Buddhism 4 Noble Truths

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The Four Noble Truths is very important teachings that Buddha made about 2,500 years ago. He made the Four Noble Truth’s to try to overcome self-centeredness and to potentially end all suffering.

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This paper will support Buddha’s ideas that all dissatisfaction from human beings comes from being greedy, possessive and selfish. Most people argue that some premises aren’t true in the Four Noble Truths because some believe you cannot change your ways of self-centeredness if you’ve been living that way for years.

In reality everyone can change their ways and attitude for the greater good. If someone was to follow the Eightfold Path, meditate, and follow the ideas of Buddhism, they will absolutely be a better person with more understanding of your inter-self. Another main objection to Buddha’s basic teachings is that people suffer all the time due to pure coincidence and absolutely not from being selfish. This paper will thoroughly explain why being self-centered can directly causes you to suffer and overcoming this can end all suffering.

The conclusion of the Four Noble Truths says you can root out egocentrism by following the eightfold path of behavior and thought which has helped thousands of people in the world to this day. Buddha made the Fourth Nobles Truths, Eightfold Path, and the law of karma An argument must be true to be a sound argument. The definition of true is “the property of being accord with fact or reality”. This means that each premise must be a fact or must hold true in reality which all of the premises are true in The Four Noble Truths.

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Validity means well grounded or justifiable: being at once relevant and meaningful.

In order for an argument to be valid the conclusion must be relevant and justified by the premises. The Four Noble Truths written by Buddha is a valid argument because all premises are true, the argument is reasonable and the premises lead to the conclusion. Suffering is rooted to self-centeredness. All self-centeredness can be overcome. We can all end suffering. The Four Noble Truths is sound, because all premises are true, and valid because the conclusion is reasonable and directly correlates to the first three premises. A sound argument must be logical and backed up by facts or experts.

The only way an argument can be sound is if all premises are true. Nothing Buddha said in this argument was false, because everyone has suffered, and suffering can be overcome with the right mentality. “ This rooting out, vanquishing can be brought about by a following simple, reasonable Eightfold Path of behavior…” The Eightfold Path can root out selfishness, and lead people to better lives, because I am following the Eightfold Path and it has given me a whole new outlook on life, and has made me a happier and more peaceful.

The first premise to The Four Nobles Truths is “No one can deny that suffering is the condition of all existence. ” It remains true that all human beings have suffered mentally or physically sometime throughout their life. No matter how perfect ones life is going there will be a time where things are not going how you wanted them to and getting any feelings of distress, frustration, anger, or depression, are all components of suffering. This premise still holds true that each and every person has endured suffering or will.

The second premise is “Suffering and general dissatisfaction come to human beings because they are possessive, greedy, and above all, self- centered. ” This means that when a person feels they are suffering, it is due to their own selfishness and greed. One must change their outlook on life and realize it is not all about them, there’s much more to this world than their own life. Many people would argue that this premise is false because people suffer due to other things than greed and self-centeredness.

When you are getting upset or bored, it is you that is upset, and the more self-conscious you are, the more you will suffer. You can learn how to deal with bad situations without suffering at all you just have to understand that it was meant to happen and it’s just the way of the world. The third premise in The Four Noble Truths is “Egocentrism, possessiveness, and greed can, however, be understood, overcome, and rooted out. ” This premise is absolutely true because anyone can change their state of mind and attitude towards life.

Things that would help root out greed might be finding a religion, meditating or joining the Peace Core to root out greed because you get an idea of what other people have to live through who aren’t as fortunate. Many people from the states would be surprised how happy and polite people are that live off practically nothing. The last premise is “This rooting out, this vanquishing, can be brought by following a simple reasonable Eightfold Path of behavior in thought, word, and deed. Change of viewpoint will manifest itself in a new outlook and new patterns of behavior. Buddha is saying that anyone who is willing to try the Eightfold Path will have a new outlook on life and will root out suffering with the right understanding of life.

The last premise is true because many people (mostly in the eastern hemisphere) who practice the Eightfold Path have completely rooted out greed and possessiveness from their lives and it has vanquished suffering. I am following the Eightfold Path and it has given me a whole new outlook on life, and it has made me a happier and more peaceful. The Eightfold Path consists of “1. Right understanding 2. Right purpose 3. Right speech 4. Right conduct 5. Right livelihood 6. Right effort 7. Right mindfulness 8. Right meditation”. By following these steps you can become such a better person to yourself and others by understanding and using these 8 steps, along with the Four Noble Truths, and the law of karma. There are two objections to the premises of The Four Noble Truths, but both premises are still true. Premise one is “ No one can deny that suffering is the condition of all existence. ” One objection to this is a deranged person can deny that suffering is the condition of all existence, which in his mind might be true, but is not in our universe.

Buddha should have changed premise one to “ Suffering is the condition of all existence. ” Premise three also has an objection. “This rooting out, this vanquishing, can be brought by following a simple reasonable Eightfold Path of behavior in thought, word, and deed. Change of viewpoint will manifest itself in a new outlook and new patterns of behavior. ” The objection to the premise is that there is other ways to end suffering other than the Eightfold Path like different religions such as Hinduism, Muslim or any other religion that might change your ways of thinking, and living.

There’s other ways to end suffering other than religion, such as spiritual journeys, or journeys to different countries to see how unfortunate the living conditions are in third world countries. The conclusion is still true because Buddha says that the Eightfold Path can root out self-centeredness but he does not say it is the only way to root out self-centeredness. By doing the paper on The Four Noble Truths I have learned so much about Buddhism and the Four Noble Truths, and I will never be the same ignorant greedy person I was before I completed this project.

The Four Noble Truths is a great argument and can really help anyone in some way. The reason I have chose The Four Noble Truths is because I love Buddhism, and it’s such a bold argument that all human beings can end suffering because everyone in the world wants to. The Four Noble Truths was written by Buddha around 500 B. C. E. and to this day Buddhism is one of the most powerful religious practices we know. Everyone wants to know how to be happy, and how to avoid bad things happening to him or her. There’s no force that can stop bad things from happening to you but you can control your happiness and distress by following the Eightfold Path.

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Buddhism 4 Noble Truths

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