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Another customer segment is represented by the numerous family members and guests attending weddings, anniversaries, and similar events. This segment requires event preparation services like gift ideas, etiquette tips, etc. Wedding Consultants plan to operate in the Eugene, Oregon area. This area has at least 15,000 weddings in addition to the number of anniversaries celebrated each year in the area.

It is a very promising area for the wedding consultant industry.

The tastes and traditions in the area

The consultants will get to know the tastes and traditions of the wedding couples in the area. In the future the consultants will consider reaching outside of the city limits to a larger surrounding area and possibly offering some consulting services over the phone or internet. A large part of the location aspect of the marketing plan centers around the business’s competition (Elliot, 2008). The consultants will research the competition in the area and find ways to make their agency more appealing to the target market than the competition.

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This will be accomplished by providing quality service, catering to the specific needs of each customer and making a positive appearance in the community. Media Advertising Yellow Pages In order for a company to survive, people must know it exists and what kinds of services it provides. That requires the company to get its name in as many places as possible. A good place to begin this procedure is by placing an advertisement in the local yellow pages. Many people still use this tried and true method of finding the type of business they are looking for.

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The business will begin by placing a two by tree inch advertisement with a listing of our basic services. In addition to this additional contact information will be added in the area to insure people have all possible means of contacting one of the consultants about potential business proposals. Newspaper In spite of the vast experience of the two consultants in the company, this is a newly formed business and needs to gain the trust of the local community. Placing advertisements in numerous newspapers to run for extended periods of time can become costly.

The information about the business

It is however important to get the information about the business in such media as the local papers. The way the business plans to do this is to invite the local newspapers to the business office to do a story for the social section or the events section of the paper. This way the newspaper gets a story to fill space, information is provided about the services provided, and the business receives free advertising. In addition to the stories in the local papers, the company will place small advertisements in the regional circular papers.

These papers are usually provided to larger numbers of people as a subscription is often not required, and they cover larger areas. This provides increased readership and the need to place advertisements in fewer papers in order to receive larger numbers of people being exposed to the advertisement. Mailings Although the company has a limited initial marketing budget it continues to be important to provide some direct mailing to potential customers.

This has been a proven method of success as many people can not resist at least opening the mail. Based on this theory the business will provide flyers advertising the services provided, discount coupons for various services, and advertise specials for referencing the flyer. Because this method can become very expensive in a short amount of time due to the current postage prices, it is important for the business to mail the flyers to a very specific targeted audience in order to get the best results.

The targeted audience

The targeted audience would of course be people planning to have a wedding in the near future. In order to insure the flyers are only going to these people, a mailing list will be used that is provided by professional researchers who have studied markets and developed lists of people who have inquired about wedding information recently. The flyers will then only be sent to the people on the list in order to avoid sending letters to people who do not need wedding consulting services.

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Wedding Consultants plan
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