Immigrant interview Essay

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Immigrant interview

Interview Questions 1. Why did you come to the United States? 2. Who came to the United States with you? 3. Have your family members adjusted well to life here? 4. What is their biggest challenge? 5. What was one of your biggest adjustments? 6. What do you like about living in Philadelphia? 7. What do you like least about living in Philadelphia? 8. What types of culture shock did you experience? 9. Do you plan to always live in Philadelphia or will you try a different state, or maybe return to your country? 10. What kind of future do you see for yourself and your family? Interview Summary

Park, Yun Hui – 20 years old, from South Korea My family and I came to America about 3 years ago because my parents thought we would have more opportunities here than in South Korea. They thought that American women seem to have more opportunities for jobs, and men have an easier time getting a good job or making their own business. So, they wanted to make sure my brother and I had that kind of opportunity. My grandmother also came with us to America. My father, brother and me have adjusted okay, but my mother and grandmother are not adjusting as well because they don’t work so they are having a hard time learning the English.

English was hard for my brother and me, but since we are students it was easier for us to learn and we made American friends so we were able to learn faster, but we still have some problems with speaking English. I like living in Philadelphia because I think it is a nice city and the weather is very similar to Korea with four seasons. One thing I don’t like about living in Philadelphia is that we always worry about the crime. In South Korea we never worried about these kinds of crime like here. Why is there so much crime? Sometimes it is very scary. The culture shock that I got here is that the people are not as friendly as in my country.

Like, if you try to talk to a stranger it is kind of weird. They think you are weird. Sometimes it is not easy to get help and when my English was very bad the people in the stores did not have the patience to help me. I’m not sure if my family will move to another state or go back to my country. My father worries about my grandmother. She’s not happy here. I think the future will be good for my brother and me. Even if we go back to our country now we will have good opportunities because we speak English and many global businesses are forming. So coming here was good for us even if we don’t stay.

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