Deccan Herald Is an Indian English Newspaper

Daily that is published in Karnataka by the Printers (Mysore) pvt. Limited. The Newspaper broadly has seven editions: Bengaluru, Hubballi, Davanagere, Hosapete, Mysuru, Mangaluru and Kalburgi. The Newspaper was founded in 1948 and is Headquartred in Bengaluru, Karnataka. For this assignment, we had to analyze the Advertising revenue for Deccan Herald and give a broader perspective of what we have observed about the Newspaper. I and my group have taken 7th December 2018 as the Deccan Herald edition for this assignment. We observed a very peculiar advertising strategy taken up by this organization: Only the first 4 pages of the December 7th edition had advertisements while the rest of the pages had no Ads whatsoever.

The total advertising Revenue of the Newspaper was- Rs 15,87,504. The revenue model Deccan Herald are following just points to one thing clearly that they want to capitalise on the quality of ads more than the quantity. It is a clear indication that the Newspaper would rather have eight relatively big advertisements rather than having constant small annoying ads on every page which would honestly disturb the reader.

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I had the opportunity to work at Deccan Herald over the summer for a one-month internship and when I asked some of my colleagues about this peculiar advertising strategy they explained to me that the first 4-5 pages always fetch the most amount of revenue so therefore they often try to maximize on the first four to five pages in order to rake in maximum profits and at the same time make sure they don’t annoy their readers with constant advertisements.

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A the end of the day all Newspapers need advertisements to survive because with only subscription fees the newspaper will get nowhere and can barely cover their costs, let alone make any profit. So newspapers need to strike the right balance between advertisements and content. Newspapers need to give utmost priority to their primary job which is to publish news and then go for advertisements which basically comes back to the question of balance. In my opinion Deccan Herald has got the balance spot on and with only 8 advertisements in the whole newspaper they have managed to make 15 lac rupees at the same time they have managed to give primary importance to content. Article analysis pages 9-12 Page 9- This page is the first and only page of the World Section and has 7 primary articles while it has 5 articles under the World in a glance section which is short 100-150 Word stories. The stories are about a wide range of topics like the North Korea-US Conflict, China’s detainment of minorities, USA’s opposition of China’s Dalai Lama, Child Marriage globally and some short stories summarise stories about the European Union, Australia, stories about a Suicide Bomber and many such articles about Global issues. Page 10- Is a section called Comment that in simple terms is the Editorial section of the newspaper.

This section contains a range of opinionated pieces about Cow vigilantes and how the state (Mainly Uttar Pradesh) is supporting them, a Critical piece about RBI’s credit policy, an opinion piece about the Indian education System, A historic piece about Iran’s resilience and Letters to the Editor. Page 11- Is a section called Panorama that as the name suggests gives a panoramic or a detailed review of stories. These stories are well researched and are explanatory pieces of journalism that has become such an important aspect in today’s day and age of Fake News. They have detailed Stories on the Water crisis in India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries, a piece explaining the tradition of street protests in France and an article explaining how Smart cities can be further improved. Page 12- This page comes under a section titled Business/ Miscellany. There detailed pieces on the Stock market with the recent Sensex dive in focus. There is a story about the RBI pumping 1.5L in the markets by March 2019 in order to revive the Market. The Miscellany section consists of Crossword puzzles, Sudoku and comic strips.

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