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According to Jackson-Cherry & Erford (2017), assessment of suicide risk should uncover not only risk factors, but also the individual’s protective factors. Research supports the concept on the importance of identifying protective factors that exist, are missing or lacking, as it allows youth, families, and professionals to attain a more comprehensive understanding about the person at risk and provides new opportunities for intervention and change (Jakobsen, Larsen, & Horwood, 2017).

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Important Protective Factors

Discovering protective factors also enhance the goal of intervention in finding the student’s motivation to live. Based on the questions of the C-SSRS instrument, it is evident that one of the limitations of the C-SSRS is that it does not assess protective factors, which counselors need in their search for that window of hope, the search for motivation for change and in search for a student’s desire to live. Thus, implementing techniques of the CASE approach would enhance the use of the C-SSRS and make the risk assessment process more comprehensive in nature.

As mentioned earlier on this report, the CASE approach pays particular attention to the immediate features of the person’s suicidal risk, the conditions just prior to the psychiatric emergency and the influences prior to 6 to 8 weeks of buildup (Jackson-Cherry & Erford, 2017). It concludes with questions about the “now” of suicidal feelings and impending days ahead.

Suicide Risk Assessment

Selecting and administering the C-SSRS while implementing the interviewing techniques of the CASE approach help validate the processes of interpreting/scoring and reporting the findings of the suicide risk assessment. The interviewing techniques, more specifically the shame attenuation and normalizing approach, helps to break down the barrier of the stigma on mental health, which may keep the student from speaking honestly about suicidal thoughts. The techniques help to build rapport with the adolescent student who might already be concerned with being judged or perceived as weird.

FAQ about Suicide

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