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Ebook Vs Paper Compare N Contrast Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1072 words)
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Reading has become one of the important elements in our life. We have been exposed to the books and learn how to read since we were still children. Couples of books innovations have been created since the past couple years. It started out with paper books or what we can call it as ‘traditional books’ and as the wave of publishing changes, we have the ‘modern books’ or known as virtual books that we can just keep it in our pocket, portable and flexible.

However, some prefer the traditional books because it gave them the excitement of reading a book and some are just not. They just prefer the modern one. There are several e-readers that we can obtain these days which includes kindle, nook and iPad. So, as a reader which one is worth to buy? E-books (the modern ones) or just a mere paper books (the traditional ones)? In terms of flexibility, e-books seems to have more advantages compared to paper books.

This is because e-books are created eco-friendly and they do not involve any natural resources which includes trees. As we all know, the main resource of papers come from chunks of tree that are processed into paper pulp which then create the paper that we used these days. It would take about 24 trees in order to make a ton of uncoated non-recycle printing and office paper (Susan Kinsella).

So, basically if we want to produce more papers, we need to cut more trees which may result to global warming since trees play important roles in providing oxygen to the human being, as well as the source of natural ventilation to the eco system. Besides that, e-books are also affordable and cheaper than paper books. Some of the e-books that are published in e-readers website, offered free e-books for certain authors and they are also offering affordable price for famous books. It is cheaper to create something virtual instead of investing money over papers, cover page and printing expenses (Books Avenue). By buying e-books, customers usually get half of the price from the printed version especially when the expenses over shipping, printing and other costs are cut off. In addition, by having e-books, we can format the fonts and styles according to our preferences. On paper books, their fonts and styles have been set and sometimes their fonts are too small to read especially by the older generation who mostly faced the problem of having bad eyesight.

According to Prevent Blindness America, one of the main lead to bad eye sights is age factors. So, by reading e-books on iPad for instance, older generations could read the book comfortably without any disturbance because they have bigger fonts and better styles. Thus, it is indeed that e-books are much more flexible than paper books. When travelling, it is more convenient to use e-book. Travelers do not have to worry about extra space or heavy luggage with e-book but paper book, it consume spaces and may give extra weight for the luggage. E-book users can put in storage thousands of books on a single device (McMaken, 2012). Besides, e-book or e-reader provides backlight to assist reader when reading in dark. Most e-books have light and adjustable screen brightness making it capable for reader to read it in any condition (Angela, 2013).

Meanwhile, for paper books adequate source of light are needed in order to read it. Without light, reading the printed book may cause eye strain due to the intense use of eyes. Furthermore, by connecting the e-book to the internet, travelers can access vast collection of books online while paper book offers a limited reading material. E-book users do not have to go to libraries or bookstores as they can easily download books from all around the world right away. E-books are delivered almost immediately and faster than overnight shipping (Pastore, 2008). On contrary, to get paper books, it may take time as it needs several procedures such as ordering it online, waiting for the delivery. Conclusively, e-books is more practical for the travelers who like to read books.

However, a book that is on a shelf would last longer than an e-book. Paper books do not need batteries to read whereas e-books need the batteries in order to function. Users need to charge the battery of the e-books first so that it can be use. From this aspect we can see that paper books do not require any computer chip to be function so it will immune to viruses , non- distracting from virtual advertisements and compatible with a wide variety of note taking systems like via highlighter and pen (Born , 2012).Besides, a paper book is not as fragile as e-book. Once you drop your e-books, it may get severely damaged than a paper book. Meanwhile, paper book is more durable and some readers love to read books traditionally because they get the feeling of reading and flipping through the pages of book itself.

This has been proven by 2012 Pew Internet Research Centre Study which states about 67 percent of Americans prefer read by physical books rather than e-books because they provide a better reading experience with touch, durability and emotional connections (Royal,2013).In addition, paper books are more readable for many years compare to e-books. This is because as time passes, the technology will ultimately change. Thus, users need to frequently update their books in e-books to avoid from losing their book collections. Also, paper books comes with beautiful packaging which are attractive to keep as collections but for e-books, sometimes there seem to be missing some parts of the images or painting on the cover or back of the books ( Macmanus ,2010). In a nutshell, in term of durability paper book is better than e-book.

In conclusion, e-books are more flexible and travelers friendly but regrettably they do not last longer compare to paper books. Paper books can last longer from five to five thousand years or more but e-books, they depend on the models and technology at that time. On contrary, usually travelers seem to like bring their I-pad, Kindle, Notes and smartphones to read by e-books because they do not need space and weight with them. Besides, in term of flexibility e-books are better than paper books as they have provided readers with lights and easy to read anywhere and anytime. Therefore, which one is more worth to buy? It is on your choice.

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