Introduction to Engineering

Engineering is a science sector and a task that includes having advantage of our science knowledge of the natural world and using it to invent, structure and construct stuff to fix issues and attain practical objectives. Then, engineering is also a technology and science segment that center on engine, machine, structure, and electrical system design. Then, engineering is deeply embedded in the foundations of mathematics. Engineering is a very wide subject as well. The science is made up of many sub-sets of engineering.

Engineers can operate from astronauts to beer plant technicians in professions. An engineer intended, assembled or controlled our built environment and infrastructure, the instruments we use to interact, the procedures that make our medications. Historically, conventional engineering has been split into the four wide disciplines of chemical, structural, electrical and mechanical technology, encompassing a wide variety of areas in each field. As mention by Dr Paul McCombie, Senior Lecturer, ‘Engineers need good mathematical ability, but much more than that.

They have to be imaginative, responsible, creative, and they must be very good at working with all sorts of other people. Geography, economics, art, history, modern languages, psychology, as well as the traditional mathematics and physics, can all help you to become an excellent engineer.’

There are many ways to become an engineer in Malaysia such as check whether your results are adequate. In order to be an engineer, students need to excel in chosen subjects like examples are physics, maths, additional mathematics and chemistry. These are the minimum conditions, although demands may differ from some universities.

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Minimum SPM 3Cs including Math and Science and Minimum O-Level 3Cs including Math and Science. First, a pre-university class such as A Levels, STPM or Foundation class likes Engineering Foundation or Science Foundation must be completed after SPM. Depending on the chosen program, this will typically require 1 – 2 years. Thus, they have to choose the pre-university that best suits them to continue their engineering studies there. Alternatively, you can also follow an engineering diploma that generally requires 2.5 to 3 years to complete. A diploma level will offer you the choice of either joining the workers in appropriate areas after graduating or proceeding with an engineering degree beginning in year 2. Then, students should register their name into the most employed university after they have graduated as fresh engineer like an example National Defence University Malaysia. Moreover, those pursuing engineering at a university approved by Malaysia’s Engineering Accreditation Council.

The International Islamic University of Malaysia, Monash University in Malaysia, and University Malaysia Pahang are examples of certified universities. For admission criteria, contact the college. Earn a bachelor’s degree in your selection of engineering, such as aerospace, biochemistry, electronics, or manufacturing. As an engineer, choices on which field that students want to study would be spoiled. Therefore, they have to make a wise choice. This is when they have to decide what specific engineering discipline you want to pursue because there are many engineering fields. However, the most important thing is to do a lot of research and see what is going to involve each and every sub-discipline. After that, students also need to ensure that the course they choose is at least four years long and accredited by the Malaysian Board of Engineering. Plus, students need to finish a pre- university program and satisfy the admission criteria to follow a degree in  engineering.

For those students that are interested in becoming a professional engineer in Malaysia, they can enrol in a Bachelor of Engineering degree in any certified universities. Generally, requiring 3-4 years of research will make the expected price of pursuing an engineering degree ranges reaching until RM50,000 to RM190,000. By completing this degree, these fresh graduate students will be able to enter the workforce. Then, they need to register as an engineering graduate. Although, students had registered with the Malaysian Board of Engineers, they still cannot operate as an engineer. This is due to they need to submit application documents including copies of their certificate of degree, academic transcript and ID card to them first. Lastly, to become a professional engineer, they must have at least 3 years of practical experience and pass a professional evaluation examination by the Malaysian Board of Engineers. Post-graduate students also need to perform engineering tasks in planning, designing, performing or managing tasks, conduct engineering research or teach engineering courses. As the conclusion, it takes at least 4 – 6 years from SPM to become an engineer while becoming a registered professional engineer will take you about 8 – 9 years.

As engineer, I want to become a professional engineer and earn my IR title after 10 year services in engineer profession. For the information, Malaysian engineers carry the name Ir., which serves for engineer, extracted from the Latin phrases “to create” and “cleverness.” However, in order to obtain this position in this complex field, we need to finish our education, enrol as a fresh engineer, finish three years of competent knowledge and take an examination showing that we have acquired the knowledge needed to separately manage initiatives or studies. In addition, we are also need a proper training to attain IR status. Moreover, I also like to be a safety officer because there are numerous number of company needed this kind of career. Thus, this field of work more easily hired by any company. In addition, this vocation also is one of the highest paid jobs compared to most jobs in Malaysia.

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