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Essays on Engines

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Troubleshooting Common Diesel Engine Problems

Engine won't start Is the fuel fresh? If untreated fuel is more than a month old, this fuel will start to break down and engine stalling (in addition to fuel system component gumming) can result. That's why it's important to either drain the gas from your outdoor power equipment before it sits idle during the winter, or add a fuel preservative/stabilizer to the fuel. To prevent the fuel from going stale purchase a replacement Fresh Start Fuel Cartridge for your…...

Air Force Brake Case

The order was for 200 brake assemblies for the new Air Force light attack plane, the A7D. Ten years ago Goodrich had built a brake for LTV that did not met expectations and caused Goodrich to be written off from the supplier’s list. After 10 years, Goodrich attempted a comeback by making an offer that could not be refused – a ridiculously low bid for making the disc brakes. Since the aircraft brakes are to be custom made, only the…...

Nissan and Toyota Hybrid Engines

Introduction Toyota and Nissan are immense automotive manufactories. They were both founded in Japan by Japanese founders. Toyota was founded in1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda (Wikipedia, 2007). Nissan was founded by Yoshisuke Aikawa three years before Toyota, in 1934(Wikipedia, 2007). Both of them considered nowadays two of the largest car manufactures around the world. Although they have their headquarters in Japan, they still can perform and control their businesses around all over the world. They use the latest technologies in management,…...

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Turboprop Engines

Turboprop engines are a type of aircraft powerplant that use a gas turbine to drive a propeller. The gas turbine is designed specifically for this application, with almost all of its output being used to drive the propeller. The engine's exhaust gases contain little energy compared to a jet engine and play a minor role in the propulsion of the aircraft. The propeller is coupled to the turbine through a reduction gear that converts the high RPM, low torque output…...

Mustang vs Camaro

The Mustang and Camaro have been compared since the Camaro first came out in the late 1960’s. The Mustang was pretty much the only sports car that was also a muscle car. Well, of course Chevrolet had to compete with Ford so they came out with the Camaro. The release of the Mustang was followed closely by the release of the Camaro a few years later. There is no doubt about it that the team from Chevrolet had stolen a…...

The engine of the Transport Vehicle

Introduction Transportation is one of the important factors in the development or progress of the world. As transportation comes into innovation, the world as well as the people is the beneficiary of what these innovative ideas bring forth. Transportation as it comes into evolution it was said to have provided the people the easiness to travel from one place to another without being tough work. When transportation comes in different modes they were predicted to ease any burden for the…...

Air-Standard Analysis: Internal Combustion Engines

Air-standard analysis treats the fluid flow through the entire engine as air and approxi¬mates air as an ideal gas. In a real engine inlet flow may be all air, or it may be mixed, up with 7% fuel, either gaseous or as liquid droplets, or both. In air-standard analysis, even if all fluid in an engine cycle were air, some error would be introduced by assuming it to be an ideal gas with constant specific heats. At the low pressures…...

The Thermodynamics of a Jet Engine

Mechanical Engineering with RenewablesUniversity of Dundee Abstract” Jet engines (turbo Jet engines and Ramturbo jets) are complex machines that use compressed air and fuel to create thrust and enable flight for high powered passenger and military aircraft. Introduction Thermodynamic textbooks [1] will usually describe the Carnot cycle and other closed systems such as the Rankine, Brayton and Diesel cycles. Normally using a reversable transformation to calculate the peak performance in an ideal circumstance. The generic jet engine can be described…...

Cooling System of Trucks And Suvs

I choose to talk about analysis and maintenance of a truck cooling system on the head component, from my assignments one. I believe that good maintenance of any cooling system is ever important in any machine. As more innovations arise today, faster and much power consuming engines have brought the need to maintain and even improve the cooling system. Actually it is even more important to maintain the cooling system properly to avoid serious damage or total failure of the…...

Aesthetic Critique of The Midland Bridge

Situated at the downstream of River Avon, the steel lattice girder bridge -B3118 Midland Road Bridge (ITV, 2019) has been the main inner-city routine that links the Lower Bristol Road to the downtown at Green Park. (SABRE, 2014) (Wikipedia, 2018) In the 1870s, it was required to build a second railway go across the central area, (Buchanan, 2014) and the Midland Railway Company founded the previous Midland Bridge, which was approaching the terminus at the new Green Park Station, and…...

Underground Cable Fault Detector

Introduction More than 3 million miles of electrical cables are strung overhead across the country. Add to that at least 180 million telephone and cable TV lines, and it's no wonder hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and ice storms are wreaking havoc on the electrical systems each year, causing utility outages that last days, weeks and longer. Power outages over extended periods present major health and safety concerns and economic losses. Concerns about the reliability of overhead lines, increases in their maintenance…...


Abstract The experimental and, numerical results of trapezoidal channel provided with Semi-circular vortex generator on the flat plate for internal cooling are discussed. From the literature survey conclude that the semi-circular vortex generator in inline arrangement has a high rate of heat transfer compared with other type of vortex generator. It is found that for the channel with inline arranged vortex generator, maximum heat transfer enhancement is attained. Staggered arrangement of the same vortex generator reduces pressure drop but also…...

Improvement of The Agroculture Machines

Various experts, especially in the zone of the building have tackled the layout and improvement of size reducing machines. Adekomaya and Samuel (2014) reported plans and enhancement of oil controlled sledge process for provincial agriculturists in Nigeria. The sledge procedure was sketched out and created from nearby open materials for pulverizing grain particles, for instance, maize, millet, guinea corn and other coarse materials of cassava tuber, yam tuber, beans, etc into little adequately size to experience the holes of the…...

Survey on Wind Energy

Introduction Wind energy first came to the fore in 1991 with the creation the UK's first wind farm. Wind farms were created in the purpose of harnessing the potential energy that could be created using the wind. Renewable energy is ever increasing whether it be wind, wave or solar power. The great advantage of these renewable energies is their cleanliness for the environment. Ironically however, the issue of wind farms has had strong media attention due to a lack of…...

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