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Television vs. newspaper

Television and Newspaper are two forms of social media that mainly provide the daily events that allow an individual to make oneself aware of the world despite the circumstances. The main purpose of the two media’s is to inform the community of the impact a certain event can cause to the general public as well. Delivering news from either of the mediums can be beneficial to the public irrespective of their age. In the modern era, newspapers as well as televisions are broadcasted dramatically due to rise in various issues that affect the community frequently.

And also there is greater probability of learning various aspects.

Television vs. newspaper, the two forms of communication media that are meant to provide information as knowledgeable as possible for the purpose of educating the general public of the day to day events within their environment. The use of these are to enable oneself to remain aware and updated on various issues depending on the information provided and the interest of the individual on a particular occurrence.

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Television similarities

Television is similar to newspaper in terms of providing information to the public and also to showcase an affair in terms of sports, fashion, music, demise, tragedies etc. Also the audience can skip onto or out of a particular channel depending on the context shown on the screen of the television. Despite the absence of an individual at the particular place of a happening, there is a chance of being able to educate oneself on the same cause.

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Newspaper similarities

Likewise, newspaper as well has similar purposes. It can be used for entertaining the reader on a particular headline, be it fashion, sports, classifieds etc. Knowledge about certain events a taking place across the globe. Based on the interest of the read, there is a classification of content made to satisfy the audience on every possible issue.

Television differences

The use of television can differ with regards to form of expression. The use of this electrical device provides the viewer with a live coverage of an event taking place at the time, regardless of the difference in place and time zone. Correspondingly, television can vary on it’s form of expression which is, visuals such as recording of live events 24/7 at different places and it’s diversity of color that is much easier to capture the eye of the audience. Yet, there is limitations to viewing channels as it is expensive to purchase a channel based on choice as media producers reserve the right of emission. Unlike newspaper, there is no hard copied material for the viewer to improve their skills of literature.

Newspaper differences

In contrast, newspaper is a printed format with rows and columns of handwritten or typed information that is limited to a static image of a certain event without a live recording. In addition to the same, a newsprint is taken in a certain enlarged font to attract it’s reader to choose and have liberty to most of the daily’s. On the contrary, newspaper are much more cheaper and affordable for the viewer without much constraints. There is also a great reason for the reader to benefit from the written material to increase the vocabulary and learn the different basic forms of writing skills.


In conclusion, television and newspaper are very beneficial for the public domain for the purpose of improving knowledge and keeping oneself aware of everyday life and also allowing the population to maintain interest in a certain field due to the regular and balance between the use of both the agencies.


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