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Diversity in journalism

If we refer to definition, journalism in general is a form of public activity on gathering, processing and periodical spread of current information via channels of mass communication (press, radio, TV, cinema etc. ). Journalism is also considered an effective way of conducting propaganda and agitation. It is important that information delivered by journalists is socially meaningful for audience and thus forms public opinion and outlook, giving an idea about phenomena, processes and tendencies of contemporary world, its diversity and rules that define the functioning of economic, social and cultural life and development of society.

Considering the variety of themes, topics and trends that journalism has to encompass, it is important to maintain the diversity of journalists in order to preserve the objectivity and adequacy of the reality depicted. It is important to keep in mind that journalism attracts thorough public attention as one of the crucial factor of influence on social processes. That is why mass media is oftentimes called the “the fourth power”.

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The questions raised by media usually provoke public discussions and polemics.

The latter, in turn, oftentimes become the reasons of conflicts. However, they also have a constructive influence, since contribute to the development of society, its views and opinions. Diversity of journalism allows the variety of thoughts expressed on the pages of periodicals, on the air of radio and TV channels. This, in turn, gives a chance for an average citizen to examine the problem from different standpoints and form own approach regardless of anyone’s direct influence.

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Consequently, the audience gets much more freedom – freedom of choice, freedom of thought.

The diversity of media allows encompassing much more volume of information, which is another constructive factor that influences the development f society, especially in current so-called informational era. It is not a secret that nowadays information is the most valuable asset any company or person has. The diversity of media allows enriching the existing information, to process it and present for the audience. The diversity of media today is also important, since it enhances better access of society for information.

A lot of people might not be able to buy expensive journals. Yet, the availability of cheaper newspapers enables wider audience to get to know the latest news and be aware of hot topics. The diversity of media in many cases allows blurring the gaps between different layers of population in terms of education and general outlook. Moreover, the diversity, and thus greater availability of media, also enhances the development of moral and cultural level of society and brings up the future generation.

Press is one of the existing media channels. Press encompasses printed media sources, such as newspapers, journals, and magazines. As a rule, press is the most available media source. Thus, it is especially important to keep it diversified. The best way to contribute to the diversification f press is to express own preferences concerning the types and the forms of materials presented. For instance, not skip different marketing researches (as a participant), to respond to different mail and e-mail surveys, so that my voice is counted.

Another way of contribution is to write letters with recommendations to publishing houses and directly to editors of different periodicals. This type of communication will make the appropriate managers to consider the opinions of their target audience and renovate or change their approaches towards greater diversification. In conclusion, it is important to notice that media diversity plays an important role, since it allows greater access of information, richer informational field, variety of views presented, which in complex leads to the development of all aspects of society’s life and functioning.

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