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Mark Twain Biography

From what book does Earnest Hemmingway write that all modern American literature comes?
Huckleberry Finn

How did Twain write things?
as he saw it

What is Twain often called?
the Lincoln of American literature

Would you consider Twain a reformist? Why or why not?
Yes because even though he might not have realized it at the time, he transformed American literature. (Also, look at his views on the treatment of the Chiense)

What was Twain’s real name?
Samuel Longhorn Clemons

Where did Twain grow up?
Hannibal, Missouri

What did adults try to remind adults of?
what they once were, reminding them of their childhood

When did Twain’s father die?
when he was age 12

What was Twain’s boyhood dream?
to be a steam boat master

What caused Twain to leave the Mississippi River?
the outbreak of the Civil War

Why did Clemens go to the untamed West?
for gold

Name some of the other pseudonyms Mark Twain used.
Josh, Rambler, Rumbler

What kind of stories did people want?
ones where they could get fooled

What did Twain write about?
the treatment of the Chinese and the common man

What did Twain become in San Frencisco?
a platform lecturer, selling out 1500 seats at his first lecture

What quote proves that Twain had an inflated, exaggerated humor?
he once said “The doors open at 7, and the trouble begins at 8.”

What did Twain do in 1867?
looked East for a home to call his own

What did Twain do in the Spring of 1867?
he booked a passage on the first transatlantic pleasure cruise

What did the parents of Olivia want from Twain?
character references

What did Olivia give Twain and vise versa?
She gave him unconditional love and he gave her a zest for life

What was Twain’s first best selling book?
The Innocence Abroad.. It made light of the high-class life oversease

Who became Twain’s audience?
the middle class

What did Twain create?
popular culture

What did The Guilded Age was becoming less democratic?
that the countryWh

What did Twain do on 1874?
he built a large , luxurious home in Connecticut. The Guilded Age depicted this.

What was Mark Twain?
A living invention

Who did Twain befriend and what did he do with them?
no comment

What book reopened the nation’s wounds?
The Adventure’s of Huckleberry Finn

How many children did Twain and Olivia have?
3 daughters, however, they were free at the price of long isolated

Who was Twain especially close with of his children?

What did Twain to to make money?
he poured money into a typesetter, but it turned out to be a poor investment, and he was forced to declare bankruptcy

What did Twain do to relieve his debts?
he went on a world tour as a lecturn, this made it evident he was a citizen of the world

What was the worst news of Twain’s life?
Susie had fallen ill and passed away

When did Olivia die?

What did the man from Hannibal become?
an American Institution

Who did Twain receive an honorary degree from? Why was he proud of this?
Oxford University
because his formed educated ended at 11

What did Twain do to show his pride?
he would wear his suits

What was Twain’s trademark outfit?
it’s a white shirt to attract attention

What were Twain’s last 5 years like?
lonely and grim

Who was Twain happy around?
a group of young girls he called angel fish. They were the grandchildren they never had.

When did Twain die?

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