My Reasons to Study Software Engineering in Canada

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My name is Karandeep and I am a student candidate for the Master of Applied Computer Science Program at the Concordia University, Montreal. This letter is to indicate my reasons to study in Canada.

My aspiration is to become a pioneering technical innovator within the software engineering field, enabling clients to optimize systems, processes and methods to achieve. The undergraduate program, external courses and relevant internship have made me realize that continuous progress is the key to life. My past academic experience has given me an ample range of practical knowledge and skill set that will be significantly useful for me when studying overseas at the graduate level.

During High school, I enrolled in courses related to Computers, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. I was fortunate enough to have teachers who noticed my interest in these subjects and encouraged me to continue broadening my scientific understanding and developing my skills in Computers. Their guidance and advice lead me to choose major in Computer Science at Chandigarh Engineering College, Landran.

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During my undergraduate studies, I learned that I deeply enjoyed learning about programming and Software Engineering, and with a mathematics background, I performed well in courses concerning calculus, statistics, and differential equations. In addition to my knowledge of Computer Science, I have an appreciation for the breadth of this field also, the nearly infinite possibilities for higher studies.Growing and learning led to graduation with 7.50/10.00 (first class distinction) in Computer Science and Engineering. The rise in performance after adjusting to the language barrier in the initial semesters, ability to absorb, grasp and desire to excel got me into Unisys Ltd.

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immediately upon graduation. The initial training of 3 months alongside 50 other fresh recruits ingrained proficiency in technical aspects of the company’s operations. Upon completion of training, I was posted as a 4A Technical Engineer and then within 12 months promoted to the post of 2A Technical Engineer. Thus, backed by the four years of engineering and the 18 months of work experience, I assure optimum utilization of the coming two years at the University. I began to look for a well-known university in Computer Science with a strong research background close to my interest. As sophisticated knowledge in this new-born field is lacking at universities in my country, I prefer to continue my studies abroad.

The decision to pursue graduate studies in a country that has been at the forefront of new developments in software engineering was easy to make. When I discovered the Masters of Applied Computer Science Program at the Concordia University it seemed like the perfect fit. Laboratories with cutting edge technology, the reputation of the Department in carving industry stalwarts and the diverse international student body all would make my learning experience truly fantastic. After browsing through your web page and reviewing the profile of the faculty at the University, I have found the analysis and research of Professor Ching Yee Suen to be in line with my interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence. His research interest includes Computational linguistics and Computer analysis and recognition of documents, the aspectsthat I am most excited about as they deal with topics I’m eager to add to my pool of knowledge.

Education at Concordia University, Montreal covers a gamut of theoretical as well as application topics. I believe that the various areas of concentration and a large number of courses offered in these areas shall certainly help me in tapping and broadening my knowledge base. I chose this university because of my vested interests in this field, the amount of exposure I have in this industry, my persistent desire to improve myself with technical, ethical aspects and the research-oriented studies offered by the reputed university like Concordia, Professors with huge amount of experience in the domain and the environment in this university compelled me to stride towards my dream. I am fascinated by the course structure which meets all my needs, the courses like Database Design, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms are always close to my research area of interest. So the established research-oriented study well supported by the magnanimous professors and good breed of students are the main contributors that drove me in choosing my career in this great university in this field.

My plan is to take the learning from Canada and apply it to the software industry in my native country. The software industry in this country is rapidly growing and shows great potential, yet compared to other, more advanced countries it is still in its relative infancy. Because of this infancy, the current tech industry here lacks the knowledge required to follow the trends and use the technology developed by leading tech companies in advanced countries. Moreover, Canada with its politically safe, warm and hospitable environment is home to international students from across all nations, thus having a rich diversity.By studying in the master’s program, I expect to have the expertise knowledge, the clear perspective and the experience necessary to lead our industry to new heights. I am very confident that I will land a relevant job in leading IT companies in India. My goal is to gain knowledge from this esteemed university and return as an erudite computer engineer and work in a leading IT company.

Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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