 2021
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