Lifespan Development

Lifespan development draws on ideas from the theory of evolution, which suggests that we adapt to ensure our survival. As society, culture, and history change, we must also adapt to these changes to ensure our survival. Social, cultural, and historical influences play a vital role in human development. One way to examine lifespan development is by interviewing people about their life experiences and giving them the opportunity to highlight any influence on their development. The following project seeks to do just that, which leads me to the title:

"What are the similarities and differences between Tony and Jo's childhood and life experiences compared to those of their own children, and what have been the main sources of influence on their development?"

The project uses a pre-recorded videotape by the Open University containing three semi-structured interviews conducted by three different interviewers on the same two participants, Tony and Jo, a married middle-aged couple.

The interviews are conducted in succession, with the first interviewer, Jane Tobbell, having known the couple for some time, while the second (Dan Goodley) and third (Carol Tindall) have not met them before.

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The interviews are filmed by a camera crew, and along with the video tape, the researcher had access to the transcripts of the interviews. Ethical issues were considered in this psychological research project. For instance, the participants' surnames, Jo and Tony, are not disclosed to protect their anonymity. Moreover, the participants are not pressured into responding in a particular way, and the questions they are asked are open-ended.

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The interviews appear to be relaxed, and the participants are treated with respect, while the interviewers' responses are non-judgmental. In the third interview, the participants are encouraged to give feedback on the interviewers' styles, acknowledging that they are involved in the research process, and their input is vital.

This is the researcher's first qualitative project while studying the Open University course DSE 212 Exploring Psychology.

Updated: Apr 03, 2023
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