The Best Day of My Life

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9 weeks into my pregnancy I was getting prepared for bed one night and I became ill. I called my mom, weeping that I was woozy, light- headed, and faint. My mother rapidly came by and hurried me to Sierra View. I hate that place. When I arrived I was escorted to the birth unit and was rapidly confessed. After I was told by doctors why I was confessed I was told in genuine words by my mommy that I had hypertension and I would not be leaving till I had the child.

After the surgical treatment I got up throwing up. My body was in shock and I could not move. On Saturday early morning at about 1:30 am Valley Kid's brought my incubated daughter to see me before they took her to Valley Kid's where she remained in the NICU. My baby girl was so small she appeared like a baby rat, her skin was so thin.

On Sunday I finally was released to go home.

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I still could barely walk but I made it up to the second floor at Valley Children’s to see my baby. I was lucky and I was able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House, a place where parents with children in the hospital stayed while there child wad a patient at V.C.H. After six long weeks Aliya finally weighed four pounds, and I was able to bring her home. Here she is at eighteen months and boy I’ll tell you she is a handful.

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I love her to death I couldn’t picture myself without her!

The doctors were right, she is 100% attitude, and exactly like me. We give daddy a hard time. It is so amazing that something so little can survive. I thank god everyday for the wonderful nurses at Valley Children’s. When people see Aliya they can’t help but smile, and are amazed how well she is doing, considering she weighed less than a pound. My family thinks she is a miracle, born at seven months gestation, and not having one problem, or set back. The only problem she has is a strict mommy! I thank god for her she is my reason for finishing college and doing something in life.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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