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The Role of Science in Engineering

What is Engineering Science?

It is a general term used to portray the components of arithmetic, material science (mainly mechanics and its branches), biology, and chemistry that might be utilized to take care of any engineering issues.

The specific source of the word engineering originates from the period when people put forth a concentrated effort to skillful innovations. Man developing further on the planet designed gadgets, for example, the pulley, then haggle. The word engineer has its root in the word engine, which originates from the Latin word Ingenium, which signifies “inborn quality especially of mental force”.

What’s more, in this manner the word engineer rose as an individual who makes clever and viable innovations.

History of Engineering

The profession we know as engineering today developed during the 1500’s when experts started utilizing science to structure military fortresses. These unique military planners would for the most part let skilled workers do the real development, in this way turning into the engineers of the modern era of the world.

Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, new preparing strategies – most quiet for steel and oil – reshaped transportation, development, and assembling. Scientists, innovators, and business visionaries thrived and “game-changing” advancements showed up in a few distinct enterprises.

Advances were made in all regions, including innovations that changed regular exercises. For instance, in:

  • 1851, Isaac Singer licenses a consistent fasten sewing machine.
  • 1868, Christopher Sholes licenses the typewriter.
  • 1873, Andrew Hallidie engineered cable vehicles for use in San Francisco.
  • 1874, Joseph Glidden crafted barbed wire.
  • 1876, Alexander Graham Bell licenses the telephone.

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  • 1884, Lewis E Waterman licenses a useful fountain pen.

Role and Application of Engineering.

Without engineering, we wouldn’t have been able to update our Facebook status, drive to work, travel to other countries, and even make phone calls. Engineering Science is used to solve problems plaguing our world each and every day of our lives. Everything that we see and use today has been worked on by a team of engineers such as a mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer, and an architect-engineer just to name a few.

Future Developments and Possibilities

In the near future, we can have many changes to the world as we know it today. We can have unlimited energy due to the use of solar panels and turbines being fed by the wind, we can have robots that can perform lifesaving surgery perfectly or even perfecting a hoverboard or having a building so tall that you can view the moon and outer space. Anything that these engineers put their thoughts on can be taken and turn them into innovation.


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