Transportation Nowadays

Nowadays public transportation is the question of vital importance for dwellers of big cities as well as for habitants of small towns. People face serious problems of traveling around the city using public transportation. At the same time, people who own cars also suffer from poor roads and endless car accidents. Should government care more about public facilities of buses and trains and subways or invest more money on fixing roads? Below I would like to point out two sides of this complex question.

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First of all, I consider the fair point to spend more money on improving public transportation. There are a lot of people with disabilities suffering from unavailability to travel simply because there is no facilities and possibility to move around with a wheel chair. Public buses and trains and also subways do not provide special seats and entry. For young parents it is almost impossible to travel around the city with the stroller.

In my city for example, it is very rare when subway has the special steps for stroller. I think government should take into great consideration such obstacles and improve adequately the conditions of trains, metro and buses. At the same time, people have to think about road system and how to make them suitable for people with disabilities and children. There is a well-known fact that roads, for instance in my city, right now are not so broad. In fact in some districts there is no pass for pedestrians.

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That is why Government has to consider the solutions for improving road system not only for regular people , but also for kids, people with disabilities ,young parents. Besides better public transportation gives people opportunity to use bus instead of car. This will significantly reduce level of air pollution.

On the other hand, it is essential to care about road system. It has been reported every day from various resources about numerous car accidents appear due to the bad roads, halls and poor lighting system. From this point Government has to review current situation on the roads and make some changes. Moreover, it is extremely important for a city to make good performance of its highway. In today’s world full of competitors and tourist business, there is a need for each city to be on the high level on the Global arena. This will help Government to attract more new comers to the city for sightseeing and build better performance of the city among people from other countries.

To sum up, I think that both issues have to be considered as questions of great importance. We all have to keep our cities in good shape so we can be proud of it. Also it is significant to provide facilities for people with disabilities. Nevertheless Government has e to prevent population from smoke and polluted air, so next generation will be more healthier that the previous one.

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