Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Yesterday was decidedly the wedding of the century. I am certain that if one asked any one of the people present here today, either someone who watched through the telly or those who were physically present, any one of them would be able to recall white horses, the dozen trumpets and pinpoint the distinct feeling of an anticipation of a new era. Oh my, how stunning the princess was in her meringue dress, adorned with ruffles and lace and a 25ft train.

It really was a dress suited for a princess, it looked the part, although I thought it also bore a resemblance to a cream cake. I do recall reading a criticism of the dress in the papers, describing the dress as unshapely. The general public visibly disagreed, it was iconic. However, I do wonder how they fit all that billowing fabric into the glass coach, it must have been cramped.

The week leading up to the wedding was as much a celebration as the main happening itself, it was dubbed a social marathon.

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Girls put on Lady Di wigs and the clubs around the city were overflowing with people. Two nights before the wedding, the couple hosted a glamorous gala ball at Buckingham Palace. I heard rumors about some of the royal attendees. I am unsure if it’s factual, but apparently, Princess Margaret had even tied a balloon to her tiara. To have been a fly on the wall that night “I would’ve enjoyed that very much”.

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Although we weren’t able to attend the gala, my brother and I were among the 600,000 spectators wanting to catch a glimpse of the Princess outside of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Initially, I was puzzled as to why they didn’t settle on the traditionally used wedding location of Westminster Abbey, but my brother informed me that St. Paul’s would accommodate more people and a longer procession from Clarence House. On the day, I had attempted to detect one of the sharpshooters that were supposed to be present for security purposes, but the sight of the royal couple immediately drowned out any concern regarding the heightened security due to the potential threat of Irish Republican guerrillas.

I remember thinking this symbolised the start of something altogether new, at the couple’s request, they had even removed the part of vows where the bride is supposed to promise to “obey” her husband, how radical!

Here is a couple who will revolutionise royal traditions, and certainly stand the test of time, I’m certain of it.

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