A Vietnam’s Wedding Ceremony

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A Vietnam’s Wedding Ceremony
The wedding is a particular ceremony day of a couple. On that day the man and the woman get married. A wedding in Vietnamese culture is not simple because it contains many steps. There are 3 important steps, a good preparation, a big party and a blessing first night.

The families of groom and bride prepare carefully for the wedding. First, the groom’s parents choose the best day for the wedding ceremony. One week before the wedding, the couple has to invite all their relatives and friends by sending out the printed invitations.

In Vietnamese culture, it is impolite if you invite people by calling them over the phone. After that, the groom will hire a band, cookers and people who decorate the house for him because the wedding will be held there. In the past, the groom and bride have to wear Ao Dai which are the traditional clothes for their wedding. But today, they can dress in other things; their friends will help them choose a beautiful dress and suit.

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After that, the couple will take photographs for their wedding album.

Depending on their financial family, they will celebrate a big or small wedding. Most Vietnamese people try to celebrate as big a wedding as they can afford, because this is an opportunity that they can show their honor and how rich they are. The wedding day is a busy and noisy day. On the wedding day, the celebration mass will be in the early morning, so everyone has to wake up very early.

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After the mass, they will go home and prepare for the wedding party. Before the wedding party, the groom’s family and relatives will go to the bride’s house and bring a lot of gifts wrapped in red paper.

These gifts are betel leaves, areca nuts, wines, fruits, cakes, and tea. Those who bring these trays also are carefully chosen; usually they are happily marriage couples. When the groom is at the bride’s house, he will ask the bride’s parents for permission to take the bride to his house for the wedding party. People who are invited will come late, about thirty minutes after the party starts. The groom and bride will stand at the entrance and invite their friends to join the party. During the party, the band will play music very loud so that everyone area pays attention to their wedding party. Friends of the groom and bride will sing happily songs for them. The couple will go from table to table so that their friends can drink beer to cheer for them. In the wedding, we don’t drink alcohol, we just drink beer. Some families celebrate the wedding party for several days. But usually, we just celebrate the wedding party for one day. At the end of the wedding party, the groom’s parents will say thank you to everyone who came and cheered with their child.

The first night of couple is blessed. After the wedding party the groom and the bride go to their room for some privacy. In the Vietnamese culture, people believe that if they celebrate well the wedding, the bride will be pregnant after the first night. But nowadays, people don’t believe that anymore and they think the couple will decide when they have first child.

I think the wedding ceremony is a nice tradition of Vietnamese culture. It is also an important tradition because it shows the identity culture of Vietnamese. Vietnamese should keep and develop it in the future.

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A Vietnam’s Wedding Ceremony
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