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The media in Pakistan
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From their independence, Pakistani people fed a surfeit of Islamic and state ideology, (anti India) via (restricted and tightly controlled) newspapers, radio and later state owned and ran TV, Pakistan Television (PTV) one and only channel broadcasting multi nature of TV content for 8 hours in a day, since its commencement. In the beginning of new millennium, General Pervez Musharraf’s government facilitated the national and international private TV channels through cable TV networks. Cable TV networks spread all over the…...
PakistanPakistani Media
Role of Media
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1. People’s perceptions on issues are based on media’s perceptions and media’s perceptions are based mostly on non-investigated assumptions. More information than ever is being produced on more subjects/themes and consumed now than in ever in Pakistan’s history. In 2002, there was only one TV channel and one radio station in the country. Now there are nearly 100 TV channels with 42 being 24/7 current affairs channels (14 of them in regional languages). There are about 120m TV consumers, of which…...
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