Nowadays, People Live Longer Than Ever Before, What Problems Does This Present

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In most of the industrialized nations, lots of policies have been carried out to cope with the aging population. In the past, the majority of people retired at the age of fifty. Nowadays, people enjoy retirements just after 3 scores. The aging population is usually more widespread in the industrialized countries than in the developing countries. This might boil down to the better quality of life in the first-world nations nowadays. However, the greying population can in reality hinder the financial progress and social improvement of a country.

The longer life-span of the population has triggered some inevitable issues to the financial development of a nation. Incontrovertibly, the majority of the silver generation lose their edge in regards to the health condition and the working capability. Whilst tax is being increased to improve the well-being of the aged, the workforce which comprises the octogenarians is losing competitiveness and capability. In order to surmount the previously mentioned obstacles, brand-new blood needs to be injected into the workforce from time to time so that the engine to enhance the economy can be driven continually.

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Healthy population growth contributes to the talent swimming pool and the customer market of a country. The federal government is promoting population growth by carrying out lots of pro-family schemes such as “Have 3 or More” and drawing in foreign skills to support the aging population.? In addition, the senior are considered problems to the federal government nowadays. Growing number of elderly people indicates increasing need for geriatric care such as the features, health care and social services.

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More funds and manpower thus have actually to be channelled to the advancement of such infrastructure. This may in turn hamper the growth of the industrial and commercial sectors. To maintain the national development while ensuring sufficient care to the aged, the “Many Helping Hands” approach is introduced whereby the individual, family and community share the responsibility of taking care of the senior citizens. This reduces the reliance on the taxes and alleviates the government’s burden. Thus, the resources saved can be used to develop other sectors and minimize the impact of the ageing population. ?Moreover, sometimes, the older people can bring troubles to their families. Admittedly, the aged require more medical attention and are prone to illness. Their family members thus have to afford the high medical cost and look after them painstakingly. Should the elderly suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, the family may suffer physically, financially and mentally. Hence, it is integral for everyone to maintain physical and mental health so as to ensure an enjoyable and self-reliant retirement. The individual plays a major role in leading healthy lifestyle by adopting balanced diet, exercising regularly and abstaining from smoking and booze. It is a personal responsibility to plan early and be financially prepared for one’s old age. ?All in all, the ageing population is a challenge to the economy, the government and the society. Albeit the silver population may be less able to contribute to the national development, their well-being must still be well taken care of. The high level of development enjoyed nowadays is attributed to the effort of the older generation in the past. In the case of the crows, they feed their parents once they have grown up. Are we, the most intelligent beings, no better than the crows?

Old People Nowadays

An old person does not have the physical ability of a young person. Walking may be worth the effort. Crossing a road can be impossible without assistance. This busy world is certainly not kind to old folks. Crossing a road is just one problem they encounter, getting onto a bus is another. The old person is usually the last to get on, if he manages. I have heard a story about a bus conductor telling an old man to wait for the next bus because his bus was full. If the old man does get on, the likelihood is that he will have to stand, and this not good for his old bones.

Rarely does anyone give up his seat for an old man, or woman. Modern society is built by the young for the young. These are dynamic creations that does not give much consideration to the old, sick, handicapped or incapable. They are merely tolerated as a very big liability or nuisance. So these hardly wanted people face many problems in their everyday living. In the old days, most people did not go too far from their birthplace and thus families usually stayed together. The family unit is strong and practical.

Today the family unit is breaking apart as young men and women travel widely in search of better jobs. So the chances are that the old folks will be left alone and neglected. Sometimes they are not wanted by their children at all. The luckier ones may have a child or two staying with them. The less fortunate ones may have to pine their lives away in old folks home or in their now empty house that once was filled with the sound of children’s laughter. This neglect is a very real problem in our society and it is what the old dread most – being unwanted and uncared for in the time of need.

The old, who were once young, helped to make the present society, and now they pay the price of their former neglect of the old. They themselves are neglected and unappreciated in turn. The young have no time for the old even though the old have virtually no time left. Soon they will die and the young will take their place. To solve this problem we must understand that the responsibility for these elderly people is just for us, their children. And for this purpose it’s important to form in the younger generation the consciousness of the value of family, a sense of deep respect, reverence to parents.

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Nowadays, People Live Longer Than Ever Before, What Problems Does This Present

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