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Critical Incident Analysis of Airline Service

Categories Air Transportation, Customer Services, Service, Transport

Analysis, Pages 4 (868 words)



Analysis, Pages 4 (868 words)

This is a technique involving collecting information from users about their specific incidents in an activity they involved in, the negative and positive incidents of the activity and eventually analyzing the data so as to assess how well services or goods offered to the users accomplish the intended objective. (Holloway & Daymon 2002). This Critical Incident Analysis will focus on airline service where I will interview three friends who had recently used this service. My friends are Peter, John, and Esther.

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The interview focused on obtaining information about each interviewee experience and critical incidents that occurred as they were using the airline services. Incidents having positive and negative influence on the experience were asked for. General answers were discouraged through probing further in an effort to obtain specific clear answers. The interview was also conducted soon after these friends had used the airline service. Responses Peter: While interviewing Peter, he identified a number of positive incidents that really appealed to him.

First, he was pleased with the services offered at the waiting room before he boarded the plane.

Peter could clearly remember how the receptionist welcomed him warmly and although he was traveling to a foreign country he felt as if he was going to another place comparable to his home. Peter also noted the orderliness in both booking and boarding of the plane. As for Peter he booked the freight online and on arriving at the airline reception everything was set. His ticket was ready and the plane was waiting for him and other passengers before set departure time.

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Peter also recommended the entertainment during the freight. The programs shown on the screen were very appealing and educative.

However, Peter also pointed out some incidents which did not appeal to him. The emergency response team was not up to standard. Peter asserted that one of the passenger sitting adjacent to him got ill and when he called for help the first respondent was his fellow passenger. The steward only intervened after some few minutes which Peter thought need to be improved. Another incident Peter noted was the arrangement made upon arrival at the destination was not that appealing. His baggage was no where to be found. It was only after a tough confrontation with baggage handlers that his luggage was found. John:

His responses were more different from those of Peter. John noted that he had a variety of prices to choose from in the class he wanted to board the freight. This allowed him to use the class he could afford. Secondly, John also recommended the stewards hospitality especially before and during the freight. They were polite to him, welcoming and he felt he was in the right place. John also recommended the security personnel due to their emergency respond. As they were boarding the plane, it was discovered that one of the passenger had carried a gun and some explosive gargets which could risk the passengers’ lives if not discovered.

However, John noted that the prices for food and drinks were very high. He was not able to order any meal since the price were high than he expected. Esther: Esther noted a number of incidents which appealed to her. First, she recommended the hospitality of the stewards. They were quick to respond and ready to serve her. She ordered a meal which she was served with very politely and respectfully. Esther also noted that it was easy to make all arrangement through the internet as far as the freight was concerned. However she noted that the way her baggage was handled was not appealing. She had to wait for a few hours before her luggage could be found.

Analysis and Reporting

There are a number of incidents which seem to recur to all respondents. Hospitality of the airlines service is recommended by all respondents. It is apparent that stewards are well trained on how to welcome and serve the customers. Another positive occurrence is about the ability to book and arrange for freight online. Those intending to use this service can make all arrangement online. The variety of freight fare corresponding to different classes is also recommended.

One issue that needs to be corrected is how baggages are kept and how to identify them with their respectful owners at the destinations. The emergency respond was also noted to fail in one way or another. Peter case of an ill neighbor says a lot. It is clear that this service has achieved much as far as marketing strategy is concerned. Treating customers well, diversifying the services and prices ensures good customer relationship. The fact that customers can access the services online is also a competitive advantage and a way or reaching out to many customers (Shaw 2007; National Research Council 1991). Only a few things that need to be polished up such as speed of response to emergency, proper arrangement for baggage, and offering affordable prices for meals and drinks.


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