It Is Much Better to Die with Dignity Than to Live with Pain

I believe to die with dignity is better than to live with pain, because of euthanasia, seppuku, and organ donation. Euthanasia is from the Greek word which means "good death". It refers to end someone's life without pain and agony. Seppuku is a form of Japanese convention suicide of honour, it is a way of dying with dignity. Organ donation is after the death of terminally ill people to donate their organs to those in need. To begin with euthanasia, euthanasia is a different way of die with dignity.

In present-day society, it is considered by a vast majority of the population "right" when it serves human dignity, or a larger cause. ("Euthanasia Essay - Right to Die With Dignity",n. d. ). Euthanasia is responsible for the patient, family responsibility, socially responsible, sensible, rather than immoral. For example, people with senile dementia can't do anything. Even how they feel brings too much pressure to their family. Life like this, they can't feel any happiness.

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Why can't choose die with dignity?

Secondly, it's a prize of death which literally means" stomach cutting"is a particularly painful method of self-destruction, and prior to the emergence of the samurai as a professional warrior class, was totally foreign to the Japanese( "Seppuku - Ritual",n. d. ). To the samurai, seppuku is not only a way to die, it stands for honour, courage, loyalty, and moral character. This is a way to die with dignity, although they were defeated. They don't want to live with humiliation, so they rather prefer to die.

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Living in society is not just sleeping,eating,playing. This kind of thing, is a way to give expression to personal value.

Further more, organ donation is very sacred way for a person to die. If they live with only pain and there is no way to save them, why they can't choose medically assisted dying? Increasing number of people choose donate their organs after their death in present-day society. This is a helpful way for others who needed it. To some of people who accept donaor's organs they can survive. According to the U. S. government, 77 people receive transplanted organs each day. That's the good news. The bad news is that 19 people in the United States die each day waiting for an organ that never becomes available.

Trisha(2011) Organ donation is not only an end of life decision, it can be used to help someone else live longer. On the other hand, organ donation isn't legal in some of any other countries. There are some poor people or people who need money, they like to donate there blood, kidney, liver to hospital, then they can get substantial revenues. This is not good for people's health, they can't for money to organ donation. Organ donation is only for people who will be die, people should respect organs, rather than to make money then they only have to donate their organs.

For government, they should control it in a better way. In conclusion, one person if he can't do the best then choose seppuku, it not reflect he has failure. It is a other way to die with honor. One person if he rather chooses to be medically assisted dying in order to help others. Stand on a good chance, his death can rescue any other patients. One person if he live with only pain, why he can't choose die with dignity? Life is only left pain, death for them is a better way. Death is not to end of someone's life, it's better to die with dignity rather than live with pain.

Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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