Reading Books Is Better Than Watching TV

Books had existed on this planet thousands of years before TV was. They are both valuable and have their own advantage. However, people tend to favor books more. Books are always the number one choice for learning and researching, especially if you are studying a subject. Even though it takes time and a lot of effort to read and research a particular topic. Books are the original databases that are always trustworthy. Even advanced computer databases such as Wikipedia do not have all the required information you needed, but if they did they can sometime be false info.

Furthermore, if you have a book, you could read it and re-read it all over again until you fully understand the book. However, advanced technology such as the televisions do not enabled you to do such things. Secondly, books are compact and you can take them anywhere you go. Reading books on transport is a good way to use up time and to relax.

Scientist had found out that reading books actually help you to reduce stress and you will learn faster. Reading books actually does a better job than computer games when it comes to relaxing our minds. With the appearance of e-book nowadays, the advantages of book are expanding further.

Nothing is more convenience than carrying hundreds of book in a portable tablet. Reading books is good, but televisions are making it easier for us to gather information by hearing. Nowadays, there is no need to read the newspapers since it takes a lot efforts and time.

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Instead of reading the whole newspaper, which could take a whole day, watching TV only takes half an hour. Same information, but quicker. In conclusion, reading book is better than watching TV because it can help you remember information longer. On the other hand, watching TV helps us to gather information faster than reading a book.

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Reading Books Is Better Than Watching TV
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