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Should assisted suicide be legal?

Categories Assisted Suicide, Death, Human, Human rights, Society, Suicide

Essay, Pages 4 (919 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (919 words)

Section: Research Topic Should assisted suicide be legal?

Thesis This essay will argue that assisting suicide and euthanasia should not be legalized as it is a legal way of murder in order to give people hope to find a reason to live and provide a chance for the patients to cure.

Legal way of murdering

Idea 1 Synonymous with murder Sources

Idea 2 Identical motives

Idea 1:  KILLING and letting die are frequently taken to differ in that they respectively involve doing something to cause death.

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(Green, 1980)

Idea 2: Poggiali is believed to have killed her patients simply because they irritated her. She had also allegedly given them laxatives, which made them incontinent, and even had photographs taken of herself next to the corpse of one of her patients on her smartphone, which she posted online. (Farrell, 2019)

Idea 3: the right to life” in a relatively narrow way, so that it refers to “the right not to be killed” and “the right to be rescued from impending death.

(Feinberg, 1978)

Idea 3 Right to life SUPPORT

Assisted Suicide and hope

Idea 1 Faith & Religion Sources

Idea 2 Society & Social support

Idea 1: Studies consistently report a protective relationship between religious service attendance and suicide risk (Table 4), but few of these studies adjusted for social support as a potential confounder. (Service attendance might create opportunities for social support, which might reduce suicide risk factors.) (Ryan, Lawrence, Maria, Oquendo & Stanley, 2016)

Idea 2: this is an ecological, cross-sectional study and the possibility of confounding is substantial.

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Past research into geographical variations in suicide rates has shown strong associations with area socioeconomic characteristics, which in turn are likely to be related to an area’s natural environments( Gunnell & Chang, 2018)

Idea 3: Higher levels of family cohesion and family support have been shown to be associated with lower levels of suicidal ideation among African American college students.(Compton, Thompson & Kaslow, 2005)

Idea 3 Love & Family SUPPORT Section 3 provide a chance for the patients to cureIdea 1 prescription medications Sources

Idea 2 psychotherapy

Idea 1: pharmacists can contribute to optimizing the use of medications for mental illness in the community setting. However, more well designed studies are needed to assess the impact of pharmacists as members of community mental health teams and as providers of comprehensive medicines information to people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. (Bell et al.,2005)

Idea 2: Mental disorders are complex and affect many areas of life. If a therapy itself a multifactorial, complex process focuses on one area of life and successfully changes it, then it may in turn change the other areas that are affected by the disorder. (Cuijpers, Reijnders & Marcus, 2018)

Idea 3: This paper reviews the evidence for this claim and provides recommendations for future studies. The strongest evidence suggests that physical activity and exercise probably alleviate some symptoms associated with mild to moderate depression. (Taylor, Sallis & Needle, 1985)

Idea 3 Physical health COUNTERARGUMENTS Legalizing assisted suicide

Idea 1 The Right to die Sources

Rebuttal we don’t want anyone to decide whether to die or to live, only God can and has the power to do the most beneficial for us. but if we arguing regarding humans rights we should comprehend that the right is to pursue life and happiness.

Counter-argument 1: the Old nor the New Testament prohibits suicide. The notion of suicide as a crime was not introduced until late in Christian doctrine, and then only as a response to the temptation that martyrdom held for the early Christians. (Timothy et al.,1996)

Counter-argument 2: the government will undoubtedly play a larger role in America’s health care industry, which means that any money saved by allowing geezers to choose euthanasia frees up more health care dollars for the needy. (Sprague, 2009)

Idea 2 Financial Motivations Rebuttal if we approving euthanasia in order to help the economy we should not forget that there is a lot of people with Incurable illness and having life insurance for health care so if we decide to end their life we should pay for it.


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