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Reasons to Study Overseas

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (361 words)
Categories: Education, Learning, Studying, Teaching
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There are many reasons to study abroad. Impressiveness in teachers is the first of my motivations. Secondly, study abroad would enhance my learning in higher education in terms of their cutting edge technology and learning environment. The last reason is to gain life experiences by living in different city, different speaking language and different people.

First of my motivations for PhD study abroad is from my teachers. I took their classes when I studied undergraduate school in Khon Kaen University.

They look so smart and confident. They shared me their PhD study experience and told me how good it gives after graduated PhD. Although they studied hard, it is worth doing. Also, my advisor in graduated school taught me not only new exited field of study, but also forwarded his research experiences to me. These inspire me to further my study in foreign country to improve my research experiences and pass on to my students.

Secondly, studying abroad would enhance my learning opportunities. Developed countries preserve more knowledge and technology, and contribute more applications, and problem solutions than underdeveloped and developing countries. For my field (application problem in industry) study in a developed country could provide me chances to solve world class problems in my interested study field.

Lastly, gaining life experiences is also another important issue to go study aboard. Living in different country, different language speaking and foreigner people around will challenge me to improve myself. I have got a lot of experiences in US when I were there doing a part time job for three months. I have learned to work with foreign people, learned their culture, learned how to make foreigner friends under different culture and learned how to live without family. Using English in daily life was also the greatest experience that I could not get in Thailand. In summary, studying overseas will provide me chances to gain experiences in terms of academic and life. Once I graduate, I will have required ability to support my work in engineering programme at Nakhon Phanom University, and pass on my knowledge to my students. These are main reasons why I would like to study abroad in PhD study.

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