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Medical and Health Services Managers Career
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Pages • 4
Since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be in the health field. In my time spent in college I have observed many options to pursue a career in that field and it has led me to Business Administration, Healthcare Management. With this career path I will gain the skills and knowledge of the financial and operational management of any healthcare facility. I want to be able to direct and solve any problems and take care day to day affairs…...
School Administrator Career for Students
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Pages • 4
Still missing school life after graduation? What about becoming a member of school administrators and life backs to school again. At this point, It needs to meet both educational and licensing requirements for school administrating, also considering about salary standards based on living standard, and promotion opportunities will also become an extremely important factor for job selection, because people will not stay on the same level forever. Meanwhile, people in this field are required to organize and guide others all…...
Career in National Guard in Colorado
Words • 847
Pages • 4
I interviewed Jenn Devan who is a paralegal. She works at the National Guard in Colorado Springs. A paralegal is somebody who gets employed by a lawyer to perform substantive legal work for which the lawyer in responsible for. The more specific roles of a paralegal are to assist the attorney when doing tasks such as preparing got trials, hearings, and closings. A large part consists of conducting legal research as well as gathering any information relating to the case.…...
Career GoalsInterview
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Research methods in Entrepreneurship and Venture Capitalism
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Pages • 14
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY All business ventures involve a certain amount of risk. This is because even though one can forecast the likelihood of outcome in any business venture, the results are never certain. These risks stem from a wide range of uncertain parameters that are inherent in the development of any new venture. It is therefore important for various precautionary steps to be taken when starting out in the new venture so as to increase the chances of success. Historically, venture…...
Impression management
Words • 714
Pages • 3
Impression management is where a person tries to influence the perception of their image usually to try and present the image they would like others to see. Impression management (IM) is relevant to the interview situation because both the interviewee and interviewer will use IM to present their desired image. Gilmore & Ferris (1989) recorded a selection of interviews and had interviewers watch them and they found that those applicants who used high levels of IM were chosen to be…...
InterviewManagementNonverbal Communication
Business Discourse Community
Words • 589
Pages • 3
Top of Form Name Professor Subject Date Discipline Investigation Introduction The discourse community chosen for the interview was business management community. The community has developed a broad understanding of business organizations in addition to providing specific knowledge in areas including finance, markets, customers, information technology, operations, and business strategy and policy (Mian, Sarfraz, Wadid Lamine, and Alain Fayolle, pg. 5). The reason why I chose this community is because business management is also my major course and it therefore a…...
Critical ThinkingDisciplineDiscourse CommunityInterviewSubjects
Understanding the principles of business correspondence
Words • 261
Pages • 2
This is to seek your approval of my proposed project for the formal analytical report required for this course. I am currently representing the ministry of trade and industry on a task force to address the gender discrepancies in the production industry. Since gender issues and women rights have become a global issue, it is everybody’s concern that we should try to seek the end to this injustice. There has not been any deliberate move by the previous regimes to…...
Statistics – Types of Surveys
Words • 1014
Pages • 5
Types of Surveys QNT/561 In the following situations, decide whether you would use a personal interview, telephone survey, or self-administered questionnaire. Give your reasons. 1. A survey of the residents of a new subdivision on why they happened to select that area in which to live. You also wish to secure some information about what they like and do not like about life in the subdivision. A self-administered questionnaire is the survey I would choose for the situation. The self-administered…...
Selection Method
Words • 460
Pages • 2
Application form is a form that fills in by the applicant when applying for a job. This is a basic procedure for the organization to recruit or select employees. Both IT project manager and telemarketing executive are suit for this application form in selection method. For the selection method, application form is easier and fast for the organization to scan the information of applicants and make comparisons. Inside the application form there are included some basic personal information, what are…...
Human Resource ManagementInformationInformation SystemsInterviewJob
Age of Mobilism
Words • 2996
Pages • 12
Introduction We are now entering into the "Age of Mobilism" as cited by C.Norris and E.Soloway 2015. Smartphone is one the most common, dynamic and sophisticated trends in communication. Smartphone is a mobile phone running a complete operating system in a manner similar to a traditional computer, which offer advanced computing abilities and connectivity options. According to (Cochrane and Bateman 2010) smartphones have developed into "feature-rich miniature multimedia computers". These features enable new kinds of mobile services that in turn…...
AgeGame of ThronesInterviewMobile PhoneSmartphones
Recruitment at the Marriott Hotel
Words • 1240
Pages • 5
Introduction If the Marriott are looking for a regional manager they will advertise in regional newspapers, such as the Liverpool Echo. It is important that they advertise there jobs in the right place to ensure that people see the advertisement. The reason that they advertise in the places they do is because it relatively cheap to advertise in the job centres and the jet centre, it is free to advertise on their own website and on their job notice boards,…...
HotelInterviewJob ApplicationRecruitment
New Perspective – Interview Withmr. Jasmin Samat Simon
Words • 3754
Pages • 16
A New Perspective from Mr. Jasmin Samat Simon To be Success is to be able to Share By Poppy Permata Sari 211010014 - English Department 2010 Abstract This paper is intended to describe the actual lesson of life through the interview with Mr Jasmin Samat Simon who is one of successful people in business as well as teaching. He is the man with the world perspective. Sharing is his call and he wants to give himself to others. He has…...
English LanguageInterviewKnowledgePhilosophy
Multicultural Britain
Words • 947
Pages • 4
1) Source B is not a reliable source when investigating the extent of discrimination black immigrants faced in trying to find work in 1956. The aim of the interview was to expose the 'colour bar' at British Railways, the company would not be willing to let the public know of any discrimination as they had already made a policy on a 'no colour bar', it could also effect business. The interview was taken in 1956, after The British Nationality Act in…...
Marital Status
Words • 1159
Pages • 5
The sample included single, married, widowed and divorced women. The majority were married women, representing 8 followed by widows then single women. The reasons for the predominance of married women in this area are the low rate of school enrolment in rural areas and the custom of early marriage for young girls. This is partly due to the Family Code. Another explanation for the predominance of married women in this area could be the constraints of marriage, which mean that…...
InterviewLiteracyMarriagePsychologyViolenceViolence Against Women
Interview with general manager of food company
Words • 651
Pages • 3
I undertook to interview the general manager of a local food processing company on issues of leadership. I asked him to tell me about his daily activities ranging from how he handles his workers, how he manages to keep a good working relationship between the management and the workers and among the workers themselves. He opined that in order to be successful in leadership, one needs to be armed with several styles of leadership so that they may select the…...
Interview with a School Counselor
Words • 1117
Pages • 5
Counseling has many components in different fields such as a school counselor, marriage and family counseling, addiction counseling, individual and private practices, and many more. For my project, I interviewed Mrs. Ross Freeman, a school counselor who talks about her journey of becoming an Elementary School Counselor. We discuss what the requirement and cost were to receive a license in the counseling field. We were also able to discuss the average salary and hourly wages for a counselor in WISD.…...
EducationHuman NatureInterviewSchool
Hotel business plan
Words • 687
Pages • 3
The business plan shows how feasible a new hotel can benefit the hotel market and customer satisfaction via strategy, research, and execution of promotion. The hotel will be placed within Weston-Super-Mare due to the amount of visitors it receives every year, and creating a deal with the local theatres, allowing those who are staying at the hotel will receive discount on theatre tickets, which could consist of up to 50% discount. This is to give a serious competitive advantage over…...
Euthanasia should be legalized in the UK
Words • 3543
Pages • 15
Throughout the investigation I am going to answer a hypothesis to do with Euthanasia based on my collection of primary and secondary information. A moral issue is a difference or conflict of opinion over a difference in beliefs, which usually involve a specific kind of experience1, i.e., an act which affect other people. These conflicts usually happen between religions, political parties, and countries, the holders of these beliefs are usually willing to act upon these beliefs. Moral issues are very…...
Assisted SuicideEuthanasiaInterview
Writing an Interview About Person’s Attitude to Life
Words • 583
Pages • 3
An interview with an eighteen year old boy named Devon who shares insights into his attitude to people and life I walked into the smoke filled coffee shop to meet Devon. Devon is 18 years old, a senior in high school. He likes art and is currently taking college art classes. I have only meet Devon once before, in the mall. He caught my eye because he was wearing a pink fuzzy sweater, a pair of army pants, and a…...
Lifespan Development
Words • 332
Pages • 2
Lifespan development also draws on ideas from the theory of evolution that we adapt in order to ensure that we survive. So as society, culture and history change we must adapt to these changes to ensure our survival. Social/cultural/historical influences play an important part within human development. One way of examining lifestyle development is by interviewing people about their life experiences and giving them the opportunity to highlight any influence on their development. The following project seeks to do as…...
Development Of A Web Based Payroll System Computer Science Essay
Words • 4537
Pages • 19
Salvaging clip considered to be a taking subject in this modern universe where people try to acquire their work done in a least sum of clip. Therefore clip spent on simple things in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life made easier as web-online has conquered that topographic point. With that connotation this paysheet system has been developed to organisations where little subdivisions involved. Developing such web based paysheet system may ease the procedure of attending to paying rewards for employees.…...
Computer Science For ProgressDevelopmentInterviewSoftwareTax
Critical Incident Analysis of Airline Service
Words • 860
Pages • 4
This is a technique involving collecting information from users about their specific incidents in an activity they involved in, the negative and positive incidents of the activity and eventually analyzing the data so as to assess how well services or goods offered to the users accomplish the intended objective. (Holloway & Daymon 2002). This Critical Incident Analysis will focus on airline service where I will interview three friends who had recently used this service. My friends are Peter, John, and…...
Comparison Of President Bush’s RTE Interview And His Address To Congress
Words • 1804
Pages • 8
The ability to move and inspire people through oratory is a powerful gift, and never more so than for national leaders at points of national crisis. In such times they are expected to provide direction and leadership for their people. They must project authority and understanding and have the communication skills to carry the nation with them as they set the agenda and tone for the national response. It is no accident that many of the speeches we are most…...
ComparisonGeorge W BushInterviewLeadership
Background and investigation for designing a database for a DVD rental shop
Words • 4191
Pages • 17
JenJams is a family run convenience store which also supplies DVDs for rental, located off Wilstead high street. The shop is owned and run by Ashley Bradshaw who is accompanied by his wife Mrs Bradshaw and his son who are part of the shops staff. He set up the business 7 years ago and has stuck with the old system. Mr Bradshaw's wife and son work in the shop on a part time basis. It is a reasonably sized shop…...
Automated Hiring Process in Human Resource Management
Words • 728
Pages • 3
Automated Hiring Process In the business world there have often been process redesign teams and automated implementation teams.  Each with a common goal of improving efficiency and streamlining to improve results and lower cost.  Sometimes improved efficiency and lower cost do not equal improved results. There are multiple applications available that will scan and read resumes for organizations.  There are automated systems that can run background checks and credit reports on applicants.  For some occupations there are data bases available…...
AutomationDataHuman Resource ManagementInterview
Anthropology interview
Words • 1307
Pages • 6
I interviewed Rasheed, a Muslim graduate student at Marquette University, early in April at the library. Rasheed is a South Pakistan Muslim who came to the United States and to Marquette University in August 2007 to earn a graduate degree. His parents came from India, and presently live in Pakistan, as does his younger, brother. He visited his two older sisters, who live in the United States, before he made the decision to come to school in the U. S.…...
Quantitative research methods
Words • 415
Pages • 2
To fully research perspectives on counselling, there is a need to find out whom have encountered counselling and if not, why not. This would mean circulation of as many questionnaires to as wide an audience as possible in a very short space of time. Qualitative research: Undertaking qualitative research is a complex area of methodology. One of the major reasons for doing qualitative research is to become more experienced with the subject you're interested in. There is a need to use qualitative…...
15 Job Interview Questions
Words • 723
Pages • 3
15 job interview questions 1. How would you describe yourself? I would describe myself as a quick learner and highly motivated person. I also find myself a patient, honest, tolerant and reliable person, suitable for this job position. 2. How has your college experience prepared you for a business career? My college experience gave me at one hand theoretical knowledge and on the other hand it gave me some personal skills like the ability to deal with multiple assignmenst and…...
The Refugee in European Union
Words • 960
Pages • 4
The influx of refugees and immigrants across the European borders in the year 2015 was seen by others as a foreseeable crisis that was contributed by improper implementation of the EU immigration policies. The signs of this crisis were significant in 2013, when the governments were cautioned of the large inflows and loss of live on the Mediterranean Sea. In as much as the effects of this inflow was felt Italy, it was a significant warning of the crisis ahead.…...
BiasEuropean UnionImmigrationInterviewRefugees
Workforce Development: Performance Appraisal Strategies
Words • 238
Pages • 1
Workforce development is crucial to organizations since it increases the performance of employees, profitability, generates business to the organization and increases the organization’s competitiveness. One of the strategies used in workforce development is performance appraisal which involves regular reviews of the performance of employees as well as their overall contribution to the organization (Balaraman, Gebre, Berhe & Priya, 2018). To ensure successful performance appraisal interviews, several strategies can be used as discussed in the following section. First, the manager conducting…...
InterviewJob Satisfaction And Work PerformanceWorkforce
The Role of Childcare in Mothers’ Experiences
Words • 546
Pages • 3
To understand urban mothers' experiences of child care and feeding, one sub-city was selected to serve as a microcosm. For this study, Lideta sub-city, which is one of the innermost, and oldest, with nearly a quarter of million inhabitants, was purposively selected. Mothers were recruited from all ten of the woredas/districts within Lideta. The main inclusion criteria were that mothers had to have had at least one child under the age of five years and lived in Addis Ababa for…...
Genealogy Interview Assignment
Words • 1237
Pages • 5
For my Genealogy Interview Assignment, I decided to interview my friend's father, James Smith. For this essay, I have decided to break down the topics I will discussing into 4 parts. The first topic will discuss James immediate family. The second topic will cover James extended family. The third topic will cover familiar relationships and the final topic will go over James family's culture and values. I will conclude my report with an analysis of trends that I see throughout…...
An examination is done in which qualitative interviews are utilized
Words • 524
Pages • 3
An examination is done in which qualitative interviews are utilized to talk with local collectors and the staff of huge coffee producing organizations to give a diagram of the circumstance. A qualitative approach is used to inspect the conclusions of experienced experts in surely understood coffee manufacturing organizations and neighborhood coffee gatherers. They have great learning about the research theme and high instructive dimensions that guarantee the exactness and unwavering quality of the reactions. It gives an inside and out…...
Climate ChangeCoffeeExaminationInterviewQualities
Personal Identification thesis
Words • 1364
Pages • 6
Paper Type:Personal essays
Introduction Personal identification is the process of establishing the identity of any individualwhether living or dead. In living, identification is important in cases of amnesia,unconscious, imposters, issue of identity cards, passports, driving license, legaldocuments and many more. Identification in living is done by the law enforcementagencies to identify perpetrators of crime through trace evidence such as bloodstains,hair, foot/shoe print, fingerprint, bite marks etc. In few cases by knowing the functionsuch as speech, handwriting, gait, voice etc recognition of living can…...
Reflection for Perfect Interview
Words • 1105
Pages • 5
During my interview, I was very relaxed in my interview and didn't look anxious at all. I was a little nervous when I started the process, but it was easier than I thought it would be. I am dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and have a positive disposition. The key and interesting point is that by giving lots of interviews, a person can become a maven in this area that can be edifying to be employed in a respectable…...
Types and Methods of Interviews in Research
Words • 2746
Pages • 11
RESEARCHING PEOPLE The interview is part and parcel of our society and culture. It is not just a way of obtaining information about who and what we are; it is now an integral, constitutive feature of our everyday lives. Indeed, as the romantic impulses of interviewing imply, it is at the very heart of what we have become and could possibly be as individuals... - Gubrium, J.F & Holstein, J. A (2003) Postmodern Interviewing London: Sage. (pg29) In Lecture, I…...
People Power in Political Vigilantism in Ghana
Words • 2754
Pages • 12
Walliman proscribed that academic research proposals are usually composed of the following elements: the title; aims of the research; the background to the research - context and previous research; a definition of the research problem; outline of methods of data collection and analysis; possible outcomes; timetable of the project and description of any resources required; list of references. Title GRAPPLING WITH PEOPLE POWER: A CANKER TO HUMAN SECURITY - A CASE OF POLITICAL VIGILANTISM IN GHANA. Aim of the Research…...
Interaction with Mr KM
Words • 782
Pages • 4
Based on my observation, I began my interaction with Mr KM and asked him the reason for the same. He said that he would be leaving for home the next day. I asked him about his learnings from being at this place, to which he mentioned that he had learnt to be alone without company and that he had himself alone to care for self. He appreciated me for listening to him and for taking efforts to understand him. I…...
Full Clinical Interview
Words • 868
Pages • 4
Presenting Problem AP, 19 years of age, comes to the reception room of Kenya Methodist University, the first contact having been the peer counsellors training. She presents her case and together we explore issues critical to her situation. We also explored her family background and the issues that brought her for counselling. Vegetative Functions AP eats well but has serious problems sleeping. She said that she used to suffer from stomach ulcers but the effect has been reducing especially after…...
InterviewMental HealthPsychology
Fatherhood Interview
Words • 840
Pages • 4
Fatherhood to me is someone who is a caretaker, who is leading their child into greatness, teaching them the things that they need to succeed in life. A father is willing to protect and provide for their family not just financially and physically but also mentally and emotionally as well. I had the pleasure of sitting down with three amazing fathers who share with me their emotional rollercoaster of fatherhood. One father share with me how excited he was becoming…...
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An examination is done in which qualitative interviews are utilized
...They said climatic change influences the supply network such that the coordinations costs in the organization were expected basically to transportation and capacity. It is important to organize distinctive gathering times for each farm as the collect...

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