The Advantages of Watching Television over Reading Books

The advantages of reading – books, magazines, journals or any reading materials – have always been heralded in many studies. A lot of academicians, for one, are advocating the early training of children to read books in an effort to increase their knowledge. In the advent of modern technology, however, more and more people turn to electronic media as a means of increasing their know-how and in communicating with others. Gone are the days when one has only the snail mail as a means of communicating with somebody.

The power of the internet makes it possible for everyone to access information they need in an instant. Television, in itself, has become the best friend for many people who have no more time to read books and newspaper. It is no wonder that watching news on television has become more popular than reading books – a fact that has dismayed many of those who still believe that reading is the best way to stimulate one’s mind.

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Although this paper does not hope to debunk the accepted belief that reading books is indeed beneficial in the development of brain cells, it would like to highlight the many facts why television has become an accepted medium in transferring knowledge. However, let us put everything within a certain context. This paper shall be discussing the modern world where everybody is busy to do and finish his own thing. With technology running people’s life, it is all the more difficult to maintain a normally relaxed pace of life.

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People are always on the go.

They have no more time to eat proper breakfast, much less read the morning papers. Instead of reading books, children are more prone to watching Barney’s on TV simply because it is more colorful and alive. It is within this setting – the modern world setting – that this paper shall discuss the advantages of television-watching. First of all, the reason why many people – children included – prefer watching television than, say, reading a book, is because television can present clearer and direct information of the spatial and temporal events.

When people read the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers, every detail was basically imagined on the part of the reader. On the other hand, if he was watching the news on television, his senses of sight and hearing would have been satisfied. Watching the event unfold before his very eyes, it seemed like he was part of the event. He was there and he was not a mere spectator. Television has a way of transporting its audience to the site of an event. This makes television a more potent source of information. Second, Television can give deep impressions on learners. Third,

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The Advantages of Watching Television over Reading Books
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