Teaching Is No Longer Noble Profession

Since time immemorial, knowledge has been passed on from generation through education. Today is no different and a burning issue on the minds of many is the accountability and nobility of facilitators. Given that students around the nation are made to sit for exams to gauge the breadth and depth of their knowledge, teachers have been placed under microscope to ensure that that they are able to enhance student’s performance in examination. Teachers may feel overwhelmed and jaded when society foists upon their lofty expectations.

Others believe that there is no correlation between their work ethic and salary only show up to work only to clock in and out so that they still would be able to receive salary. The incompetence of teachers and their unprofessional conduct along with student’s horror stories has tarnished the image of teaching being a noble profession. Every student who attends school should be rewarded with a fruitful learning experience under the tutelage of these types of teachers.

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Sadly, this is far from reality as most of the teachers employed in school do not have depth knowledge of the subjects that they are teaching and lack of ineffective teaching skills. Besides that, teacher’s lack in mastery their own subjects sometimes lead them to teach students irrelevant, incorrect and out dated information. An example of transmission of ignorance would be when teachers say, “co-curricular activities” instead of “extracurricular activities”. Next, in certain situation where teachers are under prepared, students will be treated to a rousing time of storytelling about matters that unrelated to the lesson such as their past weekend or family activities.

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Moreover, it is common to see students yawning or falling asleep in the back row of a class that is conducted by teacher hat have no attempt in injecting life into class. This is because some teachers has taken the easy way out in preparing the lessons. In severe cases, teachers deal a heavier blow when their irresponsibility leads to confusion and misunderstanding over the subject. To be noble means to process high ideals so teachers who are lax in their knowledge and teaching are cases in point against the cliché that teaching is a noble thing to work for living.

Students who arrive at school expecting to get a learning experience as depicted in the movies are in rude awakening. Some of teachers have difficulties in conducting the class, namely through their deficient communication and motivation skills. Owing to the teachers’ weak language proficiency and ineffective body language, teachers are not able to execute their lesson successfully. On top of that, teachers reveal their unmotivational nature as they display their arrogance and aggressiveness along with their bias and prejudice. This is because, in their eyes, socializing and interacting closely with students erodes their elevated status as a teacher. This attitude of teachers is so unacceptable as it will leave students feeling threatened, insecure and fearful ad teachers will over used the punishments. Other than that, teachers also in the wrong way when they practice double standards, racism, and prejudice in their class. After all, should students be held responsible if an aspect of the curriculum was never delivered to them? Aren’t the students the one who bear the brunt when the teacher manages the classroom in such a manner where a beneficial learning experience cannot be derived from it? When many students are raising the red flag over their teacher’s conduct, a retooling of the education system should be in the works so that teacher will once again become commonplace in schools. A noble teacher is one who possesses high ideals or moral character. The educational scene can be steered in the right direction when teachers start to pull their socks up by using excellent teaching methods and being authorities in their subjects while maintaining their professionalism.

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