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Competitive Advantage of Apple Inc.
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Apple is already one of the largest companies in the world, and although they only offer relatively few products, the size of the company has grown tremendously. Apple's innovation and superior aesthetics make it one of the world's most powerful brands, and these powerful products and 'first-off status' allow Apple to establish a competitive advantage. Brands as powerful as Apple require years of hard work, impeccable design and many other factors. Compared with other companies, every time Apple releases a…...
Apple IncCompetitive Advantage
Sources of Competitive Advantage and Opportunities
Words • 2552
Pages • 11
The topic of this research paper is closely related to the concepts of strategic management which is all about acquiring and maintaining competitive advantage. The word competition has been associated with the companies attempting and undertaking activities that would win something from other companies (Hidayat, 2016). Furthermore, the term competitive advantage has been defined as “anything that a firm does better compared to rival firms” (David, 2011). In a business context, this could mean anything that make a firm look…...
BusinessCompetitive Advantage
Analysis of Zara’s Competitive Advantage
Words • 1043
Pages • 5
Part 1: Introduction Zara’s story begins in the Spanish coastal city of Arteixo in 1975. Being the crown jewel in the array of brands part of Inditex Corporation (Industrias de Diseño Textil), Zara nurtures a highly intimate relationship with its customers where Zara’s designers respond instinctively to their changing needs, reacting to the latest trends and constant feedback received across its collections. To further enhance the quality of customer service, Zara stores include a stunning combination of technology, using cutting-edge…...
Competitive AdvantageZara
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The Pirelli Group
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The Pirelli Group is one of the top tyre manufactures in the world, with headquarters in Milan, Italy, and 102 plants in 14 countries employing more than 51,000 people in 1991. The company also had sales and marketing presence in many other countries. They are major suppliers of higher-rated (performance) OEM tyres for the world's leading performance sport cars such as Porsche, Jaguar, and BMW. Pirelli is known for its tyres, but they are also the known as the second…...
Competitive AdvantageEconomicsManagementMarketing
Walmart Core Competencies
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Pages • 4
Introduction Wal-Mart is a company that has taken its core competencies, which are the capabilities the firm emphasizes and performs especially well while pursuing its vision (Ireland, Hoskisson, Hitt, 2008), and turned them into competitive advantages. Core competencies must satisfy four characteristics in order to be a competitive advantage. These advantages, according to our text, include: *valuable, *rare, *difficult to imitate,*nonsubstitutable. Culture- One core competency Wal-Mart has is its culture. Wal-Mart’s employees are hardworking, efficient, and process oriented. In the…...
Competitive AdvantageEconomyWalmartWalmart Pros And Cons
Strategic Planning Theories
Words • 5226
Pages • 21
DBA 822 Seminars in Strategy and International Business Strategic Planning Theories A Literature Review By; Benjamin J. Shuford III 8/24/10 Introduction: Strategic planning is a broad concept that has been introduced into the main stream practices of today’s corporations. Strategic planning can be defined as an organization’s process of defining goals, direction, and decision making processes that effect the allocation of resources that include capital and people. The term “strategy” is derived from the Greek word of “strategos,” which means…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageEntrepreneurshipStrategic PlanningTheories
Sony Case Study
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Pages • 9
This case study deals with the company Sony corporation. I will answer to the questions, one and two which are: Briefly identify the capabilities and sources of competitive advantage that enabled Sony to grow in 50 years from its humble origins to a 6.7 trillion yen transnational in 2000. As an atypical Japanese Company, were some distinctive features of its business culture a contributory factor ? Outline and evaluate Sony's strategies, including internationalisation and diversification strategies, in the period 1987…...
Case StudyCompetitive AdvantageInnovationPersonal ComputerSony
Southwest Airlines Pricing strategy
Words • 724
Pages • 3
Various pricing strategies can be deployed by organizations. These include the penetration pricing strategy, the skimming strategy, economy / low cost pricing strategy, and the premium pricing strategy (Keegan and Green, 2002, p. 364). Of these pricing strategies, Southwest Airlines offers lower than average prices, suggestive of an economy pricing strategy. By definition, the economy / low cost pricing strategy involves offering a price that is kept as low as possible, which is accompanied by the bare minimum of services…...
AirlineCompetitive AdvantageSouthwest AirlinesStrategy
Outback Steakhouse Analysis
Words • 1942
Pages • 8
Question 1: Discuss how the employee selection methods at Outback Steakhouse help the organization achieve a competitive advantage. The Selection process within most organizations is the foundation of competitive advantage through people. Upon reading this case, there is one particular aspect that stands out: the people are the main ingredients that make the company successful. Therefore, since the competitive advantage to an organization’s success is it choices of the people that the leaders in charge hired. In a job fit…...
BusinessBusiness ManagementBusiness SuccessCompetitive AdvantageKnowledgeKnowledge Management
Organization’s strategic capability
Words • 860
Pages • 4
Internal analysis is concerned with looking at resources, the systems and processes utilized within the organization. Additionally, it is concerned with the organization's strategic capability, that is, what it will be able to do in the future. It is important to evaluate the importance of a company's resources, capabilities, and competencies to ascertain whether they are internal strategic factors- that are strength and weaknesses that will help determine the future of the company. This can be done by comparing (1)…...
BusinessCompetitionCompetitive AdvantageOrganization
Johnson & Johnson: Creating a Global Learning Organization
Words • 804
Pages • 4
To provide current, cost-effective training in the fast-paced global business environment, many companies are turning to e-learning. One study shows that about 35 percent of large companies have implemented learning management systems, and another 45 percent are planning them. 1 While the trend is to centralize learning to control quality, costs, and management, Johnson & Johnson launched a successful e-learning system using a different approach. Headquartered on a small campus in New Jersey, Johnson & Johnson is one of the…...
Competitive AdvantageJohnson & JohnsonLearningOrganization
Jet Blue Airways Case Study
Words • 1635
Pages • 7
Today’s airline companies are faced with substantial challenges in an effort to keep air travel an affordable and viable mode of transporting people in the future. The airline industry continues to feel the pinch from the US economic slowdown and rise of crude oil/jet fuel prices, which have risen to record numbers with no predictable end in sight. The downturned economy is also forcing customers both business and consumer travelers to look for alternatives to save money through cutting back…...
BusinessCase StudyCompetitive AdvantagePrice
International operations management strategy of ArcelorMittal
Words • 1157
Pages • 5
'Globalization' causes an inevitable international competition between the companies all over the world. Establishing a competitive international business strategy as well as international operations management strategy is a company's foremost priority. Mayer and Moore (1983) define manufacturing strategy as "a plan that describes the way to produce and distribute the product", and "the choice of process technology, degree of vertical integration, the number and location of facilities, factory focus and the manufacturing infrastructure". When the operational strategy comes to a…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageManagementManufacturingStrategy
International Hotel Marketing
Words • 93
Pages • 1
The survival of Ramsden Alpha Hotel is largely dependent on the effectiveness of its marketing strategies. This paper will attempt to defend this assertion as it seeks to analyze the case of Ramsden Alpha Hotel by knowing company’s key marketing identity or message, to know that it offers to whom. The paper will further analyze Kate Chan’s effectiveness in creating and sustaining a relationship with desirable customers in the light of Ramsden’s key marketing identity. 2. Analysis and Discussion 2.…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageMarketing
Marketing Strategy and Implementation of Starbucks
Words • 2628
Pages • 11
Legitimate usage and execution of a vital Marketing plan are fundamental to the achievement of any organization. An organization may have an ideal product, however without an appropriate situating, distinguishing proof of an objective market, and a legitimate marketing plan an organization would not have the capacity to effectively showcase its products to buyers. Starbucks has been effectively being able to convert an activity carried out at home to a business accomplishment through appropriate usage and execution of its strategic…...
CoffeeCompetitive AdvantageMarketingStarbucksStrategySwot Analysis
Ibe International Business Questions
Words • 2919
Pages • 12
In this case it is called a binding quota. If a quota is set at or above the free trade level of imports then it is referred to as a non-binding quota. Goods that are illegal within a country effectively have a quota set equal to zero. Thus many countries have a zero quota on narcotics and other illicit drugs. Voluntary Export Restraint (USA-Japan, auto) - A voluntary export restraint is a restriction set by a government on the quantity…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageFinanceInternational BusinessInvestment
Haagen Dazs
Words • 618
Pages • 3
Strategies used by the world's leading ice-cream company A company with a focused strategy serves a particular market niche. A focused strategy based on low cost is possible if a market niche exists which customers need a low cost product to satisfy. However Haagen Dazs target up market customers willing to pay premium prices for the product with world class features. Collecting ingredients from all over the world gives it a competitive advantage over rivals in the industry. In addition…...
BusinessCompanyCompetitive AdvantageFoodIce CreamPrice
Federal Express Company
Words • 2444
Pages • 10
During one of his two combat tours in Vietnam, Federal Express CEO Frederick Smith got a quick lesson in survival from a crusty Marine sergeant. "Lieutenant," the sergeant told Smith, "there's only three things you gotta remember: shoot, move, and communicate."(Fortune, Nov. 1997) Some thirty plus years later, and at the helm of one the shipping industry's largest competitors, Smith has utilized that same tactical advice in the business world. His maneuvering of FedEx has incorporated an aggressive shooting strategy as…...
BusinessCompanyCompetitionCompetitive AdvantageInnovation
Essay on Apple Inc
Words • 83
Pages • 1
This paper describes the key strategic challenges facing Apple Computer. This paper will also describe the dimensions along which company success can be measured. We will also describe the critical external and internal environmental factors that have strategic implications for Apple’s future. This paper will further explain how Apple’s strategy stands up against industry rivalry. In closing we will provide recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the company’s strategy or to change its strategic approach for better results. (more…)...
Apple IncBusinessCompetitionCompetitive AdvantageMusic Industry
Enterprise rent-a-car total quality management
Words • 1404
Pages • 6
The aim of this report was to gather an understanding of the key customer service processes used by Enterprise Rent-a-car and make suggestions as to how we could improve customer satisfaction. We utilized the DMAIC framework to analyse each process in the customer service cycle and discovered the main area of improvement within employees’ demotivation and lack of sufficient training before entering branch. From this we developed an integrated framework for performance management of the business. The main focus placed…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageManagementQualities
Eastman Kodak Company
Words • 903
Pages • 4
Eastman Kodak has been largely relying on income from film business but due to changes in technology the income from this business has been decreasing forcing the company to venture in digital product. The company main product includes cameras, printers and scanners. The company income from it traditional film business dropped from $ 14 billion in 1999 to $ 13. 3 in 2003 and a continued decrease in income has forced the company to establish itself in field dominated by…...
BusinessCompanyCompetitionCompetitive Advantage
Discussing about the resources-based view of strategy and the institutions-based view of strategy
Words • 970
Pages • 4
Only the strong can survive and develop, which is one common law in every aspect of the world. In the wine industry, "new world" challenges the "old world" and gradually takes the better position in the competitive market. This paper recognizes the reasons as advantaged internal resources and institution factors of the "new world" wine producers. For giving specific analysis, resources-based view of strategy and institutions-based view of strategy would be first stated and then combing them together with the…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageResourcesStrategy
Diamond of National Advantage
Words • 1293
Pages • 6
Our goal in this article review is to analyse Michael Porter's article Competitive Advantage of Nations by comparing it to the articles, which have been written after Porter's work was published. These articles on the other hand agree with Porter view, but also heavy criticism has been brought out. Most of the articles are based on Porter's book Competitive Advantage of Nations, which has much wider perspective to the issue than the article that Porter has written about the same…...
CompetitionCompetitive AdvantageNation
Importance of Business Finance
Words • 311
Pages • 2
The finance function is the functional parameter of a business entity which seeks to analyze the state of business finance. Business finances comprises of the revenue and costing parameter. The finance function is therefore the basic tool which is used to provide a balance between the incoming balances (revenue) and the outgoing balances (receipts). Every business activity should involve an optimization both to its costs and revenues to ensure the highest benefits and competitive functionality in the market. Generally, the…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageFinance
Building Competitive Advantage Through Market Based Management Practices
Words • 4147
Pages • 17
In 21st Century Management practices,  firms and corporations are constantly seeking the leg-up on the competition to increase pro? ts and long-term value creation. In an increasingly global environment, competition remains stiff if not more competitive than ever before. Representing indirect forces on competitive advantage for companies, globalization and national and international business/trade laws have an increasing impact on competitive measures that firms may take. In Contemporary Management by Jones and George, Competitive Advantage is de? ned as “the ability…...
BuildingBusinessCompetitive AdvantageManagement
The Athletic Footwear industry
Words • 1850
Pages • 8
The future of the Athletic Footwear industry looks bright. Out of 966 million pairs sold, athletic shoes account for 39 percent of total pairs of footwear in 1994, and $8. 05 billion in wholesale revenue. This indicates the demand for athletic shoes should remain high for years to come with plenty of room to grow. Internationally, the industry has great potential. Only Nike has been successful at penetrating the Asian market. In 1993, Asian sales represented $500 million of Nike's…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageFinanceIndustry
Competitive advantage
Words • 396
Pages • 2
In an age where industrialization is at its peak and the market is open and fair for companies, competitive advantage is what keeps most manufacturers and service providers in business.  A business must posses something that appeals to the consumers in order to enjoy their patronage. This could be in the form of price advantage, brand advantage, after sale advantage or customer relations. In Professor Hao Ma’s article titled, “Leaders Beware: Some Sure Ways to Lose Your Competitive Advantage”, he…...
BusinessCompetitive Advantage
The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Tesla Inc.
Words • 1442
Pages • 6
From value chain analyses, one can determine the strengths and weaknesses of Tesla Inc., as follow: Strengths In a very short time, Tesla has gained a strong brand name which has developed its image in the market. Tesla is being considered as the USA's one of the most innovative brands that successfully utilizing renewable energy. As learned before, Tesla uses vertical integration and it has strong hierarchical centralization control in the organizational culture of Tesla. This has strengthened Tesla's production…...
BusinessCarCompetitive AdvantageManufacturingStrengths And Weaknesses
Nestle VRIN & PESTLE Analysis
Words • 2135
Pages • 9
Executive Summary The main purpose of this assignment is to express the internal and external analysis of Nestle SA how to get competitive advantage by using resources and capabilities. VRIN analysis is to describe the core competencies of Nestle. And the current strategies are mainly used to run the whole organization process. PESTEL analysis and Five Forces model are to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Nestle in Food and Beverage industry. The result is that the core competencies of…...
CompetitionCompetitive AdvantageMarketingNestle
For the longest time I have always thought the only reason why
Words • 2948
Pages • 12
For the longest time I have always thought the only reason why motorists go to a petrol station is to fill up their car with petrol, and that there isn't other factors that influence certain preference's for the consumer to go to a petrol station. However this research task has enlightened me. I gathered my information of what other factors influence a petrol station, by conducting a questionnaire. The following research task will consist of a context and discussion section,…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageTime
Factors that influence consumer’s choice of petrol stations in South Africa
Words • 2504
Pages • 11
Introduction Have you ever imagined your life without fuel? No electricity, no transport, no traveling etc. the world wouldn't be the same, everything needs fuel. Petrol stations are part of our everyday lives, but even though there is such a demand for fuel the competition between the brands is extremely competitive. I will be researching what factors influence the consumer's choice of petrol stations and which petrol station is the most popular in South Africa. With the petrol price being…...
AfricaCarChoiceCompetitionCompetitive AdvantageInfluence
The Flip Factory
Words • 2375
Pages • 10
Introduction The Flip Factory is an organization set up by a sole owner with an intention to improve the gymnastic business and imaginatively furnish the purchasers with assortment. The organization offers an assortment of gymnastic projects that are one of a kind, clients situated and non-focused. Traviss, the organizer and the official chief of Flip Factory, built up the organization dependent on her enthusiasm and with an intention to give a one-layered gymnastic framework which involved both the recreational gymnastic…...
BusinessCompetitionCompetitive AdvantageOrganization
H&M Company Strategy
Words • 1759
Pages • 8
Introduction Hennes & Mauritz is one of the worlds' largest fashion companies, creating on-trend clothing for women, men, teenagers and children each year across 64 markets in Europe, North America, North Africa, Asia and the Middle East. ' H&M' for short (in addition to H&M's brand, it consists of 5 individual brands with separate concepts: COS, & Other Stories, Weekday, Monki, Cheap Monday (now closed), Arkat and FaBric Scandinavien AB). They're a 100 billion SEK company generating over 100,000 jobs…...
BusinessCompanyCompetitive AdvantageFashionStrategy
Internal Environment Report: DC Public Library
Words • 2392
Pages • 10
Introduction Strategic management of an organization is vibrant to any company's success. Strategies can increase a company's success depending on how they implement their goals, mission, and objectives. One key element is to analysis the organization internal factors. One must understand the company's core competencies, by applying the analysis tools, such as the SWOT analysis, Resource Based View, and the Value Chain Analysis, they all can support with the successful and correct implementation of the organization's strategy, goals, and objectives.…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageEnvironmentLibrary
Artifical Intelligence
Words • 908
Pages • 4
Marketing Intelligence is the implementation of collecting and examining instructions to declare appropriately future strategy and business determination. It plays a significant role especially in the companies that are willing to have a vigorous strategy for its future vision as well as affect the management style. Essentially, we can say that the implementation of Marketing Intelligence gets held by "Research". Let's take a look for the benefits of Marketing Intelligence such as what kind of role it has in the…...
Artificial IntelligenceCompetitive AdvantageIntelligenceTechnology
Keys to Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Words • 945
Pages • 4
Develop an appropriate pitch applying key principles that achieve a sustainable competitive edge. Pitching Definition If someone is pitching for something, they are trying to persuade other people to give it to them. Point out your business idea. To put, set, or plant in a fixed or definite place or position. Key principle to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Establish Brand Loyalty Customers will often remain with a brand they have loyalty towards, even though the company does not offer the…...
Competitive AdvantageMarketingNegotiationNokiaSustainabilityTarget Market
The focused differentiation strategy of Mystic Monk Coffee
Words • 831
Pages • 4
The mission of the Order is obviously to respect, love, and pray to God. Father Prior Daniel Mary had a vision for the Carmelite Order. It is to make a new Mount Carmel in the Rocky Mountains by transforming the small brotherhood of 13 monks living in a small home used as a makeshift rectory into a 500-acre monastery that would include accommodations for 30 monks, a Gothic church, a convent for Carmelite nuns, a retreat center for lay visitors,…...
CoffeeCompetitive AdvantageSalesStrategy
Coffee War: Starbucks vs McCafe
Words • 2382
Pages • 10
Starbucks Was established in the year 1971 by a local high quality coffee beans businessmen. In 1981, Howard Schultz are the one who responsible to give the coffee store as Starbucks where then he focusing on providing people the more higher quality coffee and to achieve different sort of product innovation, retail expansion to be a long-term kind of business. The first store of Starbucks were open in Seatlle located at Washington D.C and after that they have expanding their…...
CoffeeCompetitive AdvantageStarbucks
Southwest Airlines: Major Airline
Words • 920
Pages • 4
Southwest Airlines was created in March 1967. The idea that resulted in Southwest's achievement was to get travelers to their destinations on time, at the minimum conceivable Prices, and while also upholding customer loyalty. Southwest Airlines is the major airline, in terms of the number of travelers each year, in the United States. Southwest employs ticketless methods and a recurrent flier program that contrasts with other airlines. Southwest has low operational expenses, high effectiveness, and award-winning help desk. Chairman Kelleher…...
AirlineCompetitive AdvantageEconomySouthwest Airlines
Continuous Improvement Concept
Words • 1959
Pages • 8
Executive Report Group was assigned with the Aldi case study for the Marketing Management assessment. I was assigned with the role of Group Leader by the members and also trusted with the work for the PowerPoint presentation slides as I stated that I have the proper knowledge. The role of the leader was taken seriously and I starting setting the meeting conditions and proposed and delegated the individual research subjects related to our group case study. The individual research I…...
Competitive AdvantageImproveManagementResearch
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For the longest time I have always thought the only reason why
...From this research task I realised that Communication skills are very important once one starts being in the working environment. That would in regards with communicating with a new client, stuff existing/new consumer. Using different strategies will...

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