The Best Choice in My Life

‘Never be afraid of your decisions. You may lose something good, but you may gain something even better.’ -Unknown. In this essay, I will describe an incident or experience that I see differently now than I did when it happened. However, like every parent, they want the best for the children. In this case, my parents decided to send me here, to the United States for a ‘better life’, they were thinking in my future. After that big decision that my parents make, my life changed a lot, but for good, but at that time I did not realize.

I was born in Mcallen, Texas, but raised in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Almost all my life I spent in Mexico, but I do not regret it. When I was twelve years old, my parents decided to send me to the United States, to finish my education career.

Also, because in Mexico at that time there was a lot of insecure, risk, they were afraid of what could happen to us.

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My parents wanted us to have a better education, a better life, to take advantage of what the United States was offering, to learn a new language, to improve ourselves.But I am not going to lie, the first year that I came to the United States, fell so weird, my new homeland. Everything was so different at that time to me, I came with a completely different culture. As you can tell Spanish is my first language.When I came to the United States I came completely blank, I only knew English but just the basic stuff.

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I remember on my first day at Junior High, it was time for lunch, and people were trying to talk to me, they were asking me questions I was really nervous, and honestly, they were just basic questions about me that I was not able to answer, for example,’ What is your name ?’, ‘ How old are you?’ , ‘ Where are you from?’, I remember always saying, ‘Perdon, no hablo Ingles’, and they were translated to me in Spanish. There were a lot of experiences that I went thru in my first year. I wanted to go back to Mexico. When I first came to the United States, I lived with my aunt, she is an amazing person and also my uncle, but I used to have a lot of problems with her daughter my little cousin like we said in Mexico, she was really chiflada (crackpot).

I remember there were days that school was over for the day and what I used to do is stay at the library because I did not want to go back to my aunt house because of my little cousin. Honestly, I suffered a lot at my aunt house because of my little cousin. From Monday thru Friday I used to sleep on the floor and my cousin in her bed, she never shares the bed with me.Sometimes I would wake up with back pain, but I never say anything, because it was not my house. However, when I first came to the United States I only spoke Spanish, it was a big disadvantage for me not knowing English at that time. On my first year, all my grades were horrible, I tried so hard to keep my grades up, but my language did not help. Also, in middle school, I try to get into sports but it was difficult to communicate with the coach, I never had the opportunity to be part of a team in middle school.

Above all, in middle school I spent two hours daily in a computer working and listening to a bilingual program, that was designed for us, to help us out learning more quickly the language. Eventually, it did help a lot, with that program I learned a lot of words, and also how to pronounce the words. In middle school I had a lot of support coming from my translater teacher Mrs. Escamilla and Mr. Harries, they help me whenever I had trouble, they always believe in me. Mr.Harries always told me ‘ You are amazing, I believe in you and I know that you are capable to do it, you are smart, never doubt that’. That always keeps me motivated, like I was saying my first year was the worst, sometimes I wanted to go back to Mexico, I remember talking to my thru the phone crying and asking her if I could go back, that this was so hard for me. Everything was too much, frustrating, I was giving up so badly. I remember every night talking to God to give me strengths, so I could deal with everything that was coming. Not to mention, but just imagine twelve years old away from her family, think about it.

My mom had no papers, a passport to be specific. She had to fix all her papers legally, in addition, to be able to come and lived with us in the United States. Before I was born, she entered the United States undocumented and she was punished for fifteen years for breaking the law. My dad is an American citizen, so he was able to come and visit me. However, he used to work on the oil fields, fifteen days at work and fifteen days off, most of the time he was in Mexico, spending time with my mom. As a matter of fact, only on the weekends, I was able to go to Mexico and visit my parents and the rest of the family. Later on, going back to McAllen on Sundays afternoon, to be ready for school on Mondays. In fact, once I was around all my family, I did not want to go back to McAllen.Besides, Who would like to live away from there family and the taquitos from Mexico? This is one of the reasons why I always broke my diets every weekend in Mexico, it was because I could not stay away from the taquitos. I spend three years doing the same thing, visit my parents and going back. I love it when the end of the school was approaching, I knew summer was coming and I would rest from that routine. Also, because every summer we used to do a family trip, to spend more time together. In the meantime, after three years of suffering, in 2015, my mom was accepted in the United States, so that completely changed everything for good.

On the first day that my mom got her papers, she came to visit me at my aunt house, it was a big surprise for me, I did not know she was coming. After fifteen years waiting for an answer, God finally listened to my prayers, I honestly cried. That emotion that I felt at the moment was just for happiness, pleasure, joyfulness, and satisfaction. After all the sacrifice of the past years, we were together as a family. On the next day, we went to look for a house, thank God we find one right away. I was so excited to live again with my family, and after years I would finally sleep on my own bed. After that, everything was coming so good. I learned a new language difficult but not impossible, and I am still learning something new every single day. Besides, I try to learn a new word per day to increase my English even better. However, I pass to nine grade, my English was way better to compare in my first year.

On nine grade I was able to speak and write on English, I felt so proud of myself of all the accomplishments that I have done, I wanted to make my parents proud of me. Meanwhile, all my grades when up, I had a better understanding of the concepts. With my family around me, I felt better support coming from them. Like they say in Mexico ‘ Despues de la tormenta , viene la calma , ‘ (after the storm comes the calm). All of this experience help me out to be more independent, to have self-confidence, to look after myself and making me stronger than ever. In this little journey I challenged myself, it took time to have that confidence, but in the end, I did reach it. In conclusion, it was the best decision that my parents made on me, I got to learn a second language and until now I am still learning from it. Additionally, I had the privilege of getting to know new people from different places around the world, also, having the opportunity to adapt to a completely different culture. As well as my education career, the first year was kind of difficult, but while the years were passing by, my education was getting bette .

I got to finished all the way to high school and now I am at college trying to reach my next goal. I am really proud of myself of everything I have done and what I am planning to go for. I guess parents are never wrong about the decisions they make for their children’s, the bad thing is that we do not see it at the moment, every choice they make is for our own good. In this case, because of their decision, my life changed for good. ‘Be patient in the storm and focus on the sunshine after’.

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The Best Choice in My Life

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