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Peter Stark’s article As Freezing Persons Recollect The Snow—First Chill—Then Stupor—Then The Letting go: the cold hard facts of freezing to death talks and explains what happens to the human body when a person is freezing to death but it also gives an enjoyable story for the reader. The character in this story is in his way to a friend’s house for dinner and night cross country ski when his jeep slides off the road and gets stuck in a snow bank.

Stark made it clear that his character was not panicked at first but just simply worried about missing the dinner with his friends. Not wanting to miss his plans the character puts his skis on, looks at the map, and heads to the cabin on top of the hill. While this story is unfolding Stark includes scientific data about the lowest core temperature a human can have before perishing.

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The character wants to save time by going up the steep hill instead of following the road that has many switch backs this is when everything starts to go wrong.

The character goes for about an hour with no sign of the road, while assessing the map he hears a metallic pop and a piece of his binding has popped out. The character is trying to find the piece of his binding and while he does this his body temperature begins to lower after finding the piece his core temperature has lowered a substantial amount.

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The character has now started to panic and decides to go back to the jeep and its warmth on his way down he falls and lands pretty hard and he is feeling very tired so decides to rest. The rest of the story goes on with him losing and gaining conciseness but his body is too weak to get up and move on and more data about core temperatures and hypothermia. The friends find the character in the snow half naked but he isn’t dead he has a faint heart beat so they take him to the hospital and the doctor brings up his core temperature. The character survives. Stark, Peter.“As Freezing Persons Recollect The Snow—First Chill—Then Stupor—Then The Letting go: the cold hard facts of freezing to death”. Outside magazine. Outside online. January 1997.web 26.aug. 2010

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