How to Succeed in a Job Interview?

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Finding a suitable job after graduating from university is always the desire of most young people. That can be quite easy at one period but sometimes it can also be very difficult at another time, especially during the economic crisis time as today. In spite of those various circumstances, fresh-graduates may get the job you wish if you have careful preparation for an interview beside your impressive curriculumn vitae. At first, though it sounds a little bit serious and strange with young people, to succeed in a job interview is not so difficult if you know how to do it.

There are many steps that a job seeker can put into practice, including two periods: before and during the interview. The first step is before the interview. This one includes two small group steps: at home and at the office. Firstly, at home, after getting the interview appointment, you should collect some basic information about the company background as well as the requirements of the job you applied for.

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If you have an overall knowledge, you will be more confident in front of the interviewers. Later, you need to prepare necessary documents.

These can be a copy of your CV, identification card, qualifications and any other documents you are likely to be requested. After that, you should select your outfit carefully. Normally, you are suggested to wear formal suits for both men and women. In particular, for men, there is no long and coloring hair. For women, you should appear with light make-up face and tidy hair.

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Generally, men and women need to make your appearance as professional as possible. Next, it is essential to confirm the date, time and location of the venue, research your travel arrangements and aim to arrive no more than 20 minutes early. Make sure that you have a contact phone number just in case you are delayed and need to call them. In addition, make sure you know or hand the name of the person you are meeting so that you can tell the reception staff without having to rifle through your pockets or handbag. Next, that is at the office. First of all, you should use your waiting time wisely. You could visit the restroom and check your appearance so that you look your best and feel relaxed.

You could also refresh your memory by referring to your written notes on the research about the company you have done at home and rehearse the positive things you want to say. If you are confident about those already, you may read any in-house magazines you find in the waiting room or reception because they often give interesting clues about what’s going on. Then, if you are offered refreshments, you just opt for water in case you are a bit nervous and think balancing a hot cup of tea or coffee might be a distraction. Do not smoke before, during or within view of the interview location because you will reek of stale smoke. Finally, you need to notice that never chew gum. The final period is during the interview. The first thing is switching off your mobile phone and certainly do not answer any calls during your interview.

The reason is that these not only make a distraction for both you and interviewers but also make you look unprofesstional. Secondly, make sure that you make a good first impression on everyone you meet such as standing up straight, greeting people with a smile and a firm, dry and confident handshake. At the same time, make regular eye contact but do not stare and make others feel uncomfortable. The third step relates to dealing with questions. Listen carefully to their questions and collect your thoughts for a moment before you frame and deliver your answers. Keep your answers short and concise and check their body language to gauge their response. After the interviewers finish their all questions, you may ask questions or find answers to things you wanted to know about during the interview.

They will usually offer you the opportunity to ask any further questions at the end but rarely much time to do it. Therefore, you should choose the most pressing question at that point so as to make the best use of the time allowed. And last of all, you always thank them for seeing you at the end of the interview and walk away smiling even if you are sure that you can get the job or not. Succeeding in a job interview means you have finished the first step for your process to find the desire job whether the result is positive or negative. If you get that job, it is so amazing because you did very well and you deserve that. If unfortunatelly you fail, just think that you do not find the suitable job yet. After this failure, now you are confident as well as experienced. So you totally believe that you will be successful in the next interview.

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How to Succeed in a Job Interview?
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